Monday, March 26, 2012

Ice cream and polka dots!

As much as I hate Mondays I do like starting a new fresh week.  This past weekend was nice and chill and even the sun managed to stay out for most of it~BLISS!  I did plenty of weeding, went on a nice hike with my friend Cathy and her two dogs,  even Chris and I managed to go out for a few meals and I got caught up on chores.  I also wanted to share with you a cute vintage store that opened up recently called Funkytown.
 The owner of the store, James is quite a character and so is his car!

I really enjoyed looking at all his goodies but they were priced way too high for me.  
 I also managed to wolf this down too:)
I know disgusting right! 
 I better get to work on my garden box already!
 I just found some more of these liquor tags and can't wait to make some more necklaces!
 Peetee had a great weekend in case you were wondering :)
 I love polka dots!
 and if all this was not enough I got the most killer parcel from Helga on Friday.
 This is kiwi habanero sauce and it will be on my chicken tacos tonight!
 The most gorgeous prism I have ever seen and it's mine mine all mine!
 This crazy feather necklace!
 Two gorgeous summer dresses of which I will be modeling soon.  I love both and they fit perfectly!  Thanks Helga!!!!!
Well time to put all this energy into work.  Everyone have a wonderful week and I can't wait to read about what you have all been up too!


Vix said...

How fab to share the fabulous James and his shop after hearing all about it form you! His car is amazing and I love his style. There's some brilliant bits in his shop, that guy definitely has an eye for colour, shame about the insane prices!
Love that polka dot frock on you, where did that ice cream vanish to? Your waist and belly look as trim as ever.
Helga's parcel of joy is awesome, love that jewellery and dying to see the frocks on your hot bod!
Big love to Peetee and yesterday's chat made my weekend even better!
Love ya! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

Blimey, I'd love to have a look around James's awesome shop. I'd never leave especially if I couldn't afford his prices!
I could go one of those icecreams creams in the uk are generally not as bloody fab as that.
You look gorgeous in polka dots...gorgeous in everything actually!xxxxx

Helga! said...

O,you SO have to take me for a perve at Funkytown!Looking doesn't cost a thing!I may well be broke by that stage of our trip,but if there's something reaaaaly special......well.!!!
OMG that icecream!Looks as yummy as you in that FANTASMO polka dot frock!!I love it!The print,and colour and style are perfect!And I'm gagging with joy over that fab liquor tag pendant!
So glad that parcel arrived safe!!

pastcaring said...

So many scrumptious things to drool over in this post, Krista!
That shop looks amazing, I'd love a rummage through those rails (even if it was only looking and fondling, not buying.)
Ice Cream Heaven - did you Zumba it all off afterwards, you gorgeously fit creature?!
LOVE you in pink polka dots, the pleaty/bow effect on the front is so pretty. And all that lusciousness from Hottie Helga - wonderful jewellery, and looking forward to seeing you working those frocks.
What a great weekend! What a fabulous YOU! xxxxxxxx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Love the legs poking out of the car! That polka dress is gorgeous, and I could munch one of those giant ice-creams right now! :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to visit that Funkytown Wonderland !!
Those James's clothes looks so amazing that I've already virtually left my heart and spend all my money on them!!
Your liquor tag necklace is so cute, good job!!

P.S:I love your dress, as Pete Doerthy says: 'Since you say good-bye the polka dots fill my eyes!'


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

What a great store! I love getting sneak peeks photos into cool shops. What were in the organizer caddys in the background??

Love your necklace - I totally cracked up. I need one that says 'bourbon'.

Check out my dressing room - it's finally finished. Sorry - no hot pink though... :)


Melanie said...

Oh that car, that car is divine! And you look just as divine, that outfit is gorgeous, the colour really suits you xxx

THE HF BLOG said...

the pink polka dots dress is fab hon!!!!

La Dama said...

What a great store.
I want that amazing car!
looking good wearing that cute little polka dot dress.
adorar your liquor vodka necklace.
your killing me with that ice cream cone. I been craving ice cream all kiwi habanero sauce.. have your tried mango sauce on tacos?

Miss Magpie said...

God I love that drink label necklace what a fantastic idea!

There is nothing disgusting about ice cream, NOTHING!

Scarlett said...

Funky town looks blooming brilliant! What a great shop and owner! I'm a total polka dot whore, so this frock is a beauty and looks amazing on you, you little hottie! Scarlett x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Waaah, amazing shop! And v jealous of the ice-cream too. Like the look of your new dresses x

The Canon Girl said...

Gorgeous polkadot dress, you look adorable!

The Canon Girl said...

And I really need ice cream now! :-D