Friday, May 18, 2012

An evening of GIRL POWER!

You were all correct last night went exceptionally well.  I found the Governor to be a kind, intelligent and all inspiring spit fire of a woman.  The fact that I had her all to myself for a few hours was priceless.  The stories she shared would have blown your mind.
The evening was scheduled around a screening of the film Miss Representation, the film explores how the media's influence has lead to an underrepresentation of women in positions of power and influence.  The maker of the film, Jennifer Newsom, created it out of a great concern for her little girl and all the other girls in this country. The toughest part of the film for me was listening to young girls talk about how obsessed they were with their bodies and how the media has played a crucial role in their reality.  The media is run and owned by a staggering 95% male population no wonder the message they are sending is from the perspective of a teenage boy!  My eyes have been opened.
 I spent an evening with amazing women from all walks of life who are making a difference in the lives of many.  I won't bore you with all the details, but I really feel inspired to do something!  Women have to stick up for each other and right now I feel like there is a LARGE young population of girls who need some guidance and education.
We are so much more than pretty!

Together we can change the story being told.
 Kasia, Governor Roberts, and Chris's Mom Patrice.

This month and year marks 100 years that women have had the right to vote, yet we still only make up 17% of the US House and Congress.  We still have a long way to go and I have a lot to think about.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that everything goes well, I was sure!!
I really think that the evening was very interesting and as a mom of two little girls I'm very concerned too about the wrong imagine of femininity that media are offering to them.
There is the same problem here!
Every woman should fight against this starting from herself, she has to help the younger ones to be different from the crowd teaching them how to be not manipulated by this sexist system!
Sorry this subject really makes me angry, I'm not a feminist but in this case I'm a Riot grrrl!!!
Kisses to my favorite politician!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista!

I was catching on your posts
Great honor with Governor Roberts!
Seemed like a great event
Yes a lot of girls need guidance, this is a crazy world outhere for them -

The juicy painting you received is so fabulous -

I had a look as well at Seattle trees, aren't they cool, i have heard about the urban knitters

Take care Krista - have a good weekend

Ariane xxxxx

Vix said...

Well, don't you look an absolute picture of fabulousness & girl power in your navy frock and rocking boots. Those pictures are wonderful and I'm so proud of you.
It's horrifying to think that in a worldwide list of the percentages of female representatives in parliament that the UK and USA don't even make the top 50. I get so angry with women who don't vote after females died fighting for our right to emancipation.
You'd never bore me, you're fabulous, articulate and all round brilliant.
Love you xxxx

Heather said...

Wow sounds like an amazing evening. I felt the same when I got back from the Middle East foreign countries women are still treated like slaves and terribly. You would be shocked at the things I have seen. I really want to get involved with some sort of anti~slavery for women. I agree we should all encourage and empower one another as we watch another generation of young girls grows up in this country. Vanity seems to be worse than ever and I have even seen the influence over my young daughter as well. It creeps in most unexpectedly. Being a women is such an amazing thing we have such a unique influence on the world when we actually use our skills...we need to continue to learn how to embrace it in a way that makes the world better and share that with young girls. Thanks for sharing it really got me thinking as well ...Love your dress with the red accents the boots are so cute. Have a great weekend xx Heather

Lucy Nation said...

I couldn't have put it better than Edie. I too have a young daughter and worry about the staggeringly misogynistic media culture we're immersed in. I also believe that we all have our part to play. Up the riot grrls!!

On a more superficial note, I LOVE your nails! Pink and red are natural bedfellows :)

pastcaring said...

So we all KNEW you would have a great night and get along famously with the Governor and all the other guests, despite your nerves beforehand!
We are so much more than pretty!
Together we can change the story being told.
These 2 statements just sum it all up so brilliantly, Krista. I have daughters, and I want them to believe and embody these sentiments. I also want my son to appreciate these truths, and do his part in respecting girls/women. We all have a role to play in making the world fairer.
I am proud to use the F word about myself (feminist, that is!) and I think all those young women who seem to believe the fight for equality has been won are being sold a terrible lie. You're right, there is a long way to go.
Thanks for a thoughtful, thought-provoking post. And though you are SOOOOO much more than pretty - you look fabulous!!! xxxxxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

You GO! So much here needs to change too - the way young teen boys see their female peers these days is ridiculous. x

Miss Magpie said...

I'm of the same opinion as Vix about your wonderous blue frock and the fact that so many women 'can't be bothered' to use their vote when women fought and died to get us that right.

Women have gained a lot over the lasy centuary but there is still a long way to go.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

You look beautiful! And I'm so glad you enjoyed the Governor. I've met her a couple times and am always impressed that she is so nice while still being so frickin' smart. One of my favorite ladies for sure.

Also, thank you for talking about this film; I'll definitely have to try to catch it.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anita Fendrock said...

I love hearing about women coming together to inspire and empower each other. And when the story is accompanied by great pictures, all the better! (You look fabulous in your blue dress and red boots!)

I am proud to be a woman, and proud to be a feminist, as well. I agree that we have to teach our young women to be proud of who and what they are; we also have to teach our young men to respect girls and women and not to objectify them.

Every one of us can make a difference! Vote, volunteer, mentor, teach; little bits of time and effort all add up.

And celebrating individuality as you do is very inspiring and empowering, I think. I bet that you have inspired more than one young girl without even knowing it.

Thanks for sharing!
xo, Anita

Trees said...

Wow - what an amazing experience!! I agree so much needs to change, I really get sick of people telling me "feminism is dead" because women are now equal to men - what total crap. Even though nz has had 2 female Prime Ministers, we have a hell of a long way to go too!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'll bet you were the most FAAAAAARKING awesome woman there - you're a bloody head-turner you gorgeous wench! Look at that frock on you, so simple yet check out your glorious figure! The wonderful thing about you darling woman, is that you can turn up to such an event, make a shit load of sense, be an inspiration for women young and old, all by being YOURSELF!!! To me, that is the critical point of the issue of women being under represented in positions of power - women MUST step out of the shadows of fear and voice their opinions loudly in their own way, by being themselves. KRISTA FOR PRESIDENT!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

Scarlett said...

Sounds like a great evening, the stats are shocking though. There is certainly a need for change regarding media etc. Scarlett x

Jean at said...

I think Anita said everything I want to say as well. I realize that because I pretty much avoid television, rarely see movies, listen primarily to jazz, and my children are grown that I'm not reminded on a daily basis of how very sexist/misogynistic the popular culture still is. I agree that it's absolutely essential to be vocal, to reclaim the crown called feminism, and to find a way to be a positive force in the world. Each of us has a unique voice to contribute.

Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

You are fantastic, I'd love to see this film, it's definitely an issue that needs more media coverage... if it wasn't mainly controlled by people that aren't at all interested in women who aren't sexy or victims


Krista for president INDEED!

You look stunning in navy, really gorgeous.

I want all the details of what you discussed with Governor Roberts, ALL the details.

I was saying to Rob yesterday, my expectations of the boys regarding domestic skills etc is too low. I have to fight a natural urge not do do everything for them.
I don't want the 3 of them thinking that women are on this earth just to ogle or cook and clean.

A very big subject to discuss in little bits, but yes, WE are more thn pretty, we demand equal pay and rights across the board, and we reserve the right to be sexy AND intelligent.

Krista - you the woman!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Our campus did a screening of Miss Representation and the audience was so packed that we had to turn people away. I agree with you that we need MANY more women in political office.

Ivy Black said...

Get in there, girl! I bet yo blew hem away. Yo are bloody fabulous.

I'd love to have been there. There is something incredibely empowering about women coming together and standing up for themselves. I know that I have a reputation as a mouthy, hard arse just because I refuse to accept casual mysogny in the workplace...sad though as it seems I've been fighting it since my first proper job in 1986!


VainGlorySinner said...

I had no idea what this post was about as I've been absent from blog land for a little bit but looking over your posts this month has been so interesting! You've been a busy busy busy bee indeed - do many awesome pictures and thing to see - I bet this month has been wonderful for you :D

Us girls do need to stick together - we have so much more freedome compared to ye olde days but there are still places in this world where the spirits of women are still crushed by men and in this day and age it seems like such an alien thing! I'm just wondering when there is going to be a female president of the united states! Now that would be a awesome sight!

Talking of awesome sights.. I can't remember the last time I saw you wear something 'dark' coloured - maybe your last halloween post :p but that dress is lovely, especially with the thin little red belt and cow boy boots! Yeeeee-ha girl power! xxx

Bella Q said...

I want to see the movie!

La Dama said...

So glad your grand day went splendid!
You look gorgeous in dark colors too, blue navy dress with thin red belt.
Those cowgirl boots are amazing.
I want to see the movie too.
Governor Roberts sounds awesome.
Girl Power!

Misfits Vintage said...


As often happens, Curtise said everything I want to.

We are so much more than pretty!

Together we can change the story being told.

Count me IN, sister!

You are a wonder, Krista. An inspiration, a treat and a wonder. We are so lucky to have you here!

Love! Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh, and you look AMAAAAZING!!!