Monday, April 23, 2012

Family road trips

The weekend get away to Washington was a total blast!  The weather was beautiful, the kids were a ton of fun and I can't wait to do it again.  The first day was rainy and cool but the rest of the weekend was picture perfect!
 Here is that jacket I found for $3 a few weeks ago.
The drive from Portland to Issaquah WA (where the family lives), is about 3 hours, from there Seattle is only 20 minutes away. I wore all my best bling!
We rented a house just a few blocks away from theirs as it was about the same price as renting two rooms at a hotel.  The neighborhood that they live in is a new construction with over 10 parks, schools nearby, miles of walking trails, enclosed dog parks, restaurants and tons of activities.  It reminded me of the neighborhood in Edward Scissorhands.  This was our room.
 Pretty nice huh :)
 My new Betty travel bag!
View out our window.
 Picture perfect suburban living.
 Cookie cutter houses, this was ours below.
Beautiful parks, with designer cars.
 Poor pit bulls, they really have a bad reputation here in America.  At a park I used to frequent in Los Angeles we had two small dogs killed by them.
 Breath taking views!

 This TESLA was just gorgeous!
This neighborhood has a ton of people who work at Microsoft and because of that this place also has a ton of people with money.  When we picked up Jack (the youngest kid at 6) from school I could count the number of white kids on one hand as most were Indian or Asian.
We went to Jack's first baseball game (they won) it was so cute to watch these little guys play.  I loved seeing the teamwork and I highly encourage all parents to introduce their kids to some kind of sport activity (besides computer games).  After the game we headed to a local 50's diner called XXX.  It was so cute!
Happy boy!
 His loving big sister!
 The crazy Aunt Krista!
We snooped around inside as there was so much to see.

 I was completely over stimulated!

 I wanted to take these chairs home with me!
The food was BIG!
 and so were our bellies!
What 50's diner would be complete without a car show?

 These old Bel Airs are among my favorite of the classic American cars!
 I miss these two already!

 Mad Max truck!
Since Jack was celebrating a Birthday we decided to all risk rupturing our already full stomachs with cake and spider man tattoos!
 This is cool Grandma (Chris's Mom)!
 Look what she made him!
Grams and Gramps, Matt and Heather and the kids! Matt is Chris's step brother :) and Don is his Step Dad. (In case you were wondering)
 Peetee even got to come which pleased me to no end!
The next day we headed into Seattle for more adventures, stay tuned for that super disgusting but colorful gum wall.

Can't wait to see what you have all been up too!



Fantastic pictures! I just want to dive into that bed right now!
How cool is that jacket? The back matches tour hair somehow - it's brilliant!
Sounds like you had a brilliant time, the scenery looks lovely, and you're so right about the Edward Scissorhands neighborhood!

My my I'd be obese if I lived in the States...


Lucy x

Scarlett said...

Amazing road trip! Drooling over the new bag (adore betsey johnson - just got myself some of her shades), the cars and the diner (food and decoration!) - brilliant :o) Scarlett x

pastcaring said...

It looks as though you had a fabulous time, Krista!
Very cute outfit, that jacket is perfect on you.There is SO much going on in that diner, I'm not surprised you had a bit of a sensory overload! Looks fab though.
Oh look at little Peetee under the Nana blanket, he has the sweetest little face!
Good to have you back, love! xxxx

Helga! said...

How frigging FANTASMO was your trip?! Great pix,everything looks wonderful!We have some "cookie cutter" suburban areas like that,usually they're new subdivisions.And pitbulls have a bad rap here too,they may even be banned now,not sure.
Peetee certainly loved being snuggled in that blanky!Can't wait for the next installment, o colourful minxy one!

Nerd Burger said...

That trip looked amazing. I wish i could have come. I love the photo of you with the huge glasses and gumball machine.

Frocktasia said...

I'm in love with Peetee, he is so outrageously cute!
Looks like you had a fantastic time. Loving the lush four poster bed, pretty nice indeed and your bag is a stunner too...x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

OMG you took Peetee!!!! Oh I love him more than my best-fitting bra!!! You brought sunshine, rainbows and some saucy, disgracefulness to Cookie Cutter Town darling Krista!!! Thank you for doing that ... I mean, people just HAVE to be woken up out of their slumber and YOU are just the one to do it!! How 'bout we steal the beat up ole green truck and see how far we get on a road trip? We can take the little fella's b'day blankie with us ... oh, and Peetee!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Sara said...

OMG, Peetee is the cutest, most beautiful pup. He makes my heart melt. :) That diner looks awesome! Yay for car shows; love the shots of the Bel Airs--gorgeous!

Your Betsey bag is fabulous! I love the teal & pink together..and flowers! I wish I could find this print. :) And that jacket is AMAZING! $3?! So freakin' cool.

Trees said...

It is TOTALLY like the neighbourhood from Edward Scissorhands - actually when I was growing up I thought pretty much all of the USA looked like that :P TOO MANY MOVIES!!

Looks like you had so much fun - I love the look of that diner - it looks really fun.

Also that photo of Peetee is SO ADORBS!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh so much loveliness going on - I want your family to adopt me!!!

The pics are fab - the 50s diner has me CHARTREUSE with envy - and I'm SO happy Peetee got to join you!

That crochet blanket is SPECTACULAR - I need the pattern pleeeeeease.

You looks gorgeous btw - and that $3 jacket is KILLER!

So glad you had such a lovely time, Krista! Love! Sarah xxx

Miss Magpie said...

That house is lovely, I wouldn't have wanted to leave. Oh and now I want to eat cie cream but I am stuck at my desk at work Bah.

Melanie said...

What a fun trip you had! The architecture is just lovely, it all looks so clean and pretty and those classic cars make me swoon!

Bombshellicious said...

Lovely pics xx

Heather said...

Looks like you had a great trip visiting with your family!! Very cute niece and nephew you have :) ~ Ha love the coat you found with wings .....I am drooling over the root beer float lol!! ~Love Heather

Miss Simmonds Says said...

eerr... I hope you don't mind that Peetee is now the background on my pc! I nearly exploded with the cuteness when I saw him!
It looks amazing where you are, those cookie cutter places remind me of horror films, particularly Halloween, what's lurking behind the perfect suburbia? I love the diner too, the food looks soooooo good. I NEED a milkshake
I also liked that the cartoon dog about the no pit bulls sign looked like a pit bull! We have a similar problem with Staffordshire Bull Terriers over here!
oooh I wanna come and visit!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oops sorry, I meant the cartoon sign above the other sign!

Bella Q said...

Cute! What a great idea to rent a house instead of going to a hotel. You've captured some great life - at a place I've never been. Now off to comment on the post that has the place I am at! xo. -Bella Q

La Dama said...

What a awesome trip amor!
I also loved that you rented a casa.
Mmm craving diner food now.
hilarious how the diner is called XXX.
Oh and your wearing your cool ass jean jacket, looking ever so lovely in your blue rose dress.
Pete looks so damn adorable hiding from the kids.

VainGlorySinner said...

First I have to say that the last picture of Peetee is beyond CUTE!!!!! What a little sweetie he is!

This post has just fueled my love and need to go to America even more! I'd love a piece of the American suburban living if I had the chance - I find it so quaint and charming. Those houses are gorgeous and so completely different to what we have here in the UK.. I don't think I've seen a wood clad house for quite a while!

WOW at the massive gum ball machine! Can I have that in my living room please?!

I'm glad you had a wonderful time with the family - I want Chris's mum to make me a blanket like that!!! xxx

Sian Lile said...

peetee has the most cutest face ever!!