Friday, April 27, 2012

Anything but Mellow Yellow

Friday, thank you for finally getting here!  Tomorrow my Dad comes over and we head out to celebrate his Birthday with some greasy burgers. I'm really over junk food after last weekend. This week I made the most delicious adobo chicken and today I have a huge pot of beans simmering in the crock pot.  I feel my best when I'm eating good.  
I can't wait until its warm enough for some bare leg action! I think we are almost there!
I went to the doctor this week as I have been unable to sleep lately and Monday I had a wee panic attack, it was like nothing I have ever felt. I couldn't catch my breath and I was barely able to make it through my work day.  This is the first time in my life I felt overwhelmed and unable to cope. It was awful.
I talked to this doctor for about an hour.  She gave me a clean bill of health and said that I might want to get my hormone levels checked to see if that might be the cause. I'm not ready for that new reality.  I've made some changes to my nighttime routine and have slept better the last two nights. I have been taking Melatonin (non prescriptive or additive) and that seems to help as well. I was happily surprised when she weighed me (as I don't believe in owning a scale)  I am at my lowest weight since college. All of this Zumba and eating right has me pretty lean.  I need to get better at not letting work stress me out, that is a huge part of it.
 Taking better care of myself is a constant project. I still call my Mom and Step Dad when life gets me down.  They always know just what to say and are great listeners.  I would be lost without them.  Chris has been so sweet and understanding too trying his best to help me out anyway he can.
My Mom wants my natural red hair back.
Skull ring I found on ebay for $5.  They said it was Betsey Johnson, straight from her factory in China :) Did you hear she filed for bankruptcy?
I love this butterfly belt so much that I have it in two other colors.
To all of you beautiful, wise and compassionate women who read my blog, thank you for caring!  The connections I've made with you are real, enduring and so satisfying.  You are all so easy to LOVE!

Have a wonderful weekend!  XXOO


Miss Simmonds Says said...

Well done you for being so healthy and positive! I've been a bit panicky this week and I know what it's like, you feel like something terrible is about to happen! It sounds like you need a break from work!
Can I just say I love your sneakers! They're amazing! The whole outfit is so fantastically colourful, you brighten up my day!!

Heather said...

Sorry to hear you were not feeling well....I get panic attacks every now and then I will share what I have found that works....Something called TFT is the most beneficial for me. You can do every day as preventative and I have friends that have had great success with it as well. It is used for all sorts of illness. I have even heard of it used on heart patients. It seems silly at first but I think it is really great I will pass on a link from a you tube video that describes it. also b6 ...Calcium...magnesium...and floradix liquid Iron supplement are great female support. Kava Kava tea occasionally is great very strong stuff good for if you feel your about to have a panic attack. But a lightly brewed tea taken with milk thistle for liver support. Valerian is also a very nice nighttime tea. But both Kava and Valerian should not be mixed with any prescription meds as they are both strong herbs.
maybe more info than you want to know sorry if I overloaded lol! Hope you have a great weekend the skull ring is very cool and wow Betsy Johnston Bankrupt?? the economy still has a ways to go ....xx Love Heather


I think you need some serious relaxation time.
It's great fun visiting family, and having family to stay, but sometimes after a busy week of work and rigorous exercise - you just need to chill.
You're super-fit and healthy, that's something you should feel immensely proud about.
When I was at my slimmest and ran daily, I didn't sleep so good. That was the first and only time I'd had trouble sleeping! Wonder if there's some link? Too much adrenaline maybe...

I have had 2 panic attacks in my life, and they are no joke are they? Horrible feeling, like you're not going to be able to take a deep enough breath to survive.

Be kind to yourself, you take extreme care about your appearance, you look after yourself physically by eating well and working out. Maybe it's time to look after that spirit inside. Make things, read, lie down and breathe deeply, get Chris to massage our scalp, and have a day where there is nothing on the agenda but rest, Peetee will thank you for it!

Lots of love

Lucy x

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista,

Hope you are feeling better dearest!
I take melatonine as well, i am at stage of life where good night sleep are on the back burner until this hormone situation calms down.
As for your panic attacks, better find out why you have them, and what triggers them - I get them once in a while when i am stressed out a bit - I try to take deep breathes, it helps a lot -

Have you ever considered Yoga- this is good for the soul and body

Love your polka dot dress and the ring you are wearing oh boy! fantastic!

Take care dearest

Ariane xxxx

Ivy Black said...

You take care sweetheart and be good to yourself. Lots of things you like the most I say and knickers to work stress.I reckon your Peetee is there to help beat stress....I know after a shite day at work, I come home to my little dawgdie and she cheers me right up.
What about a bit of yoga? I swear by it and a good old dance about the kitchen.
Have a lovely weekend.

La Dama said...

Hope your feeling better amor.
I think Luce is right, maybe you need to focus more on the inner you for awhile. so take it easy and relax a bit more.
I adore your yellow pola dot dress and bright sneakers. eyeing your pink butterfly belt. I used to wear my Mama's butterfly belts in the 80's. what a stunning pink calavera ring. shame about Betsey Johnson going bankrupt

Perdita said...

Tiredness and stress can really hammer any underlying anxieties and trigger panic attacks. It sucks, as it ends up a vicious circle. glad to hear you have great folk who are there for you, a decent sounding doctor and a plan for taking car. Hope you feel good soon! Enjoy those Birthday burgers- junk tastes good if you're healthy the rest of the time! ;)

Miss Magpie said...

I'm sorry to hear you have been having a bit of a time of it. Been there done that with the panic attacks and you are quite right finding a way to let go of the stress will help enormously.
Have a wonderful time with your Dad and give yourself lots of TLC and cuddles with your pooch.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I've also experienced panic attacks a couple of times in the past and they are really unpleasant. I know in my case I was very very stressed indeed and I was underweight. You look great and have an amazingly fit and healthy body, but there's obviously something you need to address, even if it is as simple as taking down your workouts a notch and properly relaxing. I'm glad you're surrounded by understanding people - I'm sure you'll come out on top.

Have a lovely weekend xx

pastcaring said...

Oh sweetheart, I don't like to hear that you've had a rough time. It seems so at odds with the bubbly confident Krista we all know and love... But then that's the reality of stress and anxiety, they affect everyone and it's useful to try and work out what it's all about for you. Something obviously isn't right, but it may be that making sure you have time and activities you find properly relaxing sorts out the problem.
Talking to the people who love you is always a good thing. Including us!
Work? Yeah, I know it matters, but it isn't worth spoiling your health or happiness over.
You are polka-dot-pretty and a sunshine-y sight for sore eyes. The weather here has been WET for days on end, so we need a bit of Krista sunshine here in the UK!
Sending you so much love, you won't be able to hold it all! xxxxxxxxxx

Trees said...

I'm sorry to hear about your panic attacks! I have been very stressed out at work lately, I think I may have almost had one myself. I try to go to the gym at lunchtime during work days, otherwise I just get too overburdened and freak out which is not nice at all! I love your butterfly belt - I want one too:D

Nerd Burger said...

That yellow dress makes your hair even brighter.


Love, love love that yellow polkadot dress, and fallen in love with the puff sleeves in the perfect cardigan, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
have a lovely Sunday

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling 100%. Make sure you take some time for you - even if its just a good book and a hot chocolate before bed. A good nights sleep can work wonders if you are not feeling your best :)

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh darling Krista, I'm so sorry I've been so busy and caught up in my own stuff that I missed this post. I'm so sorry you have been so stressed and anxious and sleepless. You're so fortunate to have such a loving, supportive and beautiful group of people around you. You're so strong and beautiful and amazing, I'm not worried about you. I know you'll be fine. LOVE! Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Aaaand... your outfit is AWESOME - LOVE the frock and the ring and the card! Sarah xxx