Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back at ya babes!

Thanks so much for participating in my little survey.  I only had about 35 responses so far but your answers told a story.  I think I'll start by sharing my answers with you.

1) How old are you?  Forty fucking ONE!
2) What does my appearance say about me? Usually it SCREAMS that I am unique, fun loving, maybe even a bit crazy.  I think it projects confidence and style, my own style.  I think "my look" makes me  approachable and easily befriended.
3) Do you judge others based on their appearance? I do, we all do, we can't help it.  I think appearance can give us the first clues about someone before we really get to know them.  People watching has always been something I enjoy so maybe I'm not judging as much as I am observing :)
4) Do you worry about your appearance? Actually I don't, not anymore.  I think the only time I second guess myself is when others do first.
5) Is there a difference between being cute and being pretty?  I think so.  I do think cute is usually a term we reserve for younger people and pretty is something you grow into.
6) What do I love about myself? I love that I am happy, open minded and forever learning!
7) What do I dislike about myself? I hate my limited vocabulary and poor grammar. I also hate my big old nose, lack of a waist and beefy thighs.
8) What career do I see myself in? Sales for sure, I love the connection it allows me to have with all kinds of people, now if I could just sell something I love I think I'd really have something :)
 Well what did all your answers tell me?  The age of participants was from 10-50 and we even had a gentleman participate, thanks Ashley!  First and foremost, almost every single one of you noted a physical trait you dislike about yourself and most, at some point, have worried about their appearance.  This didn't surprise me what did was hearing how many women still struggle with loving themselves.
 Confidence starts on the inside first.
Then it shines out of you for all to see.
Beauty is not only skin deep, it starts with our hearts.
I think we owe it to each other to see what's beautiful and special in each of us and then share that with the world.  Confidence can be worn and projected, and only you can change how you and others see yourself.
We were all young and insecure at some point, however time allows us the wisdom to move past the insecurities of youth into the ownership of I don't give a hoot adulthood.  So let's own it, shall we!


Ivy Black said...

Here, here! I've definitely become more confident through the ages. I wasn't a tremendously outgoing teenager..I'm not that outgoing now really, but I don't give a toss about what people think about me. I've also learned not to be so hard on myself. xxxxx


I think we need to balance things - too much confidence comes across badly, and too little inspires nobody to connect with you.
For someone like me, who analyses every detail of life, its hard to be 100% confident and proud.
The best way to live your life is to be interested in others - takes the focus of you, but makes you feel good.

You are very interested in others, and it makes you very special.

Can I have you waist and thighs please?

And,your vocabulary is excellent - so shut it!


Lucy x

pastcaring said...

Ha, Luce just made me chuckle!
Yeah, it's interesting that although the received wisdom is that we (particularly women) fear ageing, actually it seems that many of us are embracing it because we feel less anxious and self-critical as we get older. That's good to know.
Thank you for asking the questions and getting us thinking and sharing.
You are looking SO good in that lovely frock (sleeves=heaven!) I love you from the top of your headband to the soles of your cowboy boots (and that includes your nose, waist and thighs, so there!) xxxxx

Anonymous said...

You are a magnificent young woman and in these photos you look more secure and aware of yourself than ever!
I love this gothic version (obviously for your standards because pink has always the leading role!)but it really brings out your beauty, usually I'm focused on all the prints and patterns..I feel so sorry that I didn't write my answers!!
But I'm still having lot of things going on and maybe my head is a little messy, anyway I'm with the struggle team!
OOOOH I'm so happy to see you and Peetee in such a wonderful shape
I love you both more than liposuction!!!!
kisses & tight hugs!!!

Vix said...

You are a wise and beautiful woman and get away with the "limited vocabulary"!!
I'm trying to think of something profound to say but I've got writer's block.
Love that frock on you, those killer boots and socks, your curls, Peetee & you! xxxxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I don't think you have a limited vocabulary at all - now who's being down on herself?! But I agree, generally - keep being YOU, you inspire a lot of us without even knowing it.

La Dama said...

Well said amor!
You look so gorgeous in this dark but yet colorful frock of butterfly wings.
I feel the older I grow the stronger and more confident I feel.
You have no limited vocabulary!
You are very intelligent and beautiful inside and out. loving all your new cowboy boots.
I will answer your survey later on tonight.
Petey is really the one that gives you the energy and strength.

Penny-Rose said...

Thank YOU for sharing your thoughts and feelings with your readers - I do not consider your vocab limited at all! Neither do I think there is anything unlikeable about your nose, thighs and waist. I had a "senior" moment and posted my survey to my blog and not to yours...duh! I love love your style, please tell me where you got your socks from!?!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I think I'm getting to the stage where I'm getting brave enough to bare my tummy stretch marks, except I'm sure people would have a much nicer day/life without it;)). Now who's Miss Chatty with her wide vocabulary and words of wisdom? Thank you for doing this survey, it gave me food for thought and today's delish frock is frickin' legendary! Arsesqueezestoyou xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Helga! said...

Bugger i missed the survey in my pre trip madness! Makes interesting reading,and a wonderful post!You are so inspiring,darling!!! Not to mention HOT! I'm SO looking forward to groping you!!! EEEEEK!
We are all so frigging hard on ourse;ves,but I think age does teach us a lot!I wouldn't swap being 20 for 45 any day of the week,I like myself sooo much betetr now,AND I'm learning to not worry about my "flaws".They're just me,dammit,and feck anyone who doesn't like them or me!!!

Anonymous said...

To me, that is what is so wonderful about blogging. It teaches us to own who we are, warts and all!

Style Sud-Est said...

Sorry i did not participate, but it was fun to get to know you better!
I love the close up pics of you you have a soft look about yourself truly shows a very nice person

Ariane xxxxx

Heather said...

Great thoughts, words and advice!! Your such an encouragement. Love the don't give a hoot ...we have more important things to focus our energies on ...xx Heather

Heather said...

Great thoughts, words and advice!! Your such an encouragement. Love the don't give a hoot ...we have more important things to focus our energies on ...xx Heather

Heather said...

Great thoughts, words and advice!! Your such an encouragement. Love the don't give a hoot ...we have more important things to focus our energies on ...xx Heather

Misfits Vintage said...

You're so beautiful. I love this gorgeous frock on you - and look at Peetee, so serene and handsome! You have the most beautiful smile and the kindest, most loving eyes, Krista. Love! Sarah xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh Krista you are such a beautiful person, with a heart of pure kindness and love. I am sorry I was unable to do the survey, I was just not in the right head space to answer the way I would want, honestly.
Please keep theses posts going they are so so important for all who read them.
Much love V

Louise said...

Do you know, I had to give my mum a lecture yesterday about not trying to fit into other people's pigeon-holes of what is 'expected' when she was saying she was too old for a certain type of dress. And this from a former punk. Thankfully I could tell her about all the inspirational blogs of women in their 40s and beyond that I read. I think you're right that confidence develops with age though, I'm certainly a helluva lot more confident and less self concious at 30 than I was at 20. Xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

are you sure want to go in Sales? You'd be such a great writer or speaker or activist! I think blogging has really changed my confidence, meeting people like you (also you do not look 41!!) and the other lovely ladies

Nat said...

I just love your answers and think you always have something worthwhile to say - nothing wrong with your vocab at all!

Nerd Burger said...

You look amazing. I agree with the survey. About time people spoke up. :)

Rosie said...

Im forty seven, my apprerance lately says that Im laid back (not so stuffy)
Usually I dont trip or judge but when I start it usually has more to do about me than the one Im judging. I dont worry about my apprearnce as much. I dont think there is a difference there both a compliment. I love that Im still teachable, silly and willing to try new things and met new people.
I dislike that I dont know spanish and havent been to the gym in too long. My grammar sucks too! I would love to work from home. I love your pink hair and I hope you stay YOU!