Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boobies and Evil Corporations

I figured that would get your attention :)  I have my first ever mammogram today, I am not looking forward to getting my boobs squished, but it is a necessary thing at my age.  Please say a lil boobie prayer for me today.
I also won't bore you with the juicy details that left me storming out of LA Fitness (the evil corporation that bought my small gym and closed it) but I can tell you that enough is enough!!!  The only power I have as a consumer is to not give companies like this my money!  I would rather bench press soup cans in my basement than help another company that thinks bigger equals better.  Pretty soon there will be no choices left, one gym, one cable company, one grocery store, this is what I fear most.  2012 is the year I take a stand and put my money where my mouth is.  If you are an evil big corporation, you are poison to me and I will not drink the koolaid anymore.  Shame on all you greedy people only concerned with making more money and providing consumers with less.

 Normal pretty girl stuff to resume soon, right now I'm livid!


Vix said...

Right on, sister!! I hate big corporations, even our local company, Cadbury's, is banned in our house after selling out to Kraft.
Get yourself a Wii!!!!
Great gratuitous boob shot, I've had a few of those mammograms, they're a weird sensation but the radiographers are usually so kind and funny it makes it a lot more bearable.
Can't wait till Sunday.
Love you! xxxxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

Never had a mammogram, though I'm older than both you and Vix. Not sure when you get called for them on the NHS here in the UK. Anyway, I hope it went OK, and any excuse will do for a fab boob shot, darling!
God, how awful is that advert for giving your baby fizzy drinks?!
Oh go on, tell us what got you so mad about the gym. With you on the Fight Against Evil Corporations - go boobalicious girl! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Victoria said...

I have had one mammogram and there was absolutely nothing to it, very easy, simple and done in a flash. Unbelievable that cola ad, buyer beware. Well I hope you find an independent gym to go to, support indie businesses, yeah!

Trees said...

Go you!! I am not a fan of big corporates at all - they are generally evil and what to make the world so uniform and monocultural. I ESPECIALLY hate these ads we get for big companies like coca cola and McDonalds which are clearly made in the US - but they dub over NZ accent - ugh!

Tanya said...

eep, good luck with the mamogram!!!! I heard those hurt like a bitch!

Dashfield Vintage said...

Wow I have never seen that coca cola ad before, unreal! Totally with you on the corporation things, it's all really disgusting. I make a big effort these days to support the little guy/ gal. I buy a lot of things from the local markets. They are trying to pass a bill here at the moment making it illegal for small business and markets sellers to sell their home grown fruits and vegetables, makes me so angry!
Good luck with your mammogram, I'm sure it'll be just fine!

Scarlett said...

Good on you for going for your mammogram, i think they are essential - my mum had breast cancer and it was only found via a routine mammogram. She had lots of treatment but has been given the all clear now. I'll be first in line ready to get my baps out when i get called up for one ;o)
Scarlett x

La Dama said...

Good luck amor.
I am due for one this year.
loving the huge breastest pic.
don't get me started on corporate caca!

Anonymous said...

BIG prayer for your boobelas! I'm trying to not buy from big corps too, I'd like to buy all hand and local made. You and I are in good states to do it too ;)

Anita said...

Love, love your messages in this post! I have long waged a war against corporate America. I do my household shopping by going to the small shops and the farmers market first, and only hit the chains if I absolutely have to. For everything else I peruse Etsy, charity and thrift. Corporate takeovers and outsourcing are what is destroying the middle class and our ability to earn a decent living and care for our families. If it continues, all that will be left is the very wealthy and the masses struggling to just get by. Stay the course, sister!

As for the mammogram, I really need to do that! I've spent so much time at hospitals and doctors with my mister that I neglect taking care of myself. Thanks for the reminder!

xo, Anita

Mary Ann said...

That coca-cola ad cracks me up...I guess we consumers are so gullible and will believe anything that these big corporate companies say without even questioning it! Time for change!! QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Its such a shame that big companies are taking over the the UK its the supermarkets! Since Wal-Mart bought one of our Supermarket giants, Asda - they are just getting bigger and bigger and offering so many products and services, so small independent traders just can't compete. It SUCKS big time :( Just read your later post and glad the mammogram went well. All these lady procedures we have to have! I'm coming back as a man next time ;)

Misfits Vintage said...

GGggrrrr I hate BANKS and INSURANCE companies and Telstra (our biggest tel company) - and I hate globalisation! And I adore YOU and YOUR FABULOUS BOOBS! Love! Sarah xxx