Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aqua and Orange I think I love you!

Things have been pretty cold, wet and gray but thank goodness for the time change, the days are starting to get longer :) I have been busy crafting some delights to take to a tea party this weekend.  I am so looking forward to this annual event:) My friends Ron & Christopher go all out it's really wonderful!

Work has been unusually slow and as a commission only salesperson, I feel it.  I'm working harder and selling less. I'm trying not to put too much energy into that thought but it has been lingering in my mind more these days. As a distributor of electronics equipment, my industry has been hit extremely hard with price increases at a time when no one can afford them.  Most of the equipment I sell is made with Rare Earth and China controls 90% of that industry. Since they control the product they control the price. Who ever thinks about the raw material used to build a computer or a camera?  I do that's who :) but enough of that crap, let's look at cute stuff:)

I managed to snap a few quick photos yesterday.  I loved this outfit.  Warm, bright and super comfy!
I bought these converse years ago they are bright orange and aqua.
 Don't ya love these bright stripes!
 I know I look bored. Ta Da! Is that better:)
Cupcake hat made for me by Chris's Mom:) I look a bit crazy here, I like!
New shades $8. 
 More Peetee since I know you all love him!
 Some of the gear I made for the gals attending the tea party.
 Super secret surprises for Ron & Christopher.  I had fun doing paper mache on these plain brown hearts.



Kathi said...

Ok, now that shrug is CUTE! That's what I want to make!

Vix said...

Oh you glorious creature! Everything is just fabulous bright and cheery. That hat is totally insane, in a brilliant way and I adore the striped dress and cutsie socks on you. Please wear this when you come to England, you'll make everyone gloriously happy especially me!!
Sorry about the work hassles, what a blinking nightmare. Hooray for crafting days and fun with friends (and Peetee)
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Happy girl you are! i love this, you just wear what your heart tells you! Pure creation- If was not working in a office i would go all out every day!

Ariane xxxx

Helga! said...

I love those gorgeous,crazy stripes too!!! EEEK! Aqua,turquoise,whatever you call it,is one of my fave colours,and it goes GREAT with orange,or pink,or red,or lime green!!! YOWZA!
OMG,that cake hat is TOO DIE FOR! Totally nuts,in the very best way!
Yes,we do love Peetee,don't wee!I reckon we're all suckers for cute beastst that are full of character!
Love and Peetee licks!

Ivy Black said...

You look totally gorgeous! You are so gonna brighten up Blighty!xxxx

La Dama said...

I love your colorful candy stripes!
eyeing that glorious hat hat.
loving your bright Chola socks.

Anonymous said...

Love this 80's vibes striped dress with Converse, you remind me of my skater Barbie doll and the hat is super cool!
You make such beautiful things, I'd love to wear one of your stunning flowers headpiece!
But I'm sorry that things at your job are not going so well, it's a big problem everywhere right now..
Let's hope that it will get better in the future..


pastcaring said...

I can always rely on you to be a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, Krista!
Gorgeous stripes, wonderful colour combination, and flowers too - what more could I want? Of course - the addition of a crazy hat and cool shades, that's what!
Peetee looks like he doesn't want to play... Is Mama embarrassing you, Peetee? Mamas do that.
Your annual tea party sounds like fun, take some pics for us.
And to finish - I see you baby, shakin' that ass!
Loveandbootyshakin' xxxxxxxxxxxxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

That is a COOL dress! Loving the stripes.

Nat said...

Sorry about the work probs :-( But hope things pick up...
Love your bright, cheery, pick-me-up colours!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Ugh work. Do you have to wear a uniform or can you lure people in with your bright outfits? If not I think you should suggest it - I'd buy from you!


You never fail to brighten my day. Don't ever change!
Your mum in law must be cool, that hat is amazing!
I'll sent you a picture of my crazy tea party hat, you'll be so jealous!

Love you

Lucy x

anton belardo said...

aww hope everything gets better with work soon :) *sending extra kisses & hugs*

those are my favorite too tangerine and aqua blue is just a delicious combination :D

the tea party looks fuuun

kisses A.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Love it! You look amazing!

THE HF BLOG said...

thanks dear!!!! those flowers!!!!

Thick Threads said...

Krista i loveeeeee your dress! you look amazing! the stripes are ridiculously cute! and the converse are perfect! love it!

BTW! you won a bracelete on my giveaway! so e-mail your address to me so that I can forward it to Cutey so you get your bracelet ASAP ! :)


Louise said...

Oh my lovely, I hope business picks up for you soon.. The world economy is so crap right now. I love your cake hat, did you knit thet? Your so talented. Hope you have a good weekend. Mwah!! Xx

Clara Turbay said...


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love your funky pink hair and wreath! =)

The Canon Girl said...

Loving the legwear! :-D And the doggie!

Misfits Vintage said...

YAY! You look so super fab gorgeous in your bright stripes - and I LOVE CHucks - I have black, red and pink ones and I'm desperate for some neon stripe ones! Peetee is looking gorgeous - please give him a lovely snuggle for me. Your floral headpieces are spectacular - hope you had loads of fun with your friends. Love! Sarah xxx

Hypnotic Mushroom said...

You are so gorgeous! Those colors and much positive energy...<3 Lovely person! ^^