Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunshine and Snow

We have been having the wackiest weather ever!  This weekend we had snow, sun and rain all in the same day. Strange indeed! As soon as I saw the sun out I put on a summer dress went outside, froze my ass off and took some pictures.  Sunshine does not equal warm in the winter does it, oh well I'll take it anyway.

 How cute is the top of this dress?
I found this thrifting for $3.
  I love the back!
 I'm freezing here~ beauty is pain!
Rainbow ring from my sweet Vix!
 Pink bracelets from the beautiful Sandy!
 Believe it or not I'm a natural redhead.
 Fabulous headpiece inspired by the luscious Desiree!
and just because she is gorgeous and I love her way more than sunshine here is a picture of my Mom!
Mom you look amazing and I am happy to inspire a woman who loves me no matter what!


Melanie said...

You make me smile, you're so pretty and full of loveliness xx

Ivy Black said...

Lovely, lovely post...you always brighten my day. And hello to gorgeous mum!xxx

Vix said...

You look beautiful! Don't get bringing that frock to the UK or I'll steal it off you. You make it look like midsummer, you always look so colourful adn fabulous and I swear your hair gets brighter by the blog post!
Your Mum is gorgeous, no wonder you're so hot!
Love you! xxx

Scarlett said...

You are so totally cute in that dress! Your mum is beautiful - thats where you get it from! Scarlett x

pastcaring said...

Lovely Krista, you got some good genes from your lovely Mum!
You're looking sunny and gorgeous (even with your arse frozen off) in your headpiece and fabulous hippy crochet dress. It's perfect on you!
Beautiful bangles and super-bouncy hair - you are a ray of sunshine, love! xxxxxxx

Victoria said...

You and your mom looks great. Love the natural red color of your hair, so pretty! I know what you mean sunshine and freezing cold, can't wait for some warmer days.

sacramento said...

Your mom is gorgeous and so are you in pink and orange.
Enjoy the sun

VainGlorySinner said...

You're a vision of loveliness in pink, orange and purple! That dress is super cute, love the crochet detail around the bust area!

You look sooo unbelievably sweet with curled hair!

Hello to Krista's lovely mummy! xxx


Had a bit of a sad day, but one look at you in your beautiful ensembles of fire and pink - I' smiling!

You and your mum have 'that' something.

Lots of love

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

I seriously know I'm going to get my best dose of pink and happy when I come see your blog! Your mom looks like a FUN person she has a great smile :) Sundress is AWESOME I love the crochet detail and the colors (of course) I love bracelets so much and you and Vix have the best ones ever.

anton belardo said...

oh myyyyy i want that dress O_____O

& i wish we had snow here i really love cold cold weather
oooh and by the way the new clothes are done
it really made me happy today will show you some photos when i post them :D

kisses A.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oooh that dress is so pretty! And I love your long socks and all of those bangles and bracelets and sparklies! And of course, your hair. And your smile. And your Mum. And your hot legs. And your awesomeness. Love YOU! Sarah xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh super cute dress, it looks so good on you!!!! Happiness is bright colours on a gorgeous lady.
Your mum looks so kind and lovely.
Love v

Trees said...

Such a pretty frock - I hate it when the weather tricks you and its sunny but cold! You have put on a brave face for these pretty pictures;)

Louise said...

Love seeing all your tattoos. You'd never know you were freezing out there, you hold it together well :-) your Mum looks so happy, cheery and bright, that must be where you get it from. Xx

Nat said...

You are a breath of sunshine :-) Your mom is gorgeous!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Your hair is AMAZING!!!! Love the combination of pink and orange! =)


lucia m said...

i love your dress!!


THE HF BLOG said...

love pink too :)
have a great day hon


Hypnotic Mushroom said...

Your photos are so pretty and filled with positive energy! Your hair and your whole style are so interesting and unique...I like it very much! ^^

La Dama said...

You always brighten my days!
We been having sunny days with fresh breeze just the way i like it.
Great find!
That dress is marvelous on ya.
Pervin at yo sexy work out legs.
Totally eyeing your flower headband

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Your hair is looking particularly amazing in this post - I love your natural hair colour, it's beautiful. But pink and orange is double fabulous!

Your mum looks super stylish too x

Zoe said...

Your tattoo's look so cool. Do you have a post of any close ups?

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous fags like you that make people not take gays seriously.