Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cruelty free and pretty things

Since I showed you yesterday that I am gravitating towards pastels I thought I would model a new dress I picked up for a mere $2.  I still am unsure of how I look in the muted tones but I do really like the colors on this lil number.  Chris said I look like a hippy, which is not really a look I want, but that's just me :)

I also tried out a LUSH shampoo and conditioner bar based on Vix's recommendation.  I can't believe how much I liked it!  Doesn't my hair look great!
 I am really going to make an effort to rid my life of any products that are not cruelty free, wait a minute now I sound like a hippy :) Whatever, I'm gonna put my money where my mouth is and think, really think before I buy. Does Johnson&Johnson really deserve my cash?
I'm doing it for Peetee and all the other critters in the world!
Really I'm doing to for me.  Thoughts? feelings?


Anonymous said...

Hi Krista!
That dress is a little treasure!
I love very much how the pastel colors match on it and the baby pink stockings really help its awesomness!!
If I could put my filthy Scissorhands on it I'll probabily make it shorter (even if you have to do it from the top of the skirt or the lovely print could be ruined!)
Your hair looks stunning I have to find Lush products too, the result is amazing and the fact that they are cruelty free makes my hippy side happier!

Victoria said...

You look fab, but I am always drawn to your beautiful red hair peeking under the pink! Love the pink too.

pastcaring said...

I think that turquoise really looks great on you Krista, it's a soft shade but not too pale or muted, so I think it works. I wouldn't say the frock was hippy-ish myself, and since the shape and print look so lovely on you, I wouldn't worry whether it is or it isn't!!
I too am a convert to Lush shampoo bars after Vix extolled their virtues! I try and pick products which are cruelty and paraben-free, where possible. Littlest LB's skin condition has made me far more aware of all the harsh chemicals in so many standard products, which we now avoid.
If that makes us hippies, Krista, then so be it! I'd join a commune with you anyday, darling! xxxxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

which shampoo was it? Any pastels will look great with your stunning hair! xxx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Love your hair straight! I am also a fan of Lush, Cruelty free, and makes your bathroom smell amazing! :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I like Lush products, although I could never work in the shop - makes me sneeze! Your hair looks amazing, and I think the pale turquoise shade looks very pretty - there's never any danger of you fading into a corner with your bright pink locks anyway!

Nerd Burger said...

Your hair is looking to alive (us pink haired ladies know what that means) and i love you in the pastel dress. :)

Sara said...

I love the dress; it looks awesome on you! :D That print is fabulous.

Can't wait to try Lush. Your hair looks amazing!

Trees said...

I really love that frock on you! It's a really great colour & cut.

Good for you for going cruelty free, its amazing how many companies out there still use animal testing. I am going to try and make more of my own beauty products this year - I wish I could make everything I needed and that way I wouldn't have to buy from these big corporations!


You look lovely in that shade, good enough to eat. I don't think the overall look is 'hippy' - it's fresh and funky. Your hair is looking amazing at the moment, maybe it'snot JUST the Lush shampoo, you've really been taking care of yourself lately and it shows.
My boys all have sensitive skin, so I am very careful about which products we use. A friend of mine makes her own cosmetics, washing powder and cosmetics. Next week, she's going to show me how it's done(maybe I'll blog about it!)

Have a wonderful weekend my love

Lucy x

two squirrels said...

Cute cute wee dress!!!
Your hair looks so shiny and healthy. I am going to check it out at Lush.
Peetee is so cute and proud of his mum. I love the little paws in the doorway.
Happy Easter bunnies!
Love v

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

So pretty! Is your hair brighter?? It's mesmerizing, I love it.

La Dama said...

You are a delight in pastel frock.
I dont think you look hippy at all.
I been hankering after that shampoo too.
Your hair looks great amor, so shiny.
I been hankering over that shampoo too.

Misfits Vintage said...

I think you totally rock those colours and don't look in the slightest bit hippy!

I've been cruelty free/vegetarian for 25 years - there's no reason not to be these days since there are so many great options/choices readily available.

Your hair looks AMAZING!!!

Love you - and Peetee boy! Sarah xxx