Monday, March 5, 2012

A lil romp in the flowers

The last two weekends have been pretty fantastic!  From all you can eat crab dinners with our sweet neighbors, to the chaos of playing with kids, to an intimate Birthday dinner with friends and baking things for the first time ever I am feeling thankful and extra happy this morning!
What do you think of my $2 romper?
 I was the brightest thing I saw all day long!
 I found this hat on Etsy a while back for $15.
 Steve Madden purple boots $18.
Crazy ass Ash!  Priceless!
Peetee loves to lay on top of warm laundry fresh out of the dryer, what kid doesn't have these memories!

I have still been getting up early and doing an hour of Zumba before work.  I have never been a morning work out person but it feels amazing and I do think my therapy light is working wonders on my mood and motivation.  I hope you all had a killer weekend!!!


Trees said...

I love this post, its just awesome to see people that are happy:) I love that wee romper, I've never really been into them, but I've seen some pretty cool rompers styled by some pretty cool people lately. I love Peetee asleep on the washing!


Wow I admire your dedication to fitness and determination to kick the winter blues in the ass!
Your outfit is so cute, very you and very versatile, I can see it working without the woolens in the Summer.
Isn't Petee just the luckiest dog EVER?
SO glad you've been having fun, you really deserve it.


Lucy x

Helga! said...

Holy SHITBOX! I'm crazy ASS for all these fantabulous colours!! Crab dinners?!O MY! Sounds divine!
That romper is freakin' fabulous!!!And the HAT!Loving it!
Trees is right on the money,it's awesome to see peeps being really happy!I love agreat attitude,and you're rockin' it!
YOU ROCK,babycakes! I can't wait to grope you!

Hypnotic Mushroom said...

I like that flower dress! Stay happy... ^^

Vix said...

That playsuit is just fabulous!! I love it and would kill for those boots, hat and that belt too!
I love Peetee's three-legged pose!
So glad the light therapy is working and that you had a killer weekend! we HAVE to speak soon, it's been sooo long!
Big love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

Krista, you DO look happy!
Desiree has got James Brown's "Say it loud - I'm black and I'm proud" on her post, but you should have "I feel good" - I'll just have to sing it to myself while I type!
Gorgeous floral playsuit, SOOOO cute on you, especially with the hat, furry belt and those wonderful purple boots. I believe I need some purple boots in my life too!
Ahh, I LOVE to see gorgeous Ash (I don't like to have favourites, but I think she is - please don't tell Peetee and Zoe!)
The light box and the Zumba are obviously doing you tons of good - yay for gorgeous happy flower-powered light-up-the-world Krista!!!!

sacramento said...

I need and WANT your belt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. You look gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I love the hat and how wonderfully it matches your hair color!!
And the romper is sooo pretty, I'm usually sad on Mondays, but you make brighter and pinker my day!!

La Dama said...

You look divina in floral romper amor!
Look at lil Pete copying your pose,he is a kid.
Pink hat is the icing on the cake.
I need some purple boots.
So glad everything is working you totally deserve it hun.

Anonymous said...

Spring has sprung! On Krista! I love the romper and your boots but that hat is amazingly awesome :)
You look like sunshine! The zumba and therapy light are working wonders!

two squirrels said...

Oh your happiness has made me smile!!!!
Pretty little rompers and look at your little waist.
I know I've said it a heap of times but I do love your pussy cat so much.
May more and more happiness come your way.
Love v

Perdita said...

I have a romper and never think to wear it except in high summer. I am inspired to try it with opaques now, it looks fab!

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy bejeezus - that romper is KILLER! The colours and pattern and pure boobaliciousness of it! It is spectacular... possibly my favourite outfit of yours EVER! So glad that light is doing the trick, Krista... I love seeing your amazing, beautiful, contagious, wonderful smile. Give Peetee a great big cuddle for me, ok?

Love you! Sarahxxx

Bombshellicious said...

Love the pattern onthe romper and Peetee looks so cute xx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista Dearest

I love your romper and that hat!
Wow i need one like this in white or blue for Izzy's wedding this summer.

Awwww Peetee! so adorable!

Zumba hey? sounds interesting...

Take care sweets

Ariane xxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I LOVE it! So you. It actually has a designer feel - forget who did that floral, but I love it. Am all over short stuff with thick tights xx

anton belardo said...

i'm glad your having a lovely lovely time!
your outfit is really cute especially the hat ;)

kisses A.