Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coronal mass ejection

In case you were wondering what happens when the sun burps, here is a picture.  This is from a few days ago over Norway.  Can you image seeing this display before your very eyes?  I see a fairy do you?
In other news I got the most awesome, super fantastical, OMG shut the front door, package from the always honest and super stylish Curtise and her adorable girls.  The card had the brightest pink flower on it and every single thing is sooooooooooooooooooo me.  You guys just made my week!  My absolute favorite thing which I will wear over and over again is this dress from London Pussycat.

 Are these cats the cutest or what!!!!
 They also sent me a super soft pale pink scarf.
 I'm so happy I am doing a lil Samba from Zumba :)
 It really is the cutest dress ever.
 But wait there's more, they also sent this bright silver necklace.  I dig it and have nothing like it at all.
 They also found this pink rose ring, LOVE IT!!!!!!

The rain has been relentless but I am doing my best to ignore it playing dress up and taking pictures.  Thanks again for my sweet treasures, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!


weasel said...

OMG this dress is so cute, really love it!

pastcaring said...

Well, we just saw those things and thought immediately of YOU! So glad the dress fits, you look adorable and I hope Zoe and Ash appreciate the homage (and that Peetee isn't jealous!)
And yes, I most certainly do see a fairy in that ejection (I'm sniggering now, how childish!)
Loveyourcheekysambamoves! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

What wonderful goodies. You look fabulous.xxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Lucky girl!

And yes, I'm desperate to see the Northern lights, it would be amazing.

Scarlett said...

Soooooooo cute! Queen of the kitties :o) Scarlett x

anton belardo said...

O___O i love the dress and the nails ahhh

kisses A.

Cazz said...

That cat dres is AMAZING. Jelous!

VainGlorySinner said...

LOVE THAT DRESS!! How adorable is that :| Kitties!!!

Those Norwegians get the most awesome sights! I'd also love to witness the aurora borealis at some point in my life! It would be breath taking! xxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Curtise is a lovely lady!
The dress is superb and so you!
The jewelery is rad!
Lucky girl!

Ariane xxxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh that dress could have been MADE for you, Krista! It is so super cute, so YOU and fits you like a dream. And that necklace is so unusual and lvely too. And I LOOOVE your nailpolish! You are so frickin GORGEOUS! Love you more than peppermint nails! Sarah xxx

Perdita said...

Oh! WANT a cat dress now!

Thick Threads said...

oh i love nordic lights. its one of the things to see on my bucketlist.

And aww that dress is just the cutest dress in the world! sooooo adorable! i LOVE it! looks amazing on you :) yayy happy zumba dance ! :)


Thick Threads said...

p.s. if/when I'm in portland, you know we are going for a coffee, you gotta show me all the cool insider sights! :)

Anita said...

That dress looks stunning on you! What a fun post; I enjoy reading your blog; you really have a good time with it!
xo, Anita

Nat said...

The ejection makes me think of a ballet dancer facing us, with arms crossed, in a tutu :-)
Cute dress!

La Dama said...

You look fabulosa in your new kitty dress. the colors are so perfect for your pink biatch self. I do see a fairy dancing must be you amor.
rose ring and necklace are exquiste.
love your dancing pic.

Anonymous said...

That dress is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! It looks PERFECT on you! Love the ring too :)

Bombshellicious said...

Cute dress xx