Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happiness deserves to be found!

I had to post these pictures from last Sunday because it was the last day the sun made an appearance here in Oregon.  Despite the lack of sun, this week has been pretty wonderful and I have no real reason why~ isn't that great! Some random things that contribute to my happiness:
 Rompers because I don't have to worry about the wind blowing up my skirt:)
 My hat I got in Peru a few years back, PERU, that is a wonderful memory!
 Heart shaped glasses are the best.
Random gifts from friends, yes that is whipped cream flavored Vodka.  Thanks Brian!
Our trip to the UK on the calender causes me to pinch myself everyday.
I bought this tea set years ago while dreaming about someday making it to the UK, somehow the tea tastes better knowing that it's finally gonna happen!
 I guess dreams really can come true :)
 Selling Chris's 6 year old lap top on Craig's list for $400, that made me smile pretty big especially since we just bought this~ the new iPad.
I friggin love this new toy!  I can FaceTime with my family in California whenever I want, I can play games on it, watch movies and I have downloaded a ton of maps and attractions to see for our trip.

Your comments always put a big ole' smile on face too, thanks for taking the time to say anything your heart desires!  You make me SMILE!


Vix said...

What a lovely post, you make me so happy! I love that sweet romper on you, it's perfection with the Peruvian hat and lilac tights.
Peetee is the sweetest little dog ever.
Love the teapot and mugs, come on, there's vodka in there really, isn't there?
Well done on scoring that I-Pad. Can't wait for a virtual tour now you're all wireless!
LOve you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Peetee is so adorable he would make anybody happy!

I love my cats, they make me happy!

Here is the lucky girl an Ipad, love, love my Ipad, i got it for Xmas this year - i check my e-mails, blogs, i leave comments on fabulous blogs like yours with my Ipad. Will you get a pink cover? i have one!

I got nice new pretty pink shoes, would love it!

The weather is the shits here as well!

Take care darling


Ivy Black said...

Well, you've certainly made me happy! What lovely things to put a smile in your life. xxxxx

Nat said...

So cute :-) I love your positive energy! We have been basking in gorgeous sunshine the past few days... apparently soon to end but not my problem as I'm jetting off in 3 sleeps...

Kathi said...

Why is the lid still on that bottle of vodka?!

My thing to look forward to today....quitting my job!

And, I've gone almost 24 hours without any kids in the house. Ah, the peace.

Have a great rest of the week!

VainGlorySinner said...

Cute romper! I haven't owned one of those since I was a baby HAHA!

Love that London teapot!! Very nostalgic indeed! You better buy lots of English teabags to take home on your trip to the UK.

OH MY GOD...WHIPPED BLOODY CREAM FLAVOUR VODKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am drooling.. I wonder if it's available in the UK.. if so I am definitely buying some of that for next Monday! Yum!!!

Looking gorgeous in those heart shaped sunnies with your lovely bouncy curls! xxx

La Dama said...

you look adorably colorful in your sweet ass romper.
Peruvian hats are the coolest!
MMmmm Whipped Cream flavor, I must try that.
Pete makes all of us jump for joy.
Your going love that iPad I am addicted to mine, lots of cool apps to choose from.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Krista, i want to bugger you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Krista!!
You always turn my gray mornings into magic unicorns rides and pastel vibes,
everything you write, do and wear makes me so happy!!
I think that I'm gonna draw this outfit, the colors perfectly match each other and obviously Peetee is one of my greatest inspirations,
so he'll show up in my picture too!
I'd love to have a tea or a vodka in your garden with you both!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love Peetee! He's so adorable! I'm always dreaming about making it to the US, perhaps it'll happen one day. I bet you're so excited!!!

Thick Threads said...

whos that prettey laday in the flower outifit! its youu!!!! i love it! so springy so fresh! so CLEAN! no but really i love it! and yes! that tea set is pretty awesome, i bet you can taste the british fruit cake with it already! :) have fun with the iPad. i am a little jealous :P how cool! :)


Hypnotic Mushroom said...

I love your outfit, especially a hat from Peru...I would like to visit Peru <3 Your teapot is great!
I am glad if I can make you smile because you are wonderful person and you deserve smiling all the time! ^^

Trees said...

I love reading your posts, you're such a positive person! It makes me smile:) Love those rompers too - adorable!

Louise said...

Squeeeee, Ipad envy! Oh, I'd adore an ipad, or just a tablet PC in general. Sounds like you've had a good week. How can you not smile when you've got a dog? We chuckle every day at our 2. Xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Love love love love love your gorgeous floral romper! I love anything jumpsuit/catsuit/romper-esque (as you well know!) - why don't we all live in them???

Peetee is so beautiful - look at that gorgeous connection between you two. LOVE.

Heart shaped glasses are SO the best!

I am so super duper excited about your trip to the UK - I am living it vicariously through you.

LOVE you - and thank you for being so frickin AWESOME!

Sarah xxx

Helga! said...

Whipped cream flavoured vodka?!
OMG! I can't imagine what that must be like,but I bet it's HEAVENLY!
As are you,romping around with Peetee in those rompers!Fabulousness!
I'm SO excited for your UK trip,MAN you're gonna have a blast!That teapot and mugs are awesome,and I also suspect you've got vodka in there.....