Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Color is my Obsession

Do you ever go shopping in your own closet?  I do. For the last month on Sundays I have made it a point to pull out some clothes from my closet that I want to try and wear during the following week. So far it has worked out really great and I find myself wearing some really cute things that I would have otherwise forgot I owned. This is one dress that has been dying to be worn.
Color like this lets the world know I'm smiling from the inside out!
The dress I got at Forever 21 for $15. The colors are what made me buy it because the fit and cut of the dress are a bit cheap. The bright plaid jacket is a recent find at only $3.
 The colors are scorching hot!
 It has a radiant poppy red satin liner.
 It feels fancy.
Can you see why I am drawn to this mix?
Um yes I'll wear those please.  Made by Pony Chops.
or this beauty by Some Like it Vintage.
I think someday I'd like a crazy bright swim cap.  This one found at Blueflirt.
Another crazy swim cap from the 60's.  Found Here.
This dress is gorgeous and would never fit over my boobs :). Found at Ian Drummond Vintage.
I finally took my dress to the cleaners, I can't wait to wear it! What have you been meaning to wear lately?


Vix said...

Wowser! My favourite colour combination and you look absolutely ravishing in it! Check out how that frock fits you!! That dress is utterly fabulous and the plaid jacket is stunning. I thought your mosaic stepping stones were groovy platforms on your shoes at first.
Love what you've picked out and dying to see you in that fairy dress, orange and turquoise to the max!
Love you!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

This combination is stunning!!!!!
I'm starting to shop my own closet incredible how many things come out, I'm also very messy and even if I'm able to find exactly what I need sometimes I forgot what else I've got! I really love your skull hair clip (I'm collecting skull themed jewels and I always wear your bracelet and necklace so it's a must have for me, where did you find them?
If you make them could I have a tutorial?).Only you could make a vintage plaid jacket look so amazing and brighter, well I'm definitely enthusiastic about the whole outfit!!
Lots of bright love!!


Your colours are MY obsession!
Orange and pink - yes, love it.
I am wearing pink, purple and orange today, so many people have commented on how nice it is to see bright colours.
I regularly play dressing up, especially leading up to a night out. I try skirts on as tops (works great with a belt) layer clothes, throw all my shoes around looking for the right pair, and get all the accessories out.
Sometimes it's weeks before I actually wear one of my creations, but it's great to have a sort of mental 'mood board' of clothes stored in the brain!
I think you look stunning in the picture standing on the stepping stones in the brilliant jacket.

PLEASE wear the pink dress ASAP - we need to see that spectacular sight!


Lucy x

Lucy Nation said...

Yay for colour! I love your plaid jacket. I'm going through a bit of a colour obsession at the moment too. I'll always have a soft spot for pink

Ivy Black said...

Hurrah for colour! That dress is stunning.

Nat said...

Cerise and tangerine is such a fab combo! A friend of mine used that as her wedding colour scheme and it worked so well :-)

La Dama said...

Oh you pink and orange popsicle prosti!
Your dresses always me feel happy and like eating skittles.
I love every detail of this outfit, down to your orange shoes.
Oh that plaid jacket, i have died abd gobe to rainbow heaven.
Pink fairy prom princessa dress is going to look so smashing on you.

Misfits Vintage said...


The dress is fabulous - the plaid jacket is spectacular and I love the swimming caps and the FAB mushroom shoes!

Love! Sarah xxx

Clairejustine said...

Pink and orange go fab together I love this dress,you look great :)

Natalie Mulford said...

I love pink & orange together so much, such a great colour combo. You have the most amazing hair!!

Trees said...

So many pretty colours - I never thought orange and pink would look so fabulous together! I love your little blazer - looks like fabulous.

Sara said...

I love these colors together! That dress looks fab on you, and that jacket is AWESOME! And I'm sure you get this allllllll of the time, but I just adore your hair. Not just the fantastic color, but the way you style it and looks so healthy and fabulous! :D

You definitely radiate loveliness from the inside out!

p.s. Those Pony Chops shoes are all sorts of amazing!

VainGlorySinner said...

OMG! That dress matches your hair PERFECTLY!!! Pink on top and orange on the bottom :D It is a colour combination that definitely suits really well.

I could do with a bit of a sort out of my clothes, I'm sure I probably have bags of stuff I never wear any more and I'm sure some can be donated to one of the local charity shops!

I love finding things you've completely forgotten about owning! :D xxx

Lanternarius said...

orange hairbow is cool

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love these two colours together, I think they're a popular combo in India, you look great, the little blazer really gives the outfit oomph


Love, love that orange skirt.
Colour is so me, too

Bella Q said...

You are a springtime explosion of color- and that jacket is INCREDIBLE! goosebumps delicious, you.

pastcaring said...

Orange+pink=Krista! And Krista+colour=JOY!
I love the pleats on the skirt of your dress, and of course the colours are typically bright and zingy and beautiful.
Bows, butterfles, checks, loveliness!
The dresses you picked out to show us are gorgeous but the flowery swimming hat is the star of the show for me!
Cannot wait to see you in your pink fairy frock! xxxxx