Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happiness deserves to be found!

I had to post these pictures from last Sunday because it was the last day the sun made an appearance here in Oregon.  Despite the lack of sun, this week has been pretty wonderful and I have no real reason why~ isn't that great! Some random things that contribute to my happiness:
 Rompers because I don't have to worry about the wind blowing up my skirt:)
 My hat I got in Peru a few years back, PERU, that is a wonderful memory!
 Heart shaped glasses are the best.
Random gifts from friends, yes that is whipped cream flavored Vodka.  Thanks Brian!
Our trip to the UK on the calender causes me to pinch myself everyday.
I bought this tea set years ago while dreaming about someday making it to the UK, somehow the tea tastes better knowing that it's finally gonna happen!
 I guess dreams really can come true :)
 Selling Chris's 6 year old lap top on Craig's list for $400, that made me smile pretty big especially since we just bought this~ the new iPad.
I friggin love this new toy!  I can FaceTime with my family in California whenever I want, I can play games on it, watch movies and I have downloaded a ton of maps and attractions to see for our trip.

Your comments always put a big ole' smile on face too, thanks for taking the time to say anything your heart desires!  You make me SMILE!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I bleed rainbow!

You know what really does it for me for me? Color! I wear pink, orange, blue, green and purple quite a bit. I wear very little red or yellow these days, yellow is not so hot with my complexion and red I like but just don't have a lot of it!
This sweet gal Dottie makes such unique aprons I own one and I'm lusting after this one.
you know I love these too:) made by Mess Queen!
What's with the saggy crotch shot? That's not a look or feel any woman I know wants.
I'd love to rock this with my bikini all summer long(especially since my pervy neighbor moved)but at $330 I can't afford it. I'm pretty sure this jacket has magical fairy powers!! I love this color explosion! These crocheted beauties made by Babukatorium.  I know Sarah from Misfits Vintage is drooling over all of these right about now!

 Isn't she a bit of rainbow inspiration!
I am in love with this next striped number!
She's got the right idea with those combat boots! Made by Miss Brache.
I'm much too short for this gorgeous number found at Barefoot Modiste so I want Curtise in it:) AND if I could marry Chris all over again I would rock this crazy rainbow gown! Made by Favrile Finds.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ice cream and polka dots!

As much as I hate Mondays I do like starting a new fresh week.  This past weekend was nice and chill and even the sun managed to stay out for most of it~BLISS!  I did plenty of weeding, went on a nice hike with my friend Cathy and her two dogs,  even Chris and I managed to go out for a few meals and I got caught up on chores.  I also wanted to share with you a cute vintage store that opened up recently called Funkytown.
 The owner of the store, James is quite a character and so is his car!

I really enjoyed looking at all his goodies but they were priced way too high for me.  
 I also managed to wolf this down too:)
I know disgusting right! 
 I better get to work on my garden box already!
 I just found some more of these liquor tags and can't wait to make some more necklaces!
 Peetee had a great weekend in case you were wondering :)
 I love polka dots!
 and if all this was not enough I got the most killer parcel from Helga on Friday.
 This is kiwi habanero sauce and it will be on my chicken tacos tonight!
 The most gorgeous prism I have ever seen and it's mine mine all mine!
 This crazy feather necklace!
 Two gorgeous summer dresses of which I will be modeling soon.  I love both and they fit perfectly!  Thanks Helga!!!!!
Well time to put all this energy into work.  Everyone have a wonderful week and I can't wait to read about what you have all been up too!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snow and Springtime

I want you to do a lil' sunshine dance for me.  It's hard to believe I took these just a few days ago, when today I woke up to this.

Is this some sick joke?
You do know Spring is here and it's time to move on old man winter!
 I'll just turn my back on your cold, calloused ways.
You sure do make everything look pretty, but I won't be swayed it's time to go.

I want to feel the sun on my skin!
I'd like to be crafting on this table right about now.
I promise Peetee it will all be over soon.  Poor thing!
I do like my pink patent leather Clarks :)

Snow sure is pretty but man I hate the cold so I will just admire the view from inside.  I'm starting to think Portland has worse weather than England!
I hope you are all getting through the week, tomorrow is Friday already and that's reason enough for celebrating!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Peruvian boots and Portishead!

It's been bone chilling, skin drying, lip cracking weather for days now.  This is the kind of gloomy weather when I really enjoy listening to a bit of Portishead.  Its also when I need to dress brighter than sunshine and warm myself and everyone around me from the inside out!
  The sun washed me out but this is my new dress that was $3!
 Necklace made by me pendant was Grandma Barbaras.
 See how straight my hair is when I do nothing to it.

 I like it both ways:)
 Butterfly belt for $3.
 My boots from Peru, they are pretty friggin fantastic huh!  $30.
 I want these in every color of the rainbow!
Heres a little Wandering Star for you!