Thursday, February 2, 2012

D&G and H&M

One more day and then I get two to do whatever the heck I want to for two days.  I love the weekends.  Simple pleasures too, lattes at home under my favorite blanket, lunch with Chris, time to be crafty, shop and hang out with friends.
I got my hair trimmed yesterday, I really love my stylist Michelle.  I've always colored my own hair but she really can work magic with scissors.  She cuts my hair dry, is that weird?  Anyway a trim cost $12 and I'll get two a year, not bad eh :)
I heart my heart glasses :) and I'm still digging my curls!

Making its debut is my Dolce & Gabbana cut off jean jacket from Vix.  You can't tell in the pictures but there is turquoise glitter speckled here and there and everywhere.  I love it!  Thanks Vix glad you are home safe and sound and tan :)
  I picked up these leggings at a recent sale at H&M for $5.
 Yes folks that is sunshine :)

 Necklace by moi.
 A better shot of the leggings.  I gotta say when H&M has a sale its like thrift store prices.  I can't wait to show you what else I scored.
 I do like this big purple ring.
I made this black heart just for my Chris.  We always joke about his black heart made of charcoal.
 Peetee approved.
I love Peetee and Chris:)


Vix said...

You and Chris are both rock stars! You look amazing in that jacket, I knew you would, and those leggings, crazy glasses and the bling are just fabulous. Excellent hair cut, it looks so full and healthy.
That black heart is way better than any naff mass produced Valentine's tat.
Yay to Chris for managing to stop the taxi before puking.
I love you and Peetee too! xxxxx

pastcaring said...

Haha, that's so funny about Chris and the taxi! Does he know you've told us?!
You look so bloody good in that outfit - cute and sexy and with the most AMAZING figure!
Love your hair and the glasses, and Vix's little jacket is SO you. No wonder you are smiling in the sunshine!
Loveyoumorethanblackhearts! xxxxxxx

Nat said...

Love the curls :-) So very girly...
Hope Chris is feeling better... at least he had a blast, even if he is suffering now ;-)


I hear that all the best stylists cut hair dry, you don't get a natural finish otherwise. You are looking so good, the extra exercise seems to have given you an even more defined waist, not bloody fair!
I love the leggings and jacket, you could wear them any season.
Shame on Chris for getting in such a state. I'm horrified (wink wink).

VainGlorySinner said...

I love your full bouncy curls and your hair always looks in tip top shape! What hair products do you use?!

Those heart sunnies are amazingly wacky and the leggings are quite bizarre in a good way! I also love the way that little D&G jacket looks on you! Short jackets rule!

The little heart is so adorable, definitely a black metal heart!

N'awww little Peetee poppet, I wanna kiss his little naked head!

Hugs xoxo

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Oh Krista - you're outfits are so great. I don't think I could wear the tights though - I'd get distracted and start staring at them throughout the day. It's like watching tv.

Hey - I have the PERFECT bracelet for you and it will go with your purple ring. I bought it in Germany, but I have yet to wear it and I probably never will. Send me your mailing addres to my email - and I'll pop in the mail for you.


ps - $12 haircut? Lucky. Mine is getting sooo expensive. It's up to $150 every 4 weeks!

Trees said...

A $12 haircut? I am SO jealous!! In NZ a decent haircut costs at least $50 :( I usually get mine cut every 6 weeks, but that's the problem with short hair - maybe I should grow it out.

I love your sunnies - they are so cute:)

Sabina said...

Love your new haircut--and no that's not weird about doing a haircut dry. Is your hair naturally curly? They sometimes will cut curly hair dry.

And I love the black heart--so cute, especially the stitches.

Anonymous said...

I love almost everything that is heart- shaped and the glasses look so good on you!!
Your DIY necklace is marvelous!!

Louise said...

That outfit totally rocks. I love those leggings. You wonderful crafty lady. Have a great weekend. xx

Anonymous said...

I love those glasses!! The curls look fabulous on you too! Your felt hearts are great, I'm going to give them a shot!

Thick Threads said...

i HEART your heartglasses too. every girl needs a pair. its look so hot in this outfit! I love the leggins!


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love your house-more please!

H and M has the best sales, and sometimes you can find some rock-style pieces-do you have River Island over there? That sometimes has some rock stuff on sale.

Sue-a fan from London, England!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Fab outfit and accessories! H&M have the best sales you can get some great bargains :)

La Dama said...

I love your heart sunglasses and curly locks. a $12 haircut is very cheap better if hair is cut dry too.
Chris black heart is fantastic,adorar the red stiching.
crop jacket shows off your tiny waist.
those leggings are amazing. H&M sales rock!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh wow an awesome, inexpensive hairdresser that does dry cuts!!! You lucky, lucky woman:)))) The best cutter's I've ever had do dry cuts - I know, it's weird eh? I am SALIVATING ... hear that? SALIVATING over your amazing sunnies, bolero from Vix and your new leggings ... and every time I see something made by you, I gasp with divine pleasure. I've been wearing your pink skull bracelet and pink star necklace nearly EVERY DAY. I swear I love them sooooooooooo much. Big squeezies to you my lovely friend. xoxoxoxoxo