Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I heart you and you and you and you...

That's it, I'm NOT painting the vanity.  I knew you guys would help me decide and thanks so much for all the advice on how I can Krista-fy it without permanently damaging it.  I do have a ton of crap furniture that if I feel so inclined to paint I should play there :)

For now, these things make me GUSH.  Found in land of hearts.
Bleeding hearts are one of my favorite flowers ever!
Beautiful picture by Sortvind.
This next one is LOVE and is sweet in a high school crush kinda way.
Pucker up baby! by FlyPi
Not too much else going on loves. SWAK! BTW I see that Vix is back, lord we missed you! I feel like I fell off the fashion wagon without my sweet and lovely bohemian chic princess leader!  Can't wait to see pictures from India.


Roxy Indica said...

Hi, Krista, nice pics!
I'm a Vix fan too, ha!
Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina:

pastcaring said...

That mask one first photo is amazing.
All the pic are great. You are on a roll with your hearts at the moment, love!
Hope Vix is catching up on her sleep and then she'll be ready for action!
Love'n'hearts'n'kisses! xxxxxxxxxx

VainGlorySinner said...

That top picture is divine!!! I love that mask and want one!

I must have missed your last post but I just checked to see this dressing table and ohhh my is it pretty!! I do love how it looks in the dark wood but Vix's idea also sounds very tempting but I'd probably choose an antique off white colour instead of powder pink.. saying that if it were me I wouldn't touch it! It looks classy and quite victorian-esque! xxx

pastcaring said...

God, excuse all the typos in my comment above - you know what I meant! This keyboard has a will of its own, I swear.... xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet smiles in the morning after looking at all these pretty hearts. Yay thank you!!! Love v

Victoria said...

Beautiful photos!


You came to your decision quickly! The right one too - it's a beautiful piece.
You're such a romantic soul aren't you - heart obsessed!
Lovely images, I especially like the teenage style felt pen one - remember having time to do things like that?!

Love ya,

Lucy x

Helga! said...

Yeaaaaaaaah,our Vix is BACK! Hurrah!
Now,I love that heart "mask" first pic,fabulous!
Digging your new vanity,darling!SO pretty! Yay you've decided not to paint it....but it would have been yay if you did anyway,as you would have made it uber fabulous!It's a lovely piece,and I love seeing some of your jewellery on it!I wish I had the room for a nice old vanity...but alas,I do not!
"I puke hearts and flowers" is a BRILLANT post title!!!
Love and vanity!XXXXXXXXX

Melanie said...

Hats with netting, and bow lips? Two of my favourite things, although this hat has a stencil not netting, which raises exciting possibilities for future craftiness. Glad you figured out what to do with the vanity. Beautiful pics.

Louise said...

I love that first picture, very Alice in Wonderland. It's true, we all go into hibernation when Vix goes on holiday, it's wonderful she's back. Also, I promise you a bit of pink in this month's outfits! Lol. Xx

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you decided to not paint it! I love pink so much but that vanity is gorgeous on it's own! I love the mask pic thats really neat!

Jelisaveta Djukanovic said...

Beautiful! :)

Vix said...

I've never seen those Bleeding Hearts flowers before, I think I need to grow some, they're just wonderful.
That bubblegum pink lippie is just so trashy it's fabulous, I think I need to dig mine out in your honour.
Fall off the fashion wagon? You? I've already checked the posts I've missed and you're still looking pretty good to me!
Love ya! xxxxxxxxxxx

La Dama said...

I love me all kinds of heart! first pic is breathless.
your such a sensitive soul amor.
gonna go check out the vanity postm I been so aloof lately.