Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm a rainbow snow cone!

I love the end of the year, it's finally my time to shut the office door and disengage from work.  I don't have to do any more shopping, no big meals to cook, chores are all done, I'm happy!

It's been really cold here but that's okay it feels like Christmas and nothing says Christmas like a warm soft sweater and super cozy boots.
 I got the sweater at H&M on sale for $15. It's got every color in the rainbow.

I got this t-shirt last year at old Navy for $5.
 The headband was $5 at Ross.

 I finally treated myself to a pair of UGGS.  I found these on ebay for $80, love them.
I also wanted to share a few things I found thrift shopping. This is a Betsey Johnson sparkly black sweater with flower detailing. $7 and it's in perfect condition and fits great!

Next is another Betsey Johnson, a beautiful coral pink velvet dress. This was $9 and it fits like a dream!

Can you believe it?  I scored!!!!!  I also found this really bright punk rock Chanel jacket for $3.  It's not really Chanel.
 It looks great with jeans and don't you love the gold threading!
Well everybody I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of love and good times.  May we all find time to relax, unwind and do what makes us happy.  Be in the moment!
Love all of you~XOXO


pastcaring said...

Ahh, Krista, I love the second photo of you gazing out from your deck. The cardigan, boots and headband are all so YOU - colourful, pretty and warm!
Loving your thrift finds - again, all just perfectly you, I am looking forward to seeing you rocking each piece!
Have a fabulous Christmas, my lovely friend. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

Yummy boots and you look gorgeous. Have a wonderful Christmas.xxxxx


You look like the sherbert section of the sweet shop! SO pretty.
Everything just fits you like a dream. I'm in love with the sparkly cardigan - exquisite!
I'm wishing you the best Christmas ever. You're so kind, inspiring, colourful, gorgeous - I hope Santa rewards you!

Loads of love,

Lucy x

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Daniel said...

Lovely new founds ! I wish you a merry christmas with lots of love and special things! You deserve it! Big kiss ! AND hUGs ! Ho ho ho h!

La Dama said...

You remind of strawberry shortcake with this cute- ass hat. I love Ross and miss it so much. I always found great bargains at Ross.
Your going to look so pretty in your new dress. I am in love with Betsey Johnson cardi.
Happy Navidad amorcito!

Brianna said...

Great thrift finds! Love the head band. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!
-Brianna :)

Nat said...

Fabulous festive finds!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the holidays...

Misfits Vintage said...

Gorgeous!!! Love that jumper and the fab snuggly headband looks divine with your hair. That cardi is super cute - I love the floral details - and can't wait to see your hot bod in that velvet frock! Hope you're warm and happy and having a wonderful xmas, Love! Sarah xxx

Helga! said...

Nothing says funky christmas like a snuggly rainbow Krista!!!
Ooo,really digging that Betsye Johson cardi!
!ay for your cheery brightness,darling!!!I do hope you too have been having splendid times with all your loved ones!!!

Perdita said...

That stripy cardie is so cute, love it!

Vix said...

Happy Xmas, Gorgeous!!!! I love your snuggly cardi, headband and your immense thrifty finds. Dying to see you in that beautiful velvet frock.
Hope Xmas was every bit as wonderful as you hoped.
LOVE YA! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Louise said...

Darling Krista, I hope you had a wonderfully pink and sparkly Christmas. Those Betsey Johnson scores are amazing, I'm in love with the cardigan. Xx