Friday, December 30, 2011

Full speed ahead

I would be lying if I said 2011 was awesome year, actually is was rather difficult.  I started the year off with surgery, had my uterus removed and gave up on ever having children, that was the most difficult realization of my entire life, and it still brings me to tears at times.  That said it was also amazing in so many ways.  I got my health back again, Chris and I went to Maui, I zip lined with my niece, I started making jewelry and this blog has opened up my world to so many women, each with their own story to tell.  I get strength from you!

I really think the key to happiness is to be thankful for what you have and pay no mind to what you don't.  I hope 2012 is ready because I am determined to OWN IT!!!!

Here are some of my favorites from this year!

 Peetee lost all his mohawk this year :(

 We got a new kitten, Ash.

I went to Farmer's Market almost every Saturday this year.

 We zip lined!

 I had my backyard re-done!

  We got out into nature!

 Shared some good times with Kristi and the girls!
 Ate some killer food!
 Chris and I went to Maui!

 Delicious cocktails!

Worshipped the sun a little.


 Said goodbye.
 I'll miss you Grandma Barbara, but your with me every day.


 Spent time with Kathi and Brianna too!

 My Dad is silly.

 My nephews are adorable and so kind!

I enjoyed 3 visits with my sister,  each better than the last!

 I ate way too much sugar this month, enough to last until 2013.  I hope you all have a wonderful New Years celebration, whether you stay in and read or go out and rage, be safe, be content and I'll see ya next year lovers!