Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dripping in playful elegance

I recently discovered some of the most breathtaking jewelry I have ever seen.  Deloris Petunia an LA based designer has my head spinning at her use of both sparkle and color.  This is what my jewelry wants to be when it grows up :)

Now these are some killer friendship bracelets!

Are you as blown away as I am?!?!


Brianna said...

I love the studded friendship bracelets, the first necklace, and the last necklace best I think! But the studded bracelets are the best.

Vix said...

Wow! It's like Bollywood meet punk especially those bracelets with those spikes. Love them all, dread to think how much they are!
Love ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Perdita said...

OOOh I love it! So opulent and bright. I went a bit mad in the Butler and Wilson sale recently (well, bought 2 things, ha) - I just love bright gems.

Helga! said...

O bloody HELL this jewellery range is AMAAAAAAAAAAZEBALLS! I freakin' love it;Vix is spot on when she says it's like Bollywood meets punk!Lust!
O,and I love your bracelts last post,you have such a lovely eye for colour and design,which shows in everything you wear and admire!
Your sparkle uggs are adorable!And cashmere!!So luxurious!!I've never owned anything cashmere,I wouldn't know how to look after it and would probably spill something over it anyway!!!
Love and arse squeezes!XXXXXXXX


Krista - I LOVE the title of this post!

These pieces are to die for, I would definitely buy one with the £5,000 Vix asked me about!

Are you going to treat yourself?

Lots of love,

Lucy x

Miss Magpie said...

Wow those necklaces are just amazing!

Trees said...

Wow! It's all AMAZING!!!

Style Sud-Est said...

Oh! Wow Krista! I have never seen such amazing jewelery!
I am blown away as well!
So you got those tights? Pretty amazing! I loved them for the color but did not noticed the hearts until i took the pics!



La Dama said...

Aye!!! I want it all!
So much color and glamour.


Bohemian said...

Fabulous! I want it all too!

Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

George Wells George Wells said...

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