Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm a Nebula!

Two days and counting the sun has blessed us with an appearance.  The stars must be in perfect alignment.
 Floral head gear and black milk leggings inspired by Desiree!

I think I just picked out my first official must take to the UK pair of leggings :) At first these were not that comfy but after wearing them twice I gotta say they feel good as skin.

Here are some things that are making me smile.
 Getting snaps of one of my adorable nephews!
Seriously, this lil guy will break countless hearts!
The only man who could break mine.
Kristi and her beautiful girls are always melt your heart adorable!
Our sweet neighbors Otto and Maude, who have been married 50 years!  We had a lovely lip smacking time with them last weekend eating all you can eat crab!
Yummy homemade dinner of filet mignon in a port espresso reduction, roasted kale and garlic mashed potatoes!
Getting flowers in return:)
 However the biggest reason I am smiling now is knowing that my lil Shandal is getting married.

 Congratulations munchkin, it's about time someone loved you as much as I do!

Here's to finding the one!
 I love you girl!


Louise said...

Oooh, strange new comments form!

I love your leggings, you should definitely bring them to the UK, and they are very appropriate today given we're having strange solar storms... very sci-fi.

How cool that your friend is getting married. I love your photographs too. xx


What a beautiful post! You look super smokin' hot in those leggings and the rest is pure feel-good love and devotion.
Thanks for the cheer up.

loads of love

Lucy x

Vix said...

This post makes me so happy! You are surrounded by beautiful, fabulous and thoughtful people and you totally deserve to be, you are the sweetest girl in the world! I can't wait to walk around with you in those fab-u-arse leggings and hope you'll be rocking the head band too as you look gorgeous!!!
Give Shandal a huge hug from me!
Love ya! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

This has brightened my day no end, you're pink perfection! The UK can't wait for you and those leggings!xxxxxxx

anton belardo said...

aww this is a really nice post
full of love! <3
and i want those legging
been looking for galactic fabrics for awhile now

kisses A.

pastcaring said...

Woo hoo, Krista's in her gorgeous leggings and floral head band, and Shandal's getting married!
This is such a happy, heart-warming post, you are such a kind and loving individual, so it's perfectly right that everyone around you loves you right back! Instant karma!
Looking forward to seeing those leggings (and the rest of you!) in person in September!!!! xxxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

oh wow! Krista so much stuff on your blog today!

First, i am in love with your leggings, where can i find those, on the web i suppose?
Love your family pics and lucky you with your sister, adorable to see you two- Me and my sister do not talk.

Take care Krista

Ariane xxxx

Katrina said...

Oh you`re so wonderful and unique! And totally rock those leggings (now i have the courage to get some myself). Congratulations to your daughter! You`re all so loved) And those kitty cats are cuuuuute!


Helga! said...

You ARE a nebula,of numcious delight!!!
Aw,so many squidgey moments!I feel a bit teary!!!YAY!

Anonymous said...

It seems such a wonderful period for you, full of lovely people!
Your nephew is cute and adorable and he's surely a little brat!!
Is your sister the girl who's getting married or a friend, anyway lots of congratulations she seems so happy!!
And I really like your neighbours!
This post is amazing I feel full of love!!
Are your tattoos from a Junko Mizuno painting?I love her art too! They are amazing!!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Ooh! Coming to the UK? exciting! Make sure you bring lots of sweaters! ha ha ;) Fab outfit - Black Milk make some really cool stuff!

Kristi said...

Love this post!!! You always look wonderful, but it is really heart warming to see you feeling loved!! I am so excited for Shannon, she looks so incredibly happy! Those are beautiful pictures, and I especially loved the ones of you and Shannon!! Sooo sweet!!! Glad you are enjoying the sunshine, it really makes the happiness come out, huh? Talk to you soon, Sweet Lady, love you tons!!!! *hugs*

Hypnotic Mushroom said...

so nice and happy pictures! I love all that colors-filled with energy!
Those are mine dream leggings! <3

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

There is just so much freaking goodness here, I'll just have to start with the must-take-to-UK leggings - they are just so frickin' awesome and show off your most fabulous arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Headband - fecking gorgeous babe!!! Kids - they can come over and be stunned by our flocks of rainbow lorikeets - colourful, vibrant, cheeky and spunky, just like their gorgeous aunty!!! FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD - gah, I'm coming over - certainly deserved a huge floral arrangement - you are a darling!!! xoxoxoxoxooxo

Anonymous said...

Ohhh what pretty flowers! I love your desk! and all the fun doodads on your shelves! Pretty leggings and I think they look awesome with your top! You're so gorgeous :)The kids are adorable and CONGRATS to Shandal :)

two squirrels said...

Oh such happiness and love!!! Gorgeous family & friends sharing very special moments with a fabulous lady.
Love v

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Those leggings are insane I love them. Beautiful post those proposal photos are lovely.

Nat said...

There is so much love in those beautiful photos! It made me quite a good way

Trees said...

SO much happiness! So many beautiful photos!

The Canon Girl said...

Beautiful leggings, I'd buy them in a heartbeat, and congrats with your friend, what a beautiful moment to put on a picture! :-) So sweet!