Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things to keep me warm

November is here and so was a nice layer of frost this morning.  It's getting mighty chilly out there burrrr!!!!!  I wanna be warm this year but I still wanna be cute.  Here are some things I am lusting after.
How adorable are these and I could maybe even make them but I have no buttons :(  These are handmade by The Petite Chouette.

I totally love these leg warmers too.  I think I need a pair of leg warmers this year for sure!!!  These are made by YOGA ART.
and she also made these adorable ones too.
I love the print of these fuschia leggings by Carousel Ink. 
Desiree has me wanting to wear leggings more, she ROCKS them like no one else.
Love them!

These are over the top fabulous, made by UPTIGHTS!
Not too mention the shoes, holy moly and the model, HOTNESS!!!!



Oh, I just love tights, socks, leg warmers and leggings! These are some seriously pretty finds - WANT.

I LOVE the model's hair with the blue shoes and red/blue leggings.

I would seriously buy all this stuff if I could afford it.

Which are you going to get?

La Dama said...

I love them all, especially the knitted ones and polka dots.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh BUTTONS! I love the legwarmers they're so CUTE.

Vix said...

Buttons!!! I have about a million. I'll look some out for you.
Those are the most awesome collection of leg wear ever! I really love those turquoise & pink Aztec ones with those insane shoes. God, that model is a total babe (but you'd give her a run for her money).
Love you & hopefully speak soon, it's been too long! xxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

The leggings and leg warmers are gorgeous, I can totally see you in them! Those shoes with the crazy red heels are amazing. Actually the shoes with the stripey heels are pretty great too.
If Vix sends you some buttons, you should definitely have a go at the leggings/tights. xxxxx

Louise said...


Helga! said...

The spots!!! EEEK! Love the buttons,what an amazing idea!Would be time consuming to sew buttons all opver some leggings,but a perfect cold evening relaxing exercise!The leg warmers are just adorable!I do think you need some of those!Fun things to stay warm in!!Hurrah!

Louise said...

What a muppet, I posted 'I' my whole day has been one long blonde moment! What I meant to say was those button leggings are crazy, and I love the pale blue leg warmers. I think you'd rock leggings and leg warmers. Xx

the fashion turd said...

i am ripping off ('borrowing') the button tights...like NOW!! gorgeous idea!

Nat said...

The button leggings are fab... do let us know if you make them :-)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Aah, I used to be the legging queen, seriously. I know I'm kind of shy of photos, but I had an orange and pink pair you would DIE for. May still have em somewhere, I'll take a look in the attic.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh those button ones and the green polka dot leggings rock my world!!! I love my leg warmers too and they are nowhere near as fabulous as these!

Love! Sarah xxx

Thick Threads said...

wow that is some amazing stuff here! i love the leggins and the leg warmer! im gonna try making the button leggins although it could get pricey with the button consumption :P

thanks for sharing!

VainGlorySinner said...

I have seen those button leggings before and they are so adorable!!! They do look like they would be super easy to make! Even for a sewing novice like me!

I love the leggings by carousel ink! The design on them is very show girl! xxx