Thursday, April 19, 2012

Booty shorts, who me?

As much as I love the feel of leggings I find them hard to wear on their own.  My solution has always been to wear a longer top or a jean mini skirt over them.  Why did I never think of shorts?  I've had these silver satin Guess shorts for over 10 years.  I'm so glad I never got rid of them because I can think of 4 pairs of leggings they will look awesome with!
 What do you think?
I even broke out the wind machine for this one :)
 I love crazy plastic jewelry!
 This is a ring sent from the one of a kind Vix.  I miss Vix!!!!
 I also have a weakness for Chucks and the weirder the better. Curtise please be sure to show your adorable oldest daughter these:) I thought of her when I saw them. For those of you who haven't seen Curtise's latest POST you must go check it out now it's my absolute favorite so far!
 I picked up these silver pin stripped ones at Norstrom's Rack for $20.

Today is my Friday so I am extra happy.  Chris and I head to Seattle for the weekend with his folks to hang out with his niece and nephew.  I adore these kids!  Some of the adventures I have planned are staying up super late and eating way too much sugar, adding our own mark to the famous gum wall (wait until you see this), visiting a huge troll under a bridge, and any other mischief we can find ourselves in. Pictorial proof coming soon :)

See ya soon!


Ivy Black said...

My god, what a fab pair of pins you have! I love those leggings and the bracelet is lush.xxxxx

Miss Magpie said...

Shorts are definitely a win!

Have a great time in Seattle the last time I was there my best friend got drunk on night train and fell over in the middle of the freeway!?! Good times.

Sara said...

Love the shorts with the leggings! Satin + Blue Leopard = EPIC WIN! :D Beautiful!

I can't stop staring at that bracelet! It's so perfect! XO

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Love the total eclipse of the heart pose! Fab converse, shorts n leggings combo. Have a wonderful time in Seattle - I am very intrigued and slightly grossed out by the concept of the gum wall? Old chewing gum?

Have a great time! xxx

Helga! said...

Frigging LOVE this outfit! Turquoise and silver=heaven!How brillant of you to hang onto those shorts all this time!I love it when this kind of thing happens!
I love your plastic fabulous jewellery too!
OMG,can' wait to see Seattle pix,sounds like FUNTIMES!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

This is your superhero outfit, you need to fit yourself a name! Fantastic shorts, they look amazing on you!
I miss Vix too!

Nerd Burger said...

You look like A space crime fighter. I love it. I always used to wear shorts over my stockings. :) Works like a treat.
Send me your email address to
so we can do a swap :)


I love the shorts with leggings or tights (hose?) look, it's really fashionable at the moment and a great way to hide that potential cameltoe!
Blue looks perfect with your pink hair. plastic jewellery never looked so good as when it's made or worn by you. I get positive feedback every time I wear your pieces. At the salon last Friday, a rather camp and fabulous young man asked me where I got my necklace from!

Enjoy Seattle - I've always wanted to go since I saw The Gits on TV. Did they ever catch who killed the singer?

Lucy x

Louise said...

Those shorts are fabulous. I'm like you, I can't wear leggings without something over them. I love all your happy fun jewellery. Have fun in Seattle. X

Anonymous said...

So inspiring!! I really love shorts, so I like that you combined them with your stunning leggings, perfect solution for the cold outside and my need of summer clothes!
The silver and turquoise give to the outfit beautiful 'sci-fi' vibes!!
You are gorgeous!!

pastcaring said...

I agree with Clare, you are really a Superhero(ine) in your sassy silver shorts over leggings. Love it! You certainly have the fabulous body for this outfit and those weeny little short-shorts! Funnily enough, I just bought some shorts to wear over tights, never thought about leggings but might try and be brave enough to give it a go! See, you are an inspiration, darling!
Great plastic jewellery (that's a Fuck-Off cuff you have there!) and Eldest has admired your Chucks. (Thanks for the link - my "real" friends who have seen the post are a bit shocked, thankfully you bloggy gals get it!)
Have a brilliant weekend in Seattle - you might bump into Bella while on your adventures!
Have fun, Honey Bun! xxxxxxxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista!

This a funky way of wearing shorts, totally you! super great!
Hey, hey, hey you did the 2 color nails! i adore your bracelet and sneakers - Big fan of sneakers, i am wearing a pair of pink ones today! i am sure you would like them!

Have a good time in Seattle dearest


Ariane xxxxx

two squirrels said...

yay the shorts are super cute!!!
I think your sparkle sneakers are fabulous.
Hope you have a splendid time in Seattle.
Love v

Perdita said...

I adore this look! I have the reverse of your leggings problem... I CAN NOT wear short shorts on their own/with see through tights. Just can't. Mini skirts yes, shorts no.

So I will be stealing this leggings idea so I can have some pastel denim shorts style this summer!

Scarlett said...

Im a complete chuck fiend - one of my addictions and your pair is a beauty! Great shorts and leggings too :o) Scarlett x

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Love the 2 tone nails and spangly hot pink jewels! I also love my converse - these ones match your fab silver shorts just perfectly :)

The Canon Girl said...

I love blue leopards and those silver shorts paired with the leggings are awesome! :-D And yay for converse!

Misfits Vintage said...

I love the shorts over tights - you have such a smoking hot bod I want to see MORE! I love your manicure too - and that fab bangle! And those chucks are awesome - you cannot get them over here for less than $100. I love em too.

Love! Sarah xxx