Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pink tidings to you!

I swore this year we'd get a real Christmas tree but apparently I am quite fond of my pink tinsel tree.  No needles to clean up, no trying to figure out how to get a tree home, just pull it out of the closet and there you are.

 Here are a few of my favorite ornaments.

 My friend Cathy made me Peetee ones, I have about five of them, precious huh!!!

 I bought this the year Chris and I got engaged.
 Who doesn't love Strawberry Shortcake :)
 My tree topper is a sparkle star!
 I love these glass colored balls from India.
 My colorful wreath! I am getting into the spirit right about now.
I was so surprised and happy to receive a box of goodies from the sweet and make-up crazed beauty Sandy from Vain Glory Sinner. Look at the adorable wrapping, total rainbow brits!
 The card was sweet and said, "We can all shine!"
 Love these bangles to death!
 Cute pale pink rose pendant necklace.
 Beautiful blue Barry M polish!
 The sexiest, lightest most beautiful purple tie dyed cotton dress, a Hello Kitty night night mask and a yummy Cadbury bar, and it's almost gone :)

 My absolute fav is the powder blue Kangol hat, love it and I have nothing in this color plus it looks great with my hair!

  Thanks Sandy for all the love! and while I'm playing with hats, a few others I love.

Inspired by Sarah of Misfits Vintage!



What a beautiful post. It's like a girl's dream Christmas all laid out.
You got some amazing stuff there in that parcel from Sandy. Love the card, the hat, the mask, all of it.
This colour is very welcome with the stormy weather we are having here.

Lucy x

Helga! said...

I love your tinsel tree,it's way cooler than any old real tree,and no trees are harmed!Hurrah! Not to mention that it is so YOU! All those ornaments are heavenly,I especially love the Peetee!!! (Squee!) And the Indian balls and your wreath! Ooo,makes me feel a bit christmassy...
Yay for pressies!Sandy treated you well,and that hat is indeed fabulous!I love your black cocktail hat,looks amaaaazing with your pink hair!EEK!We need an international bloggers mad hat day!
Love and squeezes,you gorgeous wench!

Nat said...

A pink tinsel tree? I wouldn't have expected anything else! Love yours and all your goodies :-)

Daniel said...

OK SO YOUR XMAS DECORATIONS ARE AWESOME,(I hang some barbies in the Christmas tree of this house and my mother told me this is no Gaga's house hahhaha!,So it's just and boring green tree with balls,lights,and stars but it actually looks quite cute) Anyway some cute,lovely,gifs KISS BABZ

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Your bauble wreath is so much neater than my version! Did you make it or buy it? I made mine but it's not really circular in the middle.

Lovely gifts from Sandy, she sent me great stuff for our swap - I have that same rose bangle in cream x

Michelle said...

I have a pink tree too! Love the ornaments, especially Peetee's!

La Dama said...

Your pink tree is amazing! Adorar all your xmas deco, especially the pete one.
Look at all the gifts sandy is so lovely!
You know how work your hats. Eyeing your black fab veil hat.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Cutest tree ever! All your ornaments are so cute. You got such lovely gifts.

Vix said...

You've made me feel all festive now! I'd be disappointed if you had anything other than a tinsel tree, there's nothing more Krista than a pink shiny pretty thing!!
The Indian baubles and the Peetee ornaments are beyond fabulous as it that bauble wreath.
I love what Sandy sent you, Blueberry Ice was my nail colour at Glastonbury this year and you've got a brilliant Kangol collection now, that one's a beauty!
Love that trilby the best, you look bad ass but sexy!
Love you!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

Yup, a pink tinsel tree definitely has your name all over it!
I adore your Peetee decorations, they are inspired, and I particularly like the dragonfly too.
Hey, great hats! I like the trilby and the black veiled number, sexy chick!
Lovely goodies from Sandy. Aren't bloggers fab?! Including you!
PS. School disco last night and the girls wore your necklaces and hair clips - they were very cool, just like Auntie Krista! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Perdita said...

I have a wreath like that! I have to pad the back though- my door has glass panels and we've had high winds- imaging explaining to the insurance your door was smashed in by your bauble wreath flapping in the wind.

I always use my plastic tree- it saves money, resources and time. I've heard of people using the same one for 40 years, it must end up an old friend.

VainGlorySinner said...

Hahaha! Pink tinsel tree!!! Of course it is! I wouldn't have expected anything less from you. Adore those Peetee ornaments, so very cute!

The dragonfly is precious and that bauble wreath is absolutely AMAZING! I must find one for next year :|

I'm so happy that you liked it all :) I thought the polish matched the hat perfectly too! And I must say the hat looks gorgeous against your bright pink hair!

Peetee wants some chocolate by the looks of it! xxx

pinktutu72 said...

Holy cow a pink tinsel treeeeeeee!! I love the Peetee ornaments! Those bangles are gorgeous and I love the card thats just so pretty.
THE HATS!! Oh man I loved you in the kangol one till I saw you in the next one and thats the way it was with all the hat pics! You look FAB in the one with the veil!

Misfits Vintage said...

Your tree is GORGEOUS - I especially love the night pic with the lights on - and the Peetee ornament!

That parcel of joy is WONDERFUL! You look spectacular in ALL of your fab hats and I totally want that fab Barry M colour!

Sarah xxx