Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pre-Birthday LOVE!

I got the biggest surprise parcel last week from the always lovely and totally sassy Sarah of Misfits Vintage.  She is so thoughtful and I have tried to wait until my Birthday but I just couldn't so yesterday I torn into them. Here is a lil sneak peak of my absolute favorite thing!
They came packaged so sweetly.
 Adorable clip magnets for the frig, I love the bright colors and she made me a pink flower pin, LOVE!
 A cool tea towel from Australia which reminds me of her most adorable lil beach house!
 and this gorgeous handmade paper fold open frame!  She knows I love color and so does she.
I sent her a few spools of colorful yarn to go along with some fabric for her curtains and look what she made me with it!!!!!
Sarah I love it!  It's so soft and the all my favorite colors rolled into one made just for me full of Misfit LOVE!  Handmade stuff is the best, I can feel all the love she put into it.
I think I will sleep with it tonight!  Look at how adorable the flower is too!
  I'm pretty happy right now!
 So sweet.
 My plastic little bracelets.

 This was a present from Kristi my BFF last year it's a handmade t8nkgirl necklace!
Thanks for Pre-Birthday love, my Birthday is on the 7th !!!!


Vix said...

It's good to start celebrating early, one day for a birthday is nowhere near enough time!
Sarah's done you proud! That scarf is so pretty and just your colours. The corsage, the frame, the teatowel! I had a sneak preview of those clips and love them.
Those earrings are gorgeous and you are bursting with colour and gorgeousness as always.
Glad you're happy, you make me happy!
love you! xxxxx

Victoria said...

What great presents and a sweet friend. Love Tank Girl, one of my favorite movies.

Helga! said...

You ARE adorable!!! Ooo,such fabulous treats,and SO you!!!
Digging that fab Tank Girl necklace!!!
Yay for birthdays,they're the best!!!I reckon the whole month is yours!
Love and squeezes!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Yay, spread the birthday love! (mine was ages ago - 27 Oct, just a bit slack on my posting!). Nothing wrong with getting started on the celebrations early. Miss Misfit is a good sort isn't she?

Nat said...

A whole week of celebrating.... yay :-)

Misfits Vintage said...

Yay! Happy Birthday, Gorgeous! So glad you like the gifts - especially the scarf! It's so soft and snuggly and every stitch was made with love. You look so beautiful, bright and happy - I wish I was there to help celebrate your birthday!

Love! Sarah xxx

Perdita said...

OOh great presents! Happy Extended Birthday!

pastcaring said...

Happy Pre-Birthday Krista!
What a lovely parcel of goodies, Sarah is a total star!
The scarf and flower are just perfect on you - you look colourful and happy and gorgeous and beautiful. Of course!
Have a happy weekend! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Daniel said...

Love the bird earring ! and u ! ♥

Anonymous said...

A Very Merry Unbirthday to YOU! thats a great scarf and I love your earring :)

La Dama said...

What a fabulosa scarf amor! So suits your rainbow brite ass.
Sarita is the sweetest amiga, love her.
I am staring at your adidas pants, remind me of run d mc.
All us biatch's have december birthdays, mine is on the 30th.