Monday, April 9, 2012

Eye Candy

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  This weekend Portland saw our highest temperature this year, 68 degrees~which means I was reborn! I spent most of the weekend out and about. I went to an estate sale and found some creepy dolls, scored some adorable dresses thrifting, had a slumber party with my friend Kristi and laid in the sunshine.  It really makes Monday not so bad.

I also got the most fantastical headpiece from the Queen Mother Frocker herself, Desire. The best news is she is now selling them so you can own one too.  Go on and get in touch with your inner Sassy Vamp:)
 It's pretty incredible right! Thank you Desire I have magical powers now!
 I bought this dress at Forever 21 for $17.  I feel like candy in it.
 I'm so white it hurts my eyes to look at my legs!
Homage to Peetee shot.
Can you tell I like this outfit or what:)

Here is a sneak peak at some of the gorgeous dresses I found.
Shopping was a huge success! One of the stores I went to called the RED LIGHT Clothing Exchange had a ton of vintage goodies. Sarah you would have been in Kaftan Heaven!
I even found this British Food cart and gave a Pasty a try. It was ok, a little too bland for my tastes but you all know I'm into anything British these days:)
 Food carts are huge in Portland and there are tons of them everywhere.
As you can see all of this was very exhausting :)
Let's all have a great week!


VainGlorySinner said...

Oh my good god that dress is divine!!! Such a lovely colour combination and stripy - the best pattern! It looks gorgeous and totally you!

I'm glad you had a lovely summers day to lift your spirits and make you feel amazing! Now I'm back up north I miss the sun of the south so VERY much!!

Oooo I bet Sarah, Vix, Desiree and Helga would have loved that vintage shop - I'm admiring the multicoloured head mannequins!

You must show us these creepy dolls!! xxx


Boo to pasties, they ARE bland and boring. You, however, look very tasty in that dress, it's simply beautiful on you. The sun must have been very welcome, so nice to get that skin exposed to the rays. The best headpiece, brings your outfit together perfectly.
I'm so very jealous you got to see all that vintage finery, I would have been in heaven.
Glad you had a great weekend and start to the week.

Loads of pasty free love,

Lucy x

Scarlett said...

I love coming to your blog for the riot of beautiful colour! You are such a ray of pink sunshine! Thats a fabulous dress. Happy Easter hun Scarlett x

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista!

Sounded like a great weekend!
Nothing beats thrift shopping or an estate sale , surely it puts a girl in a good mood and it seems you found nice dresses!

We had fair temperature we got to 14 i think- loving the last pics, this dress is very cute and paired well with the leggings

Have a great day Krista love

Ariane xxxxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh you gorgeous hot and spicy woman!!!! You look utterly DIVOOOOOOOOOOOONE darling! That frock has my eyeballs popping with pleasure and I SWEAR when I saw you wearing the headband I got goosebumps - still do! It looks better on your sweet head than I could ever have imagined:))). I absolutely LOVE Red Light - I think I would have to camp out under that muumuu rack so I could frolic among the amazing treasures when the shopkeeper goes home - a childhood fantasy of mine!!! Ooooh you are a wonderful sight to my eyes!!! Loveyouinthesunshinebaby xoxoxoxxoxooxox

Helga! said...

How candylike are YOU?! Candy enough that I just want to lick your canes!GRRR! Foxalicous! Yay for great weather!We had amazingly gorgeous weather here too!HURRAH!
Love your new frock,and love what I see of the goodies you scored!
Food carts rock,it always makes me think of Thailand when I see them!WE've got a few,more now since the quake.I haven't had a pasty in years,but do quite like them.Great that you are getting in practice!
Muchos pinky LURVE!

Perdita said...

London pasties? Hmm, I'm from London and we don't make pasties... Cornwall on the other hand! Maybe that's why they weren't so nice perhaps?

I adore that pink dress, so summery. I wish we had lovely weather but sadly it's a rainy Easter this year!

Trees said...

You look so pretty in that frock - sweet like candy!! It was a sunny weekend down here in NZ too - so I had a fab Easter as well. I really hope you'll show us more of those fab frocks and also you're going to share those creepy dolls right? :D

Sara said...

Ahhh, this dress was made for you. You look beautiful--love the floral headband with it. You are magical! I can't wait to purchase one..they're so incredible!

The sneak peak of the dresses makes me uber excited for future posts! The colors!!! <3 Glad you had a wonderful Easter! :D

Sara said...

PS - Peetee is beyond cute. Adorable! :D

Dolly Cool Clare said...

I love your new Forever 21 dress - it reminds me of the Cheshire Cat! It also matches your hair perfectly. That is so funny that you have 'London Pasty Co.' carts near you! I wonder what they are like? I bet not quite like a real British pasty! Hopefully you can sample a real one when you visit Vix :) x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

There's a famous sketch over here with some Indians walking into an English restaurant an order "The blandest thing on the menu". I promise it's not all bland! Ok a lot of it is - but not all!

I love Peetee! His little tiny feet are so cute!

you look fabulous - your very pinkness cheers me up!

two squirrels said...

Miss Candy is so so so pretty!!! I too love her.
Happiness is a candy summer dress and sunshine.
Oh oh so excited to see the red paisley dress.....
love v

La Dama said...

Oh my I amar you magnificent criatura in striped dulce frock. How sweet! Desireesita made a special flower headband for you.
You remind of a character in Strawberry shortcake cartoons.
I cant stop staring at your shiny pink boots.
love the last shot of you and Pedrito laying in the sun.
what an amazing shop amor!you scored some wonderful dresses.
cant wait to see you modeling them for us.
I tasted pasties here and they are not all all like that or bland ,but yeah most the food here sucks.

pastcaring said...

Oh such a pretty stripey frock! It goes great with your fabulous hair, not to mention the AMAZING Desiree headband!
Can't wait to see the full glory of the frocks you bought, the prints look so wonderful. You know I am a sucker for a great print!
I would have SO loved to rummage among the rails with you at The Red Light - look at all that vintage fabulousness!
Pasties? Not that fussed, there are better things to try here, honestly! Vix will feed you delicious curries most of the time (wonder how she is?)
Haha, look at you and Peetee sunning yourselves! He does love being with his mama! xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

These photos are great!!
Here the sun didn't show on Easter and yesterday we had winter-like temperature, so cool to see that you and my dear Peetee are sunbathing!
I really love your dress and boots they remind me to buy more pink and the Desiree floral crown looks stunning on you!!
That shop is awesome and the things you found are amazing!!

Misfits Vintage said...

FUCK YEAH! That frock rocks! What a beautiful colour - and I love all of your accessories - of course, as always. I always found pasties a bit bland too and used to smother them in tomato sauce (ketchup). Actually, I found a lot of English food very bland... I think that's why they love delicious Indian food so much!

You look so chilled out in the sunshine with Peetee - I would so love to lie there with you, laughing and talking - and cuddling Peetee.

Love you, Sarah xxx

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