Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wanna snuggle?

All of these things make me wanna snuggle.
This would swallow me whole but I do love the color, textures and I bet it's warm! Found at Bo Bannie Annie Vintage.  This next jacket is totally me and I recently bought a cape similar to this but I have to shorten it, this found on Nest Design Studio.
It's a party with all my favorite colors!
OMG I want I want! Found at Tag Sale Divas.
Peetee always makes me wanna snuggle, Ash hmmm. Peeeeeeeeeeteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Chris my babeXor, soaking up the sun always makes me wanna snuggle.
 My lil nephews OMG scoot over Auntie Krista and Chris are heading to San Diego next month to help the oldest celebrate a birthday! I can't wait!!! PARTAY YEAH YEAH!!!
I'll be snuggling her real soon too,  thats my baby sister!
oh yeah an update on my button leggings....

These are a total pain in the ass to make, my fingers keep getting poked, my poor little wrists are so tired, oh well I think they are turning out pretty cute.  I won't put too many more on as they are getting kinda heavy and I do want my pants to stay up :)

Tonight Chris and I take our friend Chris out to celebrate his Birthday.  Pizza and beer, YUM!!!! How's your week so far?



You must must must invest in that Tag Sale Divas jacket! I can see you in it now.
Wow, the button leggings look just like the picture - well done!
I'm poorly AGAIN, always the same this time of year. I've been on the sofa all dat drifting in and out I'd sleep. Throat feels like I'm swallowing razor blades - gross.
I think I need to cuddle up with Petee, I'm sure a shot or two of whisky from one of the skull glasses would cheer me up.

pastcaring said...

The pink coat and jacket are SO you!
Oh Peetee and Ash are a cute couple, and your man's looking very chilled there in the sun.
Wow, those button leggings are coming on a treat, well done! I'm chuckling at the thought of button overload dragging them down - better wear some safety pants, just in case!

Enjoy your beer'n'pizza! xxxxxxxxxx

Vix said...

Beer and pizza? That's just what I need! can I come, please?
I cannot tell you how much I love that Tag Sale Diva jacket. It was made for you.
Chris looks so sweet basking in the sun and as for the pets, I want to get in there and romp around with them.
Those leggings look awesome, Can't wait to see you rocking them!!!
LOVE YOU! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Looooove the pink faux fur! Your leggings look so cute even though you keep injuring yourself! I have to tell you seriously I love your arm. The colors are so beautiful! Did you get them all done by the same artist?

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hey, you're making the button leggings! See, this is why we need child labour, their tiny fingers would be perfect for the job!*

The coats are perfect for you - I like the first one best for me though, could do with a full on Eskimo outfit to hibernate in.

Lakota x

*I jest of course. Kinda

Louise said...

It's really cold here. That makes me want to snuggle up to hubby. He's always warm. I love the pink faux fur, that's very you! Xx

Dashfield Vintage said...

Snuggles are definitely the best! It's just starting to get warmer here so snuggles aren't really as appealing because you just end up sticking to each other!

babychel said...

The leggings are coming out great - can't wait to see the finished product! Maybe wear gardening gloves when you're sewing?
I tried on a jacket similar to that pink one last week at the Salvation Army. This one was black and it had these puffed sleeves with a few purple rings on the arms done in piping. I would've bought it but I discovered a flaw right on the front of the 'fur', like it had been burned, kind of. Such a bummer... if I could think of a way to cover it up, I'd go back and buy it. It was so unique - as is that pink one you found!

Thick Threads said...

yeah those are some pretty snuggly things you got there ehehe. can i just say i LOVE your button leggins! they rule!


La Dama said...

So much fabulosity, i can totally see you in pink faux fur coat. Aww pete is so snuggly, look at hubby is angelicly resting, if only they could be quiet all time.;)
Button leggins, how cool are you.
I see the beautiful resembleness with baby sis.

Perdita said...

The pink furry one is fab! I have loads of coats, if it's cold I can't resist a new one!

Scarlett said...

Button leggings - amazing! The pain will be worth it (we must sometimes suffer for fashion *wink* lol). Loving all your pics in this post :o) Scarlett x

Misfits Vintage said...

I love all of those fab jackets - especially the first one! Peetee would be my favourite snuggly too. Those leggings are looking fantastic - cannot wait to see you in them!

Love! Sarah xxx