Monday, April 16, 2012

Pancakes and Firemen

How could I not have a lovely weekend?  Your comments on my previous post left me feeling more connected to all of you than ever before. We are so much more than fashion bloggers here!  Thank you for all sharing a lil something about yourself with me.  Beauty truly starts when we can love our self, imperfections and all.

This weekend I attended a pancake breakfast at a small fire station before heading to the Tulip Festival.  These breakfasts are a great way for the community to meet their local firemen and give back a little too.   BUT FIRST, remember those crazy prints I showed you last week?  Check it out.  This is from Sears Roebuck, I imagine 1960's.
 The dress is a perfect fit in every way. Cost $18.

 The hat I picked up months ago for $2.
I also wanted to show you the creepy dolls I got at that estate sale.   Being a redhead I have a weakness for any red headed dolls and these two were no exception.
 Ok she's not creepy :) she's adorable.
Now are you ready for a change of scenery?
 I could not resist this photo opportunity!
 Or all the sweet firemen...

 The place was packed.
 I was the only one there with pink hair and despite what I have heard about small town folk, everyone there was super sweet to me.
Thanks guys, I hope you raised a ton of cash!
 There was even this old 1912 Buick.
 The lights on the side were paraffin powered.  I have never seen that before.
I'm going to have to save the Tulip Festival for tomorrow because I have a TON of pictures to share!
Here is a lil taste of things to come.
I know the colors took my breath away!  I hope you all had a great weekend.



I'm sure I SHOULD be lusting over the firemen, but it's that dress and those shoes which have me drooling.
Yay for sunshine and floral dresses.
You are just as colourful and pretty as those tulips. How brilliant is that snap of you posing on the fire truck? I bet you made everyone's day.


Lucy x


ps I had a redhead doll as a child, I loved her. Totally approve of your 'creepy' finds! x

Anonymous said...

Firemen and tulips that's HOT!!
I love every single photos and that dress is one of the best vintage find I've ever seen, love the colored pattern and the sexy fit!!
I collect various oddities and dolls are my favorites, the two red headed little darlings make me jealous, I really can't decide who's the cutest!
Can't wait to see more tulip festival photos!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

why are his hands bells?! why?!!!!

That looks like a great event, what a lovely idea!

Those shoes and that fantastic dress are amazing together!!

Kathi said...

Mmmm....firemen. I mean pancakes!

That first doll was a little creepy. I wouldn't put it by your bedside table. You never know what will happen!

Brian went to the tulip farm early Sat. morning for some sunrise pictures. He said the place was packed with photographers by 6 am.

Here are a couple of the pictures he got:

He's got more to put up too!

Ivy Black said...

Excellent! That's one fab outfit and as for firemen....yummy!
As always you are a huge , gorgeous blast of colour.xxxx

Nerd Burger said...

You look so cute lying on the fire engine. Hehehe. God you make me smile. :)

Frocktasia said...

YOWZA...that frock is AMAZING & you look AMAZING in it!
I'm a total print nerd and I have to say that that is one of the best prints that I've seen in a while and the colours are smashing too.
I rather like your creepy dolls, especially the one with the bells...xXx

Helga! said...

How frigging hard must it have been for those poor firemen to not get woodys(hard on's) around you?!
SQUEE!You HOT minx,you,stirring those boys up!Bloody greta idea,I must say,and such a fab photo opportunity!
The frock and shoes are KILLER!!!! And then you add that fab hat!!EEEEEK!
Um,dolls? Nah,can't abide them.A combination of childhood overload and Poltergeist!!!
Love your hotness!

The Canon Girl said...

Oh wow I love that maxi dress, you look stunning in it and I love the flowers! Tulips <3

pastcaring said...

Krista, you look just about as stunning as I have evr seen you - WOW! That dress is amazing and fits you EVERYWHERE! I bet you nade those firemen's day! Love your sandals too, and a floral headband was a must!
You look just fabulous up on that fire engine.
Yeah, not too sure about Creepy Doll No. 1... But Creepy Doll No. 2 is very cute. She looks like Helga when she wore that white (virginal - ha!) dress a few posts ago! Paint some pink in her hair and she'll be a dead ringer for you too!
Loveyoumorethantulips! xxxxxxx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Your hair is amazing! Love those bold bangles! =)

Heather said...

Oh you had me at pancakes hehehe....sorry the whole low carb thing were doing in our house leaves us easily distracted by carb words :P Wow love that dress looks great The shoes and hat are very cute as well :) Ha love the dolls hmmm jingle bell hands lol! And wow the tulips look amazing so beautiful!! ~love Heather

two squirrels said...

Oh I just knew that dress was going to be amazing. You look just gorgeous in it.
2nd little poppet is soooo cute.
I hope the fireman had a good fundraiser too!!!!
Love v

Trees said...

That frock is awesome and you look so happy in all these photos - maybe its all the firemen?

I am looking forward to seeing the photos from the tulip festival after that teaser pic!

La Dama said...

This frock is fabulous colors and the print is out of this world. bet everyone was all over your ass.
Floral headband of deligh.
Love the dolly with bells.

Anonymous said...

I looove ur outfit and those shoes :) -Tammy