Monday, February 13, 2012

For the love of crafting

This Saturday I had the pleasure of being invited to a craft day at my friend Cathy's.  It was a potluck so I baked up come yummy oatmeal cookies filled with dried cherries, almonds and chocolate chips.  I really had no idea what I was going to make, but I have been wanting to try my hand at those crazy beautiful floral headpieces that the fabulous Desiree and the Stylist are so famous for.

Crafting requires cozy attire.
 and lots of hair flinging!

 I picked up both the skirt and skull hoodie for $5:)
Yes I said five dollars!

Cathy had a yummy spread waiting for us and I love seeing what other people are making.
 She had the cutest vintage Valentines hanging above the fireplace.
 Stargazer lilies are my favorite flower in the whole wide world!

 She made some killer Quiches!
 A beautiful chocolate flour less cake.
One gal made these adorable miniatures, they were so detailed! 
 She used little homies, remember those?
 A little pizza parlor.
 A produce shop, bakery and a florist.  The detail was incredible.

 She also put solar panels on the top, so Portlandia!
Irma was making these cute letters for her son's bedroom.
Concentrate Irma!

A couple did some model assembling and painting.
Cathy did some knitting, and Peetee hanging out with all his bitches!
I made some killer headbands!
Put a bird on it!
My fav of the bunch!

I will model my favorite for you tomorrow, I swear I channel Frida Kahlo in these masterpieces!


Perdita said...

Wow, love these makes - especially the headbands!

pastcaring said...

I cannot WAIT to see you in a headband, you'll look amazing!
I am always so impressed with all the crafty/sewing/knitting people who not only come up with such great ideas, but have the skills to execute them brilliantly too!
My friend and I have just spent ages trying to work out how you put together a reversable fabric tote bag - I would NEVER have puzzled it out, thankfully my friend is cleverer than me and managed to do so, so I'm going to have a go. Yes I am!
PS. Outfit=comfy and cosy and cute! xxxxxx

VainGlorySinner said...

OMG!!! Those headbands you made are awesome! I'd love a red and black faux rose one but I haven't the foggiest how to make them! My favourite would have to be the pink and orange one because I just know it will look absolutely beautiful against your hair!

A craft day sounds so fun - loving the little Pizza place! I'm having Pizza tomorrow night for Valentines :) Looking cute in your skully hoody! xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow I'd love to take part to your crafty days and 'put a bird on it'in Portland with you girls!!
Such a beautiful idea, I love everything in this post, from your hoodie to Desiree's flower crowns, can't wait to see you wearing one!


Victoria said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun! All those crafty items look amazing and your headbands look very festive.

Vix said...

That's funny, I've just back from a day of crafting over at Liz's house today!
Your hair is looking amazing, can't wait to see you rocking those beautiful head pieces, they are so pretty.
Love those homies, never seen them before.
Peetee looks so happy hanging out with his biatches!!!
LOVE YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Well done you on those headbands, they are fabulous.

Cazz said...

I LOVE the miniatures. i haven't seen those little homies in years. The vintage valentines day cards hanging up were rad. I have to have a craft day. Looks like mega fun.

Nat said...

Wow! What an amazing array of crafty talents and lovely things :-) Looking forward to seeing you in the headbands!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh glory hallelujah to Frida headbands!!! What a spectacular job you did - no holding back at all - THAT'S what I LOVE to see in crafting:))). I'm absolutely wetting myself with anticipation - I cannot WAIT to see your beautiful creations in your glorious mane!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPP!!!!! I have heard of this crafting party malarky before and as I've never been to one before (The Stylist and I have pretty loud crafting raves though, you'd think there were 10 people at the table!) - I'm fascinated to see all the efforts that people went to! Bringing beautiful Valentine's-themed food, decorations, those AWESOME box miniatures and even getting the doggies to party too!!!! Oh how I would love to spend a day playing dress-ups, dancing, crafting and gulping down pots and pots of tea with you my darling Krista. Meloveyoubiglongtime xoxoxooxxoox

Anonymous said...

Ohhh where to begin! First of all seeing your hair makes me so happy! I miss my pink so much. I've been after my mom for us to have a big ol craft day for forever! I love the miniatures, my sister collected homies! Your headbands are just gorgeous! Stargazer Lillies are my fav too! They're just so amazingly beautiful and exotic, just like a certain chickie I know ;)

Dolly Cool Clare said...

LOVE that skull hoodie! I have quite a few skully bits and pieces myself, and what a bargain too! Your craft party looks really fun - and with delicious food too, im jealous! ;)

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista!

Happy Valentine to you my friend!
It looked like aa fun afternoon!
I love your head piece, so gorgeous!
Adorable pic of Peetee among the bitches, so cute!

Take care

Ariane xxxxx

Bombshellicious said...

Looks like a super cute fun time, love Peetee sitting there lol xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Craft party - what a fabulous idea!!! Your floral headpieces are GORGEOUS - aren't they fun to make? I adore mine too! Peetee looks in his element.

Love! Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

what a fun crafty party!
your headbands are gorgeous, love the purple rose one.
how cute..Pete is popular.

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