Monday, April 30, 2012

Candy Heart

I am feeling much better after a nice and mellow weekend.  Thanks so much for all the great suggestions on ways to chill out.  I started reading the Game of Thrones (for the second time, now I'm hooked) took Dad out for his Birthday and made some delicious dinners for Chris and I. Peetee got some long walks down by the pond and I made another trip to my new favorite bath shop LUSH and got some yummy bubble bath.
I thought I'd dress extra bright for my outing with Dad, he embarrasses so easily these days. 
 I was feeling pretty in pink and red in this latest thrift store find.
 I think this is seriously my new favorite dress and at $5 well worth it!
Check out the back.
Peetee loved it too.
Necklace made by me with a killer Aztec calendar.
Look at how sweet the sleeves are!
I think this is the best picture I have of my Dad and I.
 I didn't really grow up with him but I'm happy to have him in my life now.
We are all crazy for our dogs in this family.
It's Monday and yesterday doesn't matter so let's just be in this moment! Have a great day everyone!


Victoria said...

That is such a great dress and looks so good on you and with those pink leggings. And, it sounds like a nice family time together.

Anonymous said...

Such a pleasure to find out these beautiful photos of you and your dad!!I hope you both had a fantastic day together!!Happy Birthday to him!
I really loved the hot pink and red combination such a bright vision!
The dress is wonderful, I heart hearts!
Lots of love!

Ivy Black said...

Good...glad to hear it. You look wonderful in that hot pinkk.xxxxx

pastcaring said...

That is a fabulous dress - and you look completely fabulous in it! Love the red and pink and all the cute hearts, especially the cut-out ones on the frock.
I'm glad you are feeling more chilled and relaxed, lovely to see you with your dad. xxxxxxx

Bella Q said...

Happy Monday to you! I am loving not only the great heart-y dress but the matching tights and hair- I think I need to make a trip to WE LOVE COLORS and shop for some red/pink tights stat! the Citizen Rosebud

Perdita said...

The cuts out detailing is just TOO cute. I am seriously getting dress envy here.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Lovely pics of you and your dad! And that dress is AMAZING! I want one! Pink and Red is one of my fave all time combos :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Aw, lovely pic of you and your dad. Perfect dress for you - cute and sexy combined! Glad you're feeling better xx

Nerd Burger said...

I embarrass my dad with my clothing as well. Last week he said "i thought you'd grow out of your weird fashion, but i think it's become worse." :)

Heather said...

That dress is awesome it fits you perfect!! 5$ is so cheap the thrift stores around my home are getting really pricey they had a dress there for 50$ the other day just outrageous!! I know there trying to make money but geez...Awww so cute the picture of you and your Pops and the Pups hehehe ~Have a great week Love Heather

Nat said...

Just love the pics of you and your dad :-) Hope he had a fabulous birthday...
And what a gorgeous dress!

Louise said...

That's a fabulous frock, and what's the point of a life without dogs? I love mine. Xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

aww I love the photo of you, your dad and the doggies. I love that dress too - I need lovely legs like yours!!

Helga! said...

Crap,I don't know how I missed so much?? I'm sure I remember leaving a comment for the fab Edie pic of you,but somehow I missed the bubblegum ickiness and your stress and nearly missed this fab frock!
Firstly,stress is no fun at all,and I'm glad you took it seriously!I was ina an awful job for a while that got me so stressed I had a nervous breakdown,but I don't publicise that much.I love my current job,within the same company,though!It's so easy to let it get on top of you,but you are so taking all the right steps to keep yourself on the straight and narrow!
Now,I adore that Betsys skull ring,and no,I had no idea she had filed for bankruptcy!!OMG! Bummer.
These pix with your Dad are wonderful,and clearly he IS your Dad,in everyway except biologically!I often think family isn't necessarily just by blood.
You are fabulous,and you brighten my day each and everytime I pop over!!
Can't wait to see you NEXT MONTH!

Trees said...

I love that dress - I can't you believe you picked it up for $5 at a thrift store! I need to come and visit you and got 2nd hand shopping!!

Misfits Vintage said...

My favourite outfit of yours EVER! Yay for red and pink!!! So glad you had such a nice time with your Dad - you are a ROCK STAR!!! Big hugs! Sarah xxx

Thick Threads said...

you look so gorgeous!


La Dama said...

You look like a living mona!
love the cute heart details of your red frock.
Your a magician when it comes to finding colorful frocks.
I am enamorada of your Aztec calendar necklace.
aww picture of your papa and you is awesome.