Thursday, January 5, 2012

I love curls!

I recently bought my first set of hot rollers.  It came with 5 large and 5 small rollers, they take 2 minutes to warm up, 2 more to roll up and 15 minutes later my hair is even more fabulous!   I am so happy I finally gave these a try!
 I bought this set for a whopping $15.
The best part are the curls hold all day long!
I'm also wearing another cashmere sweater:)
 The sun was feeling pretty good right about then.
Bracelet with the bling is from the sweet Sandy of Vain Glory Sinner!
I scored these high top Chuck's for $10!
Double bow action.
 My quick lil up-do :)

I love hot pink patent anything!
I hope you are all having a good week so far, it's kinda difficult getting back into the swing of things after the holidays.


Vix said...

I love your curls! Your hair looks so full and rock-star fabulous, love it!
Your basking-in-the-sun face is so pretty and content, I wish I could get you in my bag and get you in that sub-tropical heat for a few weeks!
Gorgeous bows, bangles, animal print and pom-poms, too., my vision of loveliness!
LOVE ya! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Super-cute curls. I can NEVER get curls to hold in my hair, it annoys me, I'd love to be all glam and girlie.
Love the outfit, you look about 25 - be happy!

Love you,

Lucy x

Victoria said...

I love curls, it makes it very easy to just pull my hair up and it's done. As a teen I actually ironed my hair and use uncurl to straighten it once. But that was a long time ago ; )

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Love the curls on you. The picture with your hair up is fabulous and I'm loving the double bow scenario.

Perdita said...

Your curls look so full and bouncy, and with the 2 tone hair it looks amazing! I only ever curl my hair overnight with rollers, but I may try heateds - many is the time I have wanted straight for the day then curly for the evening!

pastcaring said...

Aah, gorgeous curly girly! You look beautiful, love the double bow action (Desiree will be trying that to match her double bagging!) You look stunning in turquoise, and I see you're well into your cashmere now!!!
Second from last pic = perfection. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

VainGlorySinner said...

I've always been interested in hot rollers, I see that they always do a fantastic job but I really can't imagine rolling my hip length hair up in them! Saying that I really love the half way curl look that I see Vix do sometimes and I'm pretty sure she uses hot rollers so maybe they won't be a waste on me!

I tend to just use a curling iron but the curls don't last as long, especially since longer hair is heavier :(

You look SO cute in curls though, you should definitely do it more often! I also agree with Pastcaring - turquoise does look gorgeous on you!

Loving the patent pink bag! Chains! Mmmm! xxx

Trees said...

Your hair looks great - it makes me want to grow my hair longer so I can do pretty things with it. I really love the bows you're wearing as well, super cute:)

VainGlorySinner said...

That is so friggin cool that yours and Chris's first date was at an Agalloch concert! You two are awesome!

Me and Pyf have yet to go to a concert together.. can you believe that?! Not many metal bands play near here! Since we've been living together there has been nothing very good around!

I'd love to see Paradise Lost play and would love for that to be our first concert together (Pyf has seen them a few times before) the only down side to that plan is his mum would be tagging along as she also likes PL!!

As soon as I see a date for Sheffield, York or Leeds I'm booking tickets!

You HAVE to get the Alice book. When I was flipping through it I thought to myself that you would love it too!

About the perfumes - I would definitely say that the Miss Dior Cherie perfume is my favourite! It was on my 2010 Christmas list but Santa didn't give it to me so I'm so glad I got it this year!

Here's the description - Miss Dior Cherie is the impressive and beautiful perfume creation inspired by Dior's Couture designer, John Galliano. Miss Dior Cherie is an effortlessly charming blend of sophistication, impish femininity, mischief and innocence. Miss Dior Cherie keeps the chypré theme of the original Miss Dior, but brings a new fruity freshness punctuated with very appealing mouth-watering notes of strawberry sorbet and tangerine. Miss Dior Cherie begins with an aromatic and fresh combination of green tangerine, strawberry leaves, violet that reveals a centre of pink jasmine, wild strawberry and sweet tones of pop-corn. These are layered over a base of patchouli and delicate but sparkling crystalline musk.

It sounds divine and it smells divine! I sprayed one spritz on my neck on Wednesday evening and on Thursday evening Pyf said I still smelt slightly sweet so it does last!

I haven't blogged sooner because I was fed up with the camera I was using! I haven't been able to do any makeup blogs as I knew it would be pointless but my new camera arrived today and I'm just about to go fiddle about with it!

Hug&Kisses to you!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh you are Movie Star Spectacular Glam Rock Star Goddess Pin Up Girl Magnificent!!! Your hair is always frickin fabulous (my fave hair in blog land without question) but with the curls, I am totally les for you now. I can't help myself! The bows, the chucks, the bangles... love it all... especially YOU! Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

I love curls, I cant see myself in straight hair anymore.
once you go curl you will never go back unless your lazy.
adore the quick up do and cool-ass bows amor.
pink bag goes well with you pinky!