Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shotguns and Gingerbread

Gimmie a BIG hug everyone, oh how I've missed my Blogger Girls!  Can't wait to chillax and catch up on all that I've missed.  Peeks here and there have me excited to see what you've all been up too.

From the moment the plan touched down until Chris and I were dropped back off at the airport it's all a blurry flurry of adventure.  We had such a great time hanging with family and friends.  My nephews are are sweet, rambunctious, kind little guys and so much fun to spend time with!
I had to drive this thing through the grocery store, it was quite hairy at times :) Aren't the boys adorable!
The youngest and I :)

Big brother here.

Come here!!!
The birthday boy making Gingerbread houses.

Make a wish (endless supply of chocolate and a real airplane to fly).
Chris does so well with my family, they really do love him.
We spent some time gaming.

 and hung out in our pj's eating peanut butter.
We even got to go shooting. Safety first!
Me and baby sister.
I shot my first shotgun and it was exhilarating!
Another highlight was eating delicious homemade Mexican food with good friends!

It's never long enough, it's always crazy, but I am happier, lighter, and well nourished from all the love and time well spent.  Until next time!


Bombshellicious said...

Lovely pics You looked as though you all had a great time xx

VainGlorySinner said...

Welcome back sweetie! Your time away spent with the family looked like so much fun!!! I would have loved to join in on the gingerbread house decorating, although I'd probably just be eating the sweets rather than sticking them on!

The kiddywinkles are adorable, I especially love the picture of the oldest sat behind his birthday cake with such a cute smile upon his face! The twirly candles are cool, never seen them before!

All the Mexican food looks so yummy!

Hugs! xxx


Krista! How I've missed your rainbow of fun.
I'm so glad you had a great time, it's be hard not to with those beautiful boys.
You sure know how to eat well - it's a good job you're disciplined with the workouts to keep that body in (excellent!) shape.
looking forward to catching up properly on here, everyone is so inspiring. The pinkness is back, YAY!

pastcaring said...

Hurray, you're back! So happy that you had a fabulous time, your family are gorgeous, just look at those cute boys! I bet they adore their cool Auntie Krista!
Family, friends and food - doesn't get much better!
PS. Pop over to mine - you get a mention, love! xxxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

I have missed you gorgeous, but I'm glad you had a wonderful time and the pics are great. You are one kicking Auntie Krista!

Vix said...

Yay! It's wonderful to see your smiling face back in Blogland again! You and your family are so gorgeous, those gingerbread houses are fab and all that food looks amazing, too. Are those new rings I see?
Missing you lots, it's been too long!
love you. xxxxxxxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hello! Looks like a fun trip, fab pictures all round. The birthday cake looks amazing and you and Chris make such a cute couple. Did they find you a pink gun? ;-)

Daniel said...


Daniel said...


La Dama said...

Welcome back mi rainbow biatch!
Your family is so awesome, so loving and fun.
Mmmm cake, gibgerbread casitas, and mexi-food.
Where those tostadas?
You and chris make a beautiful couple.
Perving at your necklace.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Your family is a great looking bunch, the nephews are pretty frickin cute :)
I love the pic with Chris playing the game with your nephew! You look beautiful and happy :)

Misfits Vintage said...

So glad you had such a wonderful time with your gorgeous family. Those boys are so happy and lovely and I want to make gingerbread houses too!!! You look super relaxed and bright-eyed and beautiful!

Sarah xxx