Friday, January 13, 2012

Pearl Jam

For any of you that love music, I hope that's all of you, Chris and I watched the most interesting documentary on Pearl Jam called PJ 20 directed by Cameron Crow.  Holy mother of music it was amazing!  I learned a lot not only about the band, but the scene in Seattle during the 90's and how Pearl Jam refused to play nice with the evil monopoly known as Ticketmaster.  I think I also kinda fell for Eddie Vedder, I found him to be such a deep caring guy and let's face it that voice is pretty dam soulful.  He made me finally understand the price of fame. I really wish we could have seen them this year in the states but now they are off to tour Europe.

Pearl Jam now
  and back in the day (boys with long hair...*sigh*)
 Eddie loved to play in the crowd!
Did you know that Eddie never knew his Dad while he was Alive?  He was a family friend and met him a few times but it wasn't until his Dad died that he found out that was his real father.  This really caused him a great deal of pain and I think living with this is part of what makes his music so real!  The worst tragedy however, happened in 2000 at the Roskilde Festival when 9 people died of suffocation as the crowd rushed the stage.  The band was forever changed, how could they not be.

After we finished the flick Chris kept saying how old this film made him feel.  That's really too bad because all I kept thinking was this is the music of my generation, I was part of this and I am so very lucky!

Have a great weekend everyone, mine will be filled with friends, food and Zumba.  So I tried it out yesterday and it totally kicked my arse, but I'm not that sore so I think I will do it again today.  It's definitely going to improve my dance moves :) and firm me up.


teresa beejoux said...

I went to the cinema to watch this and loved it! and I already have the tickets to go see them in Berlin next summer...which will be the 7th time for me! love them :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I love Pearl Jam, I used to have the 'Alive' stick man painted on my wardrobe door (it was effectively a massive white blank canvass) when I was a teenager! That old picture brings back happy memories. Loved Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Temple of the Dog etc too...sigh.

VainGlorySinner said...

I bought Pearl Jam Twenty on DVD for Pyf for Christmas and my mum got him the album - he's not watched it yet so I don't know what he thinks of it but he is a fan of them - owning all their albums probably classes as a fan doesn't it?! I on the other hand never really got into Pearl Jam too much, I don't know why.. I mean I enjoy some of their songs such as 'Alive', 'Better Man' and 'Even Flow' but I just listen to them when Pyf has them playing - I was 2 when they formed so that might explain it! xxx

pastcaring said...

I could have sworn I commented on this post, but it's not appeared - huh? What happened?!
Anyway, I just said that Other Half has seen this and said it was great! I haven't watched it, cos I was doubtless reading blogs at the time!
Good luck with the Zumba, bet you'll be good at it in no time! xxxxxxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG thank you so much for the utterly AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING parcel!!!!!! It made me so freakin' happy and grateful to be alive!!!! What is it about pink? It makes me want to dance like James Brown and yodel very loudly!!!! Thank you so, so much sweet woman!!! I am completely decked out in necklace, bracelet (SKULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and orange scarf! The Stylist is away for the night so she'll get to unwrap her surprise tomorrow - so exciting!!!! You are a wonderful, beautiful, generous woman. Thank you so, so much! Big, big squishy arse-squeezes to you my love!! xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoox

Louise said...

I am asamed to admit that I don't actually know any Pearl Jam music. That's bad isn't it? It's a time though when I was very much into pop and dance music.

A few of my friends have taken up zumba and speak very highly of it, so have fun. X

Misfits Vintage said...

Yes - BOYS WITH THE ROCKSTAR HAIR! I'll bet you kick zumba's arse in no time - do a video for us! The only zumba I've seen is on the tv ads for dvds and I always yell at the tv and change the channel... but I would LOOOVE to see you doing it! Love! Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

I dont much listen to pearl jam ,but Buddy seems too like their music. A zumba vid please.