Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's your go to style?

Lately I've been attracted a bit more to things that look handmade, worn, broken in or passed on, something with a bit of history.
 These beauties are made by Posh Fairytale Couture!
 Made from newspapers.
Ok this one is just adorable!
Shredded newspaper.
Cuff by Enchanted lockets.
Found here. So lush so vibrant!
These next pieces are from Fabulous & Baroque.  Romantic gothic elegance!

These are also so pretty by Cosmic Firefly.
Who doesn't love Owls?
This is the prettiest parasol made  by Kroowka.
This Romanian boot maker has some killer old style going on.
 These are my favorite!

How about you?  Do you have one preferred look or style or are you attracted to several?  What look do you rock the best?  I think for me it's fun, playful and bright with a bit of sexy going on. I also think I am still trying to find my style and I'm ok with that.


Victoria said...

I would feel like a fairy tale princess sleeping in that bed. Great finds!

Helga! said...

The boots, the BOOTS!!!!
Style?? Hmmm,mine constantly evolves,depending on what I'm into at the time, but generally 60's/70's in technicolour!!! I think,anyway! If I'm having a vague, dunno what to wear day, it'll probably be black and white for the easist option....!
You're style is totally sexacious,and so adorable!!!
Love and tittie gropes!

pastcaring said...

LOVE those boots! And the owls. And the cuff and parasol are exquisite.
Go to style? God knows! Sometimes I think I'm just a total butterfly brain who can't stick with a "signature" style because I don't actually know what I like best... But then it's Ok to experiment and change it up, I suppose. At the moment, it tends to be dresses, bright tights and boots with a faux fur. But ask me next week and you might get a different answer!

Thick Threads said...

wow what a bunch of cool stuff. omg i love the owl head on the victorian ladys body. super cool!

My go to style is something alternative, punkish, its what i manage to wear the most, but i have a big variety of styles i like


two squirrels said...

Oh that cuff is gorgeous. I can see why you fell in love with the boots!!!!! The blue ones are amazing.
Great pics and fabulous style.

I love so many styles and vintage era's, but being bigger and curvy the 50's is the best fit and look. Love a good 50's frock. Love v

Dolly Cool Clare said...

For me its a mixture of 50s rockabilly, 60s mod and rock chick! I'm usually in a mixture of these things and my fail safe palette is always black, red and pink - with a bit of white and navy! :)

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooooh those boots are AMAAAZING! My style is Narcissistic Nonsense Meets Floral Foof!

That first newspaper dress is quite genius isn't it... I had a fabbo artist housemate once who made a wedding dress out of paper on which she has printed some of her art...and stapled it together instead of sewing. It was quite fabulous!

Love! Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

That bed!
i been wanting a baroque bed set for the longest.
I mix up my style,Colorful mexi vintage chola.
I do adore gothic style with a touch of vintage.