Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daydreaming of anyplace but here

Hello my pretties :)  I've been fighting a cold all weekend but I am feeling much better today.  Yeah!  I'm still doing Zumba and I am starting to see some definition on my abs, pretty cool huh :)  I've been hitting it hard, three days on, one off. It feels great to be doing a new type of exercise, however all this work and no play makes Krista a dull girl!  I want a vacation.  I want to unplug.  I long to travel outside the US and I really want adventure.  I need to make this happen. Stagnation is the killer spirit!

Oh Austria you are beautiful!

I want to travel down the Rhine and look at castles.

Prague is also calling me with all it's beautiful architecture and rooftops! Please my beautiful blogging well traveled girls can you offer up any suggestions on places to rock my world and take my breath away?!?!  I need something on the calendar or I just might run away!

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Vix said...

Hello, you toned goddess! I haven't been to Germany, Austria or Czech which is just ridiculous really. One of my drinking buddies is Czech and comes from just outside Prague and it looks amazing.
Just get yourself on a flight to anywhere in Europe and I'll be there to welcome you with open arms.
Love you & feel better soon! xxxxxxxxx

Curtise said...

Oh honey, hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to a flash of those abs when the weather is warmer!
Ahhh, there are so many wonderful places to travel to, if only funds and time allowed...
I have been to Prague, and it is completely stunning, I think you'd adore it.
Yeah - blogger meet-up in Prague then! xxxxx

lucy joy said...

Glad to hear your cold isn't getting in the way of fitness. I love Zumba and must get back to it.
I haven't travelled far, but my parents loved Prague.
Why not UK? We'd all love to see you!

Get well soon Cariad,

Lucy x

Scarlett said...

You are going to be kicking butt on your travels when you go with you hard ass abs! I think you should come to blighty! Scarlett x

Nat said...

Hope you keep kicking that cold's butt!
Prague is just gorgeous... highly recommend, so too for Barcelona, Brugge (Belgium), and not forgetting anywhere in Italy :-)
Then there's Norway, the Alps in France.... just get on a plane and get thee to Europe!
Yes to Scarlett's comment, come to the UK and meet us all!!

osovictoria said...

Cabin fever is taking it's toll, unfortunate that you have not been feeling well these last few days, cause the Oregon coast was having some beautiful weather.

Ivy Black said...

Hello gorgeous...hope you're seeing the back of that cold.
I'd love to visit Prague too...it's fab...lets all meet up there!!

Thick Threads said...

Man sounds like you need a euro trip! do it. it will be fun. i love traveling to different places too, i love different languages and cultures, and just meeting people. Hope you get to go on a nice vacation soon :)

and yay for hard rock abs! :D one time a guy punched me in my abs, and his fist broke... just sayin :D


Perdita Tinsel said...

I love Prague and Brno in the Czech Republic, and also Budapest in Hungary (superbly varied city from the kitschest to the classiest, newest to most historical) - we went on our honeymoon there!

BTW I tagged you on a silly nosey quiz thing on my blog!

doradadama said...

Hope you feel better soon amor.
at least your looking a hot ass toned biatch.
Austria is on my list of Country's to visit. I been dying to go to France and Italy. waiting on sis to come over to do all that.

Trees said...

All my travel experience comes from the Asia/Pacific - I've never been to Europe:P You could always visit NZ - it's rad down here! Helga can show you the South Island and I can show you the North Island:D

Anonymous said...

Ohhh no I'm so sorry you're sick :( Feel better soon! I've only been outside California a few times to Reno and Carson City. I'd love to go see Europe

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Come to London baby! Or failing that Croatia is really lovely. I want to visit loads of places, want to see Iceland or somewhere I can see the Northern lights, also have loads of places in the USA I'd like to see, I've never been,

Unknown said...

Come visit me! Love! Sarah xxx