Monday, January 30, 2012

Give me liberty and metal!!!!

There are a lot of things that Richmond Virginia is known for, like law, finance and government.  Let's not fail to mention its also a place where key battles in the American civil war were fought.  It's where Patrick Henry declared,"Give me liberty or give me death!" Perhaps the coolest thing to come out of there since that speech was the band Lamb of God.  Their new album RESOLUTION is out now and I must say folks it ROCKS me to my core!  Tuned down heavy guitars and monster voice have never sounded this good on an American band :)

My favorite track is the first one called, Straight for the Sun.  This will be played at my funeral, well at least the first 2 minutes :) Go on and have a listen I've posted the lyrics so you can sing along.  
Shoot me straight for the sun
I want to be the only one left
Misdiagnosed condition Burnt beyond recognition
Sink her straight through the floor
She is not breathing anymore Choke in this atmosphere
Nothing will be left here 


On a lighter note, I have my new vanity and I love it!  I will get some pictures up this week.  There is no way I could paint it pink, the natural wood is gorgeous!


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

It would definitely have impact as a funeral song - I can imagine all the mourners leaping in the air thinking the devil had arrived! And then of course there's air guitar widdling potential half way through...

Boy2 told me to turn it down I'm afraid, and HE's noisy.

anton belardo said...

great band & song :D thaks for sharing

kisses A.

pastcaring said...

Hmmm - funeral song? Great choice! You got me thinking about mine now - something to shake up the gloomy proceedings sounds like a good plan! xxxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Well this song , it might bring you back to life for sure!
Can't wait to see the vanity Krista!

Ariane xxxx


Love it!
Can just imagine a bunch of elderly people with walking frames 'moshing' at your funeral (do they 'mosh' in the States? Basically thrashing your head, maybe you have a different word?!).

I like the little lessons you give us on your posts - you'd be the coolest teacher ever!

Hope you're doing well, have missed all this.

Lucy x

Brian said...

I just picked up the latest from Five Finger Death Punch and it's a face-melter. \m/ ~.~ \m/

Sabina said...

Love that first photo--all the hand silhouettes. I also love that second pic because the band looks so zombie-like.

Perdita said...

Ha ha, a funeral home with a mosh-pit would be really something!

I would probably have 70s disco at my funeral. ;)