Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just freezing the dog

Oh how I wish Peetee was that dog that would let me dress him all kinds of crazy!  Maybe it's just as well as I do think "those women" are a little off :)  Poor thing he just freezes on our walks while I'm cozy and warm.
Chris bought me this Eddie Bauer jacket last year for Christmas.  I love it,  super light weight, very warm and I can wad it up into a ball and shove it into my purse which is very nice at a concert when its cold outside and sweaty hot inside!
My green velvet thinsulate gloves are also get at keeping me warm. When I bought these over ten years ago I was still living in Southern California and I wondered if I would ever get the chance to wear them, silly was 37 degrees out this morning.
I love all the moss we have here in the Pacific Northwest, although I will always miss the smell of sage in the canyons back home in Southern California.
Peetee is one tough nut.
I'm taking the next few days off before Christmas to just really enjoy the holidays and some much needed time off from work. I hope everyone is gearing up for a Merry Christmas!!!
 I am thinking of sugar plums and a haircut....
and trying to keep warm.


Daniel said...

Nice and comfy ! Your dog is so cUTE i just wanna pet him and hug him ! Anyway ♥♥ I like your gloves !

Helga! said...

Peetee doesn't look terribly impressed!hahaha,I wouldn't be either,I think you have colder winters than we do!
yay for being snuggly and FUNKY!
Mmmmm,makes me feel like going back to bed,dammit.
Don't go running around like a loony with pre xmas sppirit,will you?!Sit back,relax,and have Chris make you some cocktails!
Love and snuggles!XXXXXXXX

Misfits Vintage said...

I was one of those women and still have most of the outfits!! You look super warm and cosy and those gloves are gorgeous as are YOU! Enjoy your break, amor and big cuddles for Peetee! Love! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

You look so snuggly and colourful and cosy I just want to run up and give you a big hug! Those gloves are gorgeous and your hair's so long!
Poor Peetee looks most put out about being outside.
There used to be an old lady who wheeled her poodle around in one of those Silver Cross prams when I was younger. I know exactly the type of woman you mean!!
LOVE and HUGS xxxxxxxxxxxxx

La Dama said...

Love your hair long amor.
that jacket is the business. Eddie Bauer rocks.
Aww poor Petey he need a colorful sweater to match you. We force our chihuahua back home to wear a sweater.