Wednesday, November 2, 2011

To cover my bite marks :)

I don't want all my neighbors knowing I'm a food bank for vampires so scarves are in order.  I have a weakness for anything bright, soft and that can provide me some warmth.  It is just above freezing outside this morning and that can make a gal very grumpy pretty quick.

These felt scarves are a work of art but are they comfortable and soft?  Has anyone ever worn them?These are exquiset made by Gala Filc.

These are bright and kinda sophisticated.  Made by Boubo.
because no girl can ever have too much leopard print in her closet
Believe it or not I love turquoise almost as much as pink.
I love these shredded creations by Johnny Vegas Originals. I fondly remember a time when any concert t-shirt was better shredded.

Speaking of stacked necklines, check out mine.

I wore this handing out candy on Halloween.  I don't think I can pull off a caftan at least not this one, it didn't feel like me, but boy was it comfortable.


Vix said...

I do love your reasoning behind the need for a scarf. Those scarves are amazing, I'm not sure which I love most but that psychedelic beast's pretty high on the list.
I adore that kaftan on you and that neck wear is fantastic. Believe it or not I picked up a set of that bottle chains at the boot sale and told the seller they'd make a fab necklace and he gave me a "she needs to be locked up" look.
Love you and adore my parcel! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pinktutu72 said...

God that first scarf is just gorgeous it looks like a flower! Krista is it possible for you to get better, I say this to mahself each time I read your blog, but you manage to swing it lol. You look freakin so cute in that outfit I loooove the shoes with the socks with that kaftan ahhh! <3

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Love the Vodka necklace - I may steal that idea. My aunt collects those bottle thingies - not sure she'd wear one though. Your turquoise skulls are pretty cool too. Could also make a scarf OUT of band t-shirts...


That last picture of you is gorgeous!!

I have a rather short neck, but try to work a scarf in the colder months.

You've found some really creative and inspiring things the past few days, saves us the work!

I wish I had one of those scarves right now; I'm going out for dinner with a beautiful friend I haven't seen for a while. Think I'll play it safe with monochrome, but a scarf would cheer it all up.

Vodka necklace - we all want one Krista.

Louise said...

Wow, those felt scarves are fab. I love that you've worn a Vodka decanter tag as a necklace, it rocks. Xx

La Dama said...

Pinkk scarf looks like a flower, never really was a scarf man myself till i came to live to england. Also adorar the turquoise scarf. You look great in a caftan, what you jivinn?
Ooooo vodka necklace and skulls. Want your witch tights biatch.

pastcaring said...

Beautiful pics of beautiful things... aaah!
But best of all is beautiful YOU with all your crazy bling!
Vodka? Yes please, just add tonic!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Scarlett said...

Having complete scarf envy and oh my i love your stacked necklace look, the vodka one is brill, never thought to use those bottle labels for necklaces - fabulous idea :o) Scarlett x

VainGlorySinner said...

I imagine those crazy felt scarves being quite itchy!! I do love the nature inspired green one though! I can imagine you wearing that one whilst prancing through the woods like a pixie! Haha!

I bloody adore that Vodka bottle tag necklace!! It's amazing! I saw a Whisky bottle tag at the boot sale but they wanted £10 for it!! x