Friday, January 20, 2012

Needlepoint you say?

I don't ever remember giving needlepoint a go, knitting and crocheting yes (btw I was terrible) but needle point no.  Well just have a look at all this needlepoint porn.
I love these belt buckles by Needle You.  They alone are reason enough for me to wear jeans.

I love this bag from the 50's. Found at Something Borrowed.
This one too by Divyatreasures.
OMG look at what TESSE made.

Just thinking about going to Austria makes me want this!
These cuffs by Les jardins de Vie are beautiful!

So I just might give it a try, start small and simple, I bet I could find some cute patterns.  Do any of you needlepoint?
I'm off to the gem show today to check out what new and can't live without beads I find.  Wish me luck.  First weekend in a while with no plans and it feels great and I think I saw the sun for a minute yesterday....I'll take what I can get :)  Have a lovely weekend ya'll!


Scarlett said...

These are all amazing! Cross stich and needlepoint is one craft that i can do! Ive been doing some today as trying to finish my half started projects. Never thought to do belt buckles but totally in love with them! Thanks for sharing :o) Scarlett x

Ivy Black said...

Fab! I love a bit of needlepoint. I have about six pieces on the go at the moment. I'm inspired to do a bit this weekend now. Have good one!xxxx

two squirrels said...

The buckles are so so fabulous!!! I love the owl. They would look so cute with dresses too. They are such a great idea.
Thanks for showing them . Love v

Trees said...

The buckles are simply amazing! I have never done needle point, which is surprising as I do pretty much and craft I can get my hands on!! Maybe I will have to give it a try too:)

Helga! said...

I actually really love needlework,and plan on learning how at some stage...I see myself doing that when I'm older and cruisier!! These pix are showing the most stunning needlepoint shiz ever!!!Gorgeousness!Dang,you alwyas spot the most amazing stuff that I just covet!
Your rock!
Love and marshmallows!XXXXXXXXX

Misfits Vintage said...

Those belt buckles are AMAAAZING and the bags are GORGEOUS! Needlepoint, cross stitch and tapestry are super easy - I just know you'll love it, Krista! Sarah xxx

pastcaring said...

I've never done needlepoint or cross stitch either. Let us know how you get on if you have a go.
I love the bags and the cuffs the most, I think.
Hope you find some gorgeous beads, have a lovely weekend, my dear! xxxx

Anita said...

I did it years ago, and haven't given it any thought in ages, bot OMG those cuffs! I lovelove those cuffs!
And all things owl. I think I need to make a cuff with owls. Now.
Thanks for sharing!
xo, Anita

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Needlepoint is something I thought I would never do. Too damn fiddly. But I might change my mind. Those pics are amazing. Love every single one of them.

Louise said...

I have done some needlepoint, and just before Christmas I bought a Cath Kidston (is she popular in the states?) Book full of great needlepoint designs. I'm a bit obsessed with needlepoint bags right now and I think I might make the one that's in the book. Have a great weekend. Xx

mirrorandmoon said...

These are sooo lovely!!! Now I feel like learning to needle point


Style Sud-Est said...

Wow Krista, great stuff, My God so amazing!

I have tagged you girl, go see my blog


Ariane xxxx

just me said...

this is so cute. you got talent. i love talented and creative people, follow you

La Dama said...

Anazing belt buckles!
Especially the dove one.look at all those cool bags.
I dont do needle point but would love too learn.

Anita riot said...

I think you just discovered my new hobby! all of this stuff looks so great!! Must make things! O_O!


pinktutu72 said...

Those buckles are pretty snazzy! I've done a little needle point and cross stitch but not in a while