Thursday, March 1, 2012

Normal? I'll take CRAZY!!!!

Have you ever heard of Storm Large?  She got her musical start here in Portland and you might have seen her when she was a contestant on Rock Star Supernova. I just picked up her autobiography titled  Crazy Enough, and I am blown away by how tough this chick is!  Her mother was in and out of mental institutions most of her formative years and eventually died there. As one might expect this had a profoundly negative effect on Storm.
Her way of dealing with all this trauma was to start having sex at a very young age and do lots of drugs.  I don't want to say I can relate for fear that my mother might be reading this so let's just say I wasn't surprised.
I love reading about women who turned their life around by kicking the crap out of it.  She is a shining example of overcoming inner demons.
No pity parties here, just perseverance!
She's even preformed with the Pink Martini's.
She's also also has a one woman off Broadway show.
I love having strong women in my life I can look up too.
Portland loves her too!
and so will you after you watch this!
"Crazy Enough is about an artist's journey of realizing the mistakes that make, break and remake us are worth far more than our flailing attempts to live a life we think is normal."



Anonymous said...

Def going to check out the book. I do love a come back which is why Drew Barrymore is one of my favorite people. No one who has gotten an easy ride has made much impact on me. I keep telling my daughter I have a lot of hope for Lindsey Lohan.

La Dama said...

I dont know who that vieja is ,but i do love a trashy bad ass strong biatch.

Helga! said...

I remember her from Rockstar Supernova,she was awesome!Haven't heard of her since,but we wouldn't really,all the way down here!Would love to read that bio! I admire women-anyone,really-who come from a messy background and make it good!

pastcaring said...

Never heard of her but my oh my that song is fantastic! I feel I may be singing the chorus rather a lot... Kids, watch out, mama's going to embarrass you again! xxxxx

Trees said...

She sounds like an amazing lady, any one that can turn their life around like that is so inspiring.

Vix said...

I've never heard of her either but, man, that's a strong voice and some killer lyrics.
I love someone who triumphs over adversity, there's far too much self pity and blame around these days.
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

akiko hiramatsu said...

Hi, Krista!
I haven't know her.
I am glad that I know her.
You love strong women, and me too!
Her voice is very very beautiful!!!!!

akiko in Tokyo


A new one to me too Krista. Great story, VERY interesting lyrics!

I'll sing that chorus at the most inappropriate moment, I just know it!

Misfits Vintage said...

HA! Those lyrics are FABULOUS! Will check her out - love her just from that song. (Also love the long white dress in the vid). Love! Sarah xxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista!
Back from vacation and slowly going back to blogging!
I will check her out, thanks for sharing!
I have been looking at your other posts as well, glad you bought your London ticket, you will love it!

Love your crazy outfits! You rock girl!

Ariane xxxxx

The Canon Girl said...

I really like her too, she did a kickass cover of 'Surrender' and 'Pinball Wizard', if I recall correctly, on Rock Star Supernova. And I also know what it feels like to be the only 'sane' person while having to deal with your parents screwing up at a very early age.