Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lavender Infused Lemon Drops

This week I am eating out far too much, drinking way too much and looking cute doing it.  Warmer weather is bringing me out of hibernation and making me show some skin.  This is a dress I found this weekend for $6, I am in love with green and the lace detailing is what makes it different!  The hat I picked up at Funky Town (it was the only thing I could afford) at $20.

 All this Zumba is paying off and I feel great!
I also just picked up a remote for my camera so hopefully that will let me get a bit more creative with my pictures.

 My favorite boots ever by Jon Fluevog.
This was the most delicious drink I have slurped down in a long time.  A lavender infused gin lemon drop.
This was a tasty Hibiscus-Acai Margarita.
Mouthwatering cheese and fruit platter in the back and my dinner was chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy with brussel sprouts.  YUM! Dinner was at The Observatory, a favorite place of mine.
Two more dinners out this week to celebrate friends Birthdays, I just might have to skip dessert.  What have you ate lately that is drool worthy?


Miss Simmonds Says said...

nothing as drool worthy as that!! I could make my own lavnder gin I guess, you add sugar and whatever fruit or herb to gin and leave it for 3 months and hey presto! Though my boss just bought me a chocolate dog as thanks for lsat week's sadness, though she needn't have.

You look fab as ever! I should try zumba if it makes me look as good as you!

Perdita said...

I adore the aqua of that dress, as ever your way with colour is superb!

I haven't had anything as fancy as those cocktails and dinner recently, although I did visit my mum for a good old English roast dinner on Sunday and it was very lush indeed.

Heather said...

Love the pink ~you look fantastic!! nothing like some spring sunshine and warmer weather to make us feel alive ~Love Heather

Sara said...

Ah! You look fantastic! That dress is awesome; love the details..and that color is definitely in my top 2 favorite colors. The hat is so much fun, too! Love your hair w/ the curls..the colors are so vivid and pretty. When did you go pink? It's my dream to someday sport something that awesome.. :)

I am a lover of brussel sprouts, and those look particularly amazing. It all does! Yay for having an uber fun week!

Ivy Black said...

Love that dress and you are looking stupendous! Lavender gin sounds yummy.

Helga! said...

Funnily enough,I just made smoked chicken and porcini canneloni last night,which is a fave drool worthy dish in our household!We had steamed broccoli and green beans on the side!Your meal looks sumptuous!I think what you call gravy over there is more like a white sauce for us;I made that obsevation fram a meal I had in Vegas once,which had biscuits and gravy-to me it was scones and white sauce!YUM,but unusual!!!
The new frock is fabulous!!Love a bit of lace!And you ARE looking to DIE for cute!That BOD!Grrrr,wanna grope it!And I will!XXXXXXXXXXX

La Dama said...

You are drool worthy in this green frock. I am trying to see-through the lace fabric.them boots are awesome,need me some Virgen botas.
I been eating the whole world of sweets.
Your Zumba shows,look at them perfect breastest and legs.
mmm that hibiscus-Acai Margarita. margarita is right up my alley


Never mind my dinners - I want your dinners, your cocktails, your dresses and boots and your dedication to fitness! Life's good for you and so it should be with all the hard work and love you put into it!

Green goddess with pink hair, unique.

Loads of love

Lucy x

Louise said...

Woooo, check out those pins. I love weeks when you get to eat out lots, and that cocktail sounds delicious. I made a choc chip chilli for dinner tonight, and it was to die for, I'd go as far as to say it was the best chilli I've ever had! xx

pastcaring said...

You look so gorgeous in your green frock and that funky hat - I love the contemplative photo of you sitting on the step with your chin on your hand. What were you thinking?
I didn't know what Fluevogs were till Melanie featured her shoes recently, they are such a cool range of footwear.
So when you come to the UK, I am hoping for a big blogger meet up somewhere and for you to shake us up some wonderful cocktails - mmmm!
On Easter Monday, my family visited and I made a rather delicious slow-roast lamb with spicy/herby rub (cumin, chilli, paprika, thyme, mint, garlic) with roast potatoes, carrots, runner beans, etc - it was VERY nice! But I long for someone to cook for ME!
Don't skip dessert when you are out for your friends' birthdays - life's too short not to have pudding! Just Zumba harder next day! xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

That hat is stunning!!!
You look so glamorous in that wonderful dress and your dinner is lovely, even if I'm personally impressed by the Hibiscus-Acai Margarita, I'd love to taste it!!
My favorite food, that I had the pleasure to eat during Easter, is my mom's artichoke lasagna yummy!!

Style Sud-Est said...

I love your pics Krista!
Love your poses especially the one showing your profile, very , very pretty!
The color of the dress is so lovely and those boots are fantastic!

Ariane xxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh oh the colour of the dress is perfect on you!!!! That lace, is wow.
You really suit a flop big brim hat. super cute.
Love v

THE HF BLOG said...

i like your dress <3
and your hair looks lovely like that :)

Misfits Vintage said...

OH man, that colour combo is KILLER! The dress is gorgeous - I love the lace details too - and those boots, THOSE BOOTS - I want them!!!

Yay for busy, fun weeks and yummy dinners and frocking up and having fun - and I say DON"T skip dessert - life's too short and you are super fit and fine!

Love you! Sarah xxx

The Canon Girl said...

Oooh that dress!!!! I want it! It looks absolutely amazing with your hair and the pink boots!