Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I puke hearts and flowers

Is it too early to talk about Valentines day? Too bad, I know it's another overly commercialized holiday but it's about love! This weekend I decided to make my nephews something to remind them of how much Auntie Krista loves them, after all they do own a lil piece of my heart.

 I love that at any given moment I have craft supplies just waiting to be born into something fabulous! These are made with felt, embroidery thread and ribbon and stuffed with a bit of poly fill. I added a lil scar to each one because what heart is free of them?
I'll be sure to stuff the package full of M&M's because really what boy will get excited about receiving these.  I also managed one decent picture of my vanity before the darkness came.  It's dark by the time I finish work.  UGH!
Well what do you think?  I love it!!!!  I am not a huge fan of natural wood and I am still on the fence about painting it pink.  Please you guys help me decide!  If I paint it pink I'm probably destroying an antique and Grandma Barbara did have this thing restored.  I also got the tall jewelry box on the side, it holds all my stash!

I thought you guys might enjoy seeing some of the crazy colors and patterns jumping out of my closet.

Life is way too short to be lived in B&W.

Today I finally get my haircut, yeah!  I also get my concealed weapons permit from the Sheriff's office, pretty stoked about that.  I'm still doing Zumba too but it is a bit hard on my knees.  I took some ibuprofen and that seemed to help, I have also modified a few moves so it's easier on my knees.  I hope you are all doing well as we say good riddance to January!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Give me liberty and metal!!!!

There are a lot of things that Richmond Virginia is known for, like law, finance and government.  Let's not fail to mention its also a place where key battles in the American civil war were fought.  It's where Patrick Henry declared,"Give me liberty or give me death!" Perhaps the coolest thing to come out of there since that speech was the band Lamb of God.  Their new album RESOLUTION is out now and I must say folks it ROCKS me to my core!  Tuned down heavy guitars and monster voice have never sounded this good on an American band :)

My favorite track is the first one called, Straight for the Sun.  This will be played at my funeral, well at least the first 2 minutes :) Go on and have a listen I've posted the lyrics so you can sing along.  
Shoot me straight for the sun
I want to be the only one left
Misdiagnosed condition Burnt beyond recognition
Sink her straight through the floor
She is not breathing anymore Choke in this atmosphere
Nothing will be left here 


On a lighter note, I have my new vanity and I love it!  I will get some pictures up this week.  There is no way I could paint it pink, the natural wood is gorgeous!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Asher Roth, not bad for a white boy!

Last night watching Face Off, the artists had to design an album cover for this cat, Asher Roth.  I dig this white boy rapper, his style is kind of a mash up of Jay Z and Eminem (big surprise they are his two greatest influences)  Have you guys heard of him? What do you think?

Here are a few songs for you to have a lil listen too.

This song Summertime totally reminds me of all the years I lived in California.
His latest this video is pretty cool!

I hope everyone has a cool weekend ahead.  Next week I'll have pictures of my vanity and you guys can tell to paint or not to paint!  PEACE OUT!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hearts and thunderbirds

I'm getting better at not always reaching for my jeans this winter.  This is one of those outfits that is cute, comfy and also plenty warm.  I found the skirt for $3 and I am a sucker for anything with hearts on it.
 This thunderbird belt is from 1977 I picked it up almost 20 years ago for a buck! The jacket was also thrifted for $5 and has sparkly silver thread in it.
I need a haircut and I'm obviously disgusted with myself right here.
Ok I'm over it!
I love mini skirts and leggings!
 A sweet skeleton Betsey Johnson necklace.
I think a lot of her jewelry and clothes end up on ebay from the suppliers in China who actually make the product for her.  This necklace was all of $7 on ebay in the stores it would have been almost $50.
I'm so happy the week's almost over.  This weekend Chris and I get to dress up and go out with our neighbors to their country club for a fancy dinner of lobster and prime rib...woo woo!!!!  Sunday we are bringing home my antique vanity that was Grandma Barbara's mothers, I think it's from the 40's.  I can't wait to show it to you.  I wanna paint it pink!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coronal mass ejection

In case you were wondering what happens when the sun burps, here is a picture.  This is from a few days ago over Norway.  Can you image seeing this display before your very eyes?  I see a fairy do you?
In other news I got the most awesome, super fantastical, OMG shut the front door, package from the always honest and super stylish Curtise and her adorable girls.  The card had the brightest pink flower on it and every single thing is sooooooooooooooooooo me.  You guys just made my week!  My absolute favorite thing which I will wear over and over again is this dress from London Pussycat.

 Are these cats the cutest or what!!!!
 They also sent me a super soft pale pink scarf.
 I'm so happy I am doing a lil Samba from Zumba :)
 It really is the cutest dress ever.
 But wait there's more, they also sent this bright silver necklace.  I dig it and have nothing like it at all.
 They also found this pink rose ring, LOVE IT!!!!!!

The rain has been relentless but I am doing my best to ignore it playing dress up and taking pictures.  Thanks again for my sweet treasures, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunshine and Tiaras

It's been so gloomy lately but when sun pokes out even for a minute you want to bathe naked in it. See. We all worship the sun in this family...

and occasionally I'm inspired to make a Tiara!

 The daisy pin was  Grandma Barbara's.
  Chris thought I looked like a flower child.
Here's some more of what I made this weekend.

I also made a version in blue and purple to go with this Bismuth crystal from Germany.  It was also Grandma Barbara's and she had it wrapped but never put it on a necklace.  I think she would dig what I did to it.

I also picked up this necklace a few weeks back at Forever 21.  I love it!  I think it was $8.

and this super gorgeous ultra sparkly bracelet.
I made this necklace for my BFF.
It feels good to make stuff for other people. What do you like to make for others?