Thursday, December 15, 2011

Musical getaways in my head

Never do I need music more than in the long cold dark winter months.  Since I spent most of my life in Southern California I have little experience with winter.  I love the change of seasons and all the different things we do when we have them. My tastes change as the temperatures drop. I need something more reflective.  In winter's pounding rain I love a little Moonspell, My Dying Bride, Perfect Circle or Massive Attack.  Just take me away...
  Digital Art by Schindlersky.
Photograph by Peter Coulson.
Art by Mats Minnhagen.
Statues don't bleed by D-luzion.

A little Moonspell, a killer band from Portugal.
Massive Attach-Inertia Creeps
Perfect Circle-The Noose
My Dying Bride covering Roads

I'll be glad once Friday's here, I have felt a bit off all week, hopefully tonight's pizza and beer will fix that.


VainGlorySinner said...

My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost are what I go for when I'm feeling like I want to just relax and have some alone time, especially Into the Lake of Ghosts and Roads, Pray Nightfall and Forever Failure, plus Nick Holmes is fit so it's always nice to watch PL videos!

I have a love hate relationship with A Perfect Circle as it reminds me of a maniac that I once knew years ago, so I tend to steer clear of it haha!

The butterfly dress is gorgeous! Imagine that in real life.. fake butterflies of course! xxx

VainGlorySinner said...

P.S. I hope you feel much better and back to your usual cheery self soon! I'm sure Pizza is the BEST cure! xxx


Love that My Dying Bride video and track, I'd never heard it before - thanks.
I change my music choices in the summer too.
Do you like Interpol? I love this track -
Depressing, but hey - so can winter be!

You're probably having that anti-climax thing after your trip with the family. You won't be 'off' for long - you've got pink hair, Peetee, an AMAZING figure, cool house, fab music taste and brilliant friends,
Pizza, yes please!

Thick Threads said...

oh i love a perfect circle. their music is just amazing, maynards voice is the best and that song is one of my favorites


VainGlorySinner said...

P.S.S. I dunno if you already knew this but the music video for Roads is actually an early short Tim Burton creation - the full version is here..

Hope you enjoyed your nummy Pizza! xxx

Clara Turbay said...

lovely choices!

Helga! said...

Yeah!!! Music cures all ills! I'm not overly familiar with these bands,but love to hear new music,so will stalk them all on You Tube!
Funny,G and I were just talking about sorting out some music for you,some of ours and some good NZ music we think you'll like!!!
Love and squeezes!XXXXXXXXXX

Vix said...

I'm so woefully behind! I'm sorry you're feeling a bit bleurghhhh, hopefully the pizza and beer sorted it, I swear there are magical properties in a pizza!
Music really helps with everything. Massive Attack rock my world, dancing to God is a DJ with a cup of cider whilst the sun set over Glastobury last year is one of my favourite memories ever!!!
Love ya, feel better. xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, gorgeous... we should all make each other playlists of our favourites and share!

Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

I love dark music all the time but wonter does bring out our melancholy side.
Lovely images,I would love a butterfly dress like that one.