Friday, March 9, 2012

Knee highs and dirt

Gratitude is a wonderful emotion.  Your comments yesterday were all so sweet.  I am so thankful to have this connection with all of you through our blogs.  Sharing is caring :) I think a huge part of being happy is to be thankful for what you have and pay little attention to what you have not.  Wearing pink also helps.
This skirt is a recent thrift find at $3.
The hat is made by Albertus Swanepoel for Target, it was $4.
 I have never worn so much gray in my life but I love it with pink.
Then Peetee started getting into trouble eating dirt and whatnot.
 I hate it when he eats dirt.
  but I love Peetee!
 and sunshine
 and knee highs!

 Let's hope the weather holds I wanna go for a hike this weekend.  Enjoy whatever you find yourself doing!


Vix said...

That hat! That skirt! You! What a freaking fabulous outfit! Grey is the perfect accompaniment to pink, it adds depth and attitude without overwhelming it, perfection!!
Poor little Peetee, he looks so embarrassed, give him a big cuddle from me.
Hope the weather stays wonderful, our forecast is good, too. More gardening!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Melanie said...

I love pink and grey together! My childhood wallpaper was soft grey and pink butterflies.

Bunny socks, how wonderful!

pastcaring said...

Haha, your cross mama face is so adorable, Peetee knows you can't really be angry with him!
How gorgeous do you look in your pink/grey combo, and that hat is spectacular! Such a cute flirty little skirty too. Is that sequin belt and pink ribbon part of the sweater? Looks so pretty. YOU look so pretty. And happy. You're right, happiness is all about being content with the good stuff in your life, whatever form that takes.
And you are part of the good stuff in mine, love! Have a sunny happy hikin' weekend! xxxxxxxxxxx

VainGlorySinner said...

The print on that skirt is awesome and I do agree with you.. grey and pink do look lovely together.. in fact I'm thinking about using grey paint on the walls when we come to decorate our living room!

When I was younger I remember our Jack Russell would eat dirt so my mum asked the vet about it and he said dogs do it because of mineral deficiency. Most dog foods lack in minerals because of the way they are cooked so he's just eating dirt to make up for the minerals that lack in his diet. You can get vitamins from your vet though! xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with that skirt! If I were skinny I'd come steal it from you! Your grey and pink look great! I love that necklace too. Look how cute is Peetee!!

Trees said...

Grey and pink are just perfect together! I love the skirt and I love the fact you got it for only $3 even more. Also your socks are uber cute!

anton belardo said...

i agree with ze girls i love wixing gray with pink or blue its such a lovely combination :D ohh peetes so cute!

hope you have more lovely weather this coming days :)

Perdita said...

I need to start wearing my spring colours with grey! I always try white and it gets mucky or black and that's too harsh...I have lots of grey seperates too.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Love your new skirt and 'cross with peetee' face - hilarious! ;)

The Canon Girl said...

Awesome hat and skirt and I love your doggie! What a cutiepie! My dog, Mojo, used to eat chickenpoop. Luckily she refined her culinary taste once she got older. :-D

Helga! said...

OMG I love every detail here!! Pink and grey DO go perfectly!! I'm not a huge fan of grey,but have found grey shoes really useful and not as heavy a neutral as black.I've always loved it with pink!
The pic of you telling Peetee off is hilarious!!!
O,how DID you know I wanted to do a Whitesnake tribute on that rolls?! Hahaha,Tawny Kitaen!!!

Style Sud-Est said...

You are so cute dearest Krista!
I love this hat of yours! and just $4, wow!

Love, love your amazing skirt!

Yeap i hope the weather holds up to!

Take care Krista

Ariane xxxx

sacramento said...

You really are a pink fearless lady, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

I really love your outfit!!
Pink goes with any color and I'm a fan of gray because I prefer it to blue jeans or denim because is more neutral, but I like you and the lovely Peetee more than rainbow!!

P.S.Your skeleton necklace is pure wonder!!


Louise said...

Oh no, what have I missed? I hope you're feeling ok? I love pink with grey too, it rocks. If you like hiking maybe we could all go up the Peak District when you're here... You could meet our dogs too then. Xx

La Dama said...

That kirt is so cute and flirty. adorar the fabric too. pink and grey are a great combinations. love your skeleton necklace.
poor Pete, Ernie our chihuahua back home eats grass.. to cleanse his stomach, animals know this stuff.

Thick Threads said...

yes!!! I Love the hat and the skit! its so cool! the skirt is my favorite and youre right, grey and pink are amazing together!


Misfits Vintage said...

Oh my gord... the HAT! And grey and pink are PERFECT TOGETHER - how did I forget that??? Naughty Peetee eating dirt! I love all of your bangles and necklaces too - but mostly that HAT! Love! Sarah xxx