Thursday, January 19, 2012

What day is it?

Whenever the sun runs away I have trouble telling when the day ends and when it began.  It's pretty awful out but I am thankful for the sunshiny pictures coming from all you gals in Australia! Keep em' coming you are helping me get through winter. Yesterday we had snow, but just a bit, and it didn't stick,  it was just a dirty slushy mess really.
 and Peetee's water froze.
I was due to get a hair cut too but when it snows even a bit in Portland I stay off the roads, I can't drive in snow and neither can most who try here.  Instead, I worked all day and then made a sweater clip out of some old ear rings of Grandma Barbara's.
 Take any old pair of clip ear rings.
 Get yourself some chain and jump rings.
 and tada...all done!

 My cute lil sweater clip!
I have also did Zumba 5 times in a week and I have to say it is difficult and I like the challenge.  After about a month of this I will be ready to join a class at my new gym. So please tell me what do you do to keep going when the weather gets you down?


pastcaring said...

You zumba-ed 5times???? OMG you must be so bloody fit! I am suitably impressed.
I am off to the hairdressers tomorrow - hurrah! Sorry you had to postpone your appointment, but you've obviously spent a useful day at home. Those cardigan clips are fabulous, aren't you clever? The flowers are perfect Krista colours!
Keep being colourful amid the snowy conditions, babe! xxxxxxxxxx

VainGlorySinner said...

Cutest cardigan clips EVER! You crafty little minx! Love them! How about some black and purple ones?! :p

I'm so very glad we've had no snow all winter as it can be really annoying when you want to go places! I hate walking on it because I am always doomed to slip up!

I've been doing plenty of reading and watching some much loved television series online. Have you been watching Grimm? Another blogger introduced me to it as it's only airing in the US at the moment but I managed to find a decent website to watch it on!

Chin up! xxx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Your snow looks pretty, but its such a pain in the ass when you want to do anything isnt it?! I just do what I do most other times of the year, rain shine or freeze - craft! Great clips by the way :)

Ivy Black said...

Brilliant idea!
I wish we had a bit of snow here...just for a few days!

Helga! said...

Yeah,you must be scarily fit!!! I'd like to try umba,looks like a fun way to fitness,of which I'm lacking a bit these days!
I won't drive in snow,not confident enough!LOVE that sweater clip-what a brillant idea!!!!
WeARE getting some fine sunshine'll be your turn soon enough!Hopefully it'll be perfect when we're over!
Loadsa snowy love!

Louise said...

Zumba 5 times? are you crazy, talk about buns of steel. I love the cardigan clips, and I desperately want to try that now. It's also reminded me that I promised you a fascinator tutorial. I'll order a base and get to it. Poor little Peetee with his frozen water, bless him. xx

Trees said...

That sweater clip is amazing! So simple too - I will have to keep an eye out for some cute clip on earrings when I'm out and about.

Ugh I hate those long, dark days of winter! I usually just fill my days crafting and cups of tea:)

two squirrels said...

Perfect!! I have worn clip-on earrings on cardigans before but next time I will put a chain on!!! Thank you sweet.
Your poor wee puppy!!! So cold.
Love to you V

Mary Ann said...

that's a cute sweater clip...make me one!!!

pinktutu72 said...

I'm so glad to have a chance to finally catch up on reading your blog! I love the sweater clip thats a really cute idea. Also whatever the cupcake thing is in the background it's awesome :)

The Fashion Turd said...

likey! you have better tits though...not sure if it would have quite the same effect with my flat chest! x

La Dama said...

You zumba ninja! I sadly cant exercise due too my chiari crap migraines.
What a great idea! I use my clip on earrings for everthing.
I made a tut last year on how to make sweater clips out of flower hair clips.
Love your glittery polish.
Poor pete, i bet he has lots of sweaters.
I actually like the snow, we always have cosy movie days when its cold here.