Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fun in the sun

Thank you sun for shining bright and burning away my winter blues and melting my frustrations with work and restoring balance in the universe.  I want to kiss your firey ball of magnificence!
 This weekend was everything I needed and more.
 On Friday I scored 6 dresses for $40!  I KNOW HUH!!!! Here is one is one of them.

 I spent Saturday with my friend Tammy and her sweet lil girl, who was so much fun!
 Adorable aren't they!
Girls just wanna have fun.
We ate yummy tacos on Cinco de Mayo and talked trash :) all while looking fabulous! I ate so much this weekend!  As soon as it starts to heat up all I want to do is BBQ and eat salads. Here is a delicious Kale salad.
This one has romaine lettuce, papaya's and avocado.
and then Chris cooked for me:)
What do you like to eat when the weather warms up?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't know where to start!!
This is one of your magical post that brightens everyone's day!!!
At first sight I fell immediately in love with the dress and the whole hot pink and red ensemble!!
Those boots are made for walking!!
You should be always in my collages!!
And your friend and her beautiful daughter seem so happy wearing your creations!!!
I also like to taste the salads and Chris's food...delicious!!What a beautiful day!xxx

During summer I prefer to eat lots of salad and fresh fruits during the day and pasta at night!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love the sun!! It actually shone for a bit this afternoon.
You need to show off all your dresses!
mmmm all that food looks so good, never had a salad like that but I want some.

I like picking at food when it's hot

Vix said...

What a wonderful post, Krista darling!
Hoorah for the sun! we have it today too and it makes me feel so much better!
I love your frock, you look gorgeous. I'm dying to see the other five if they're even half as pretty as that one.
Tammy and her daughter re so cute, I bet nobody could take their eyes off the three of you.
I love salad and have eaten it constantly since I got back, much as I adore curry I come back craving lettuce!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bella Q said...

Pink/red combo never looked so good. And I am loving the floral headpieces- when we meet, I hope we're both wearing our Sassy Vamps florals! xo. -Bella Q

Perdita said...

Love that dress!

Sadly the weather isn't warm for us at all. :/ I love a nice BBQ, or, strangely chips (fries) with salt and vinegar- reminds me of the seaside!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Is it just me sniggering at kissing the fiery ball of magnificence? I would though, if it ever made a bloody appearance. Gorgeous again, I'll have to rely on you to brighten things up xx

Louise said...

I tend to be a salad and seafood eater when the weather heats up. It was sunny here today, and predictably I have stocked up on salad. I love your big pink cross, that is gorgeous! xx

Helga! said...

O,good GOD I want to touch YOUR firey balls of magnificence!!! You look AMAZING!!! Love the new frock,6 for $40 is a fabulous deal,just the way we like it!!!
Gawd,those salads look delish!! When the weather is hot,it's Mexican or Thai all the way for me!!! Mind you,that's what I like whatever the weather!!!! I do especially like a spicey thai salad........yeah,CHILLI!!!!
Must email you,have questions!!
Muchos LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, the dress makes the bosom lovely, lovely, lovely! The kale salad looks delicious! In the warm summer months, I eat loads of fresh fruit and usually I don't trick it out very much.

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy guacamole - six frocks for forty bucks is AAAAAAAWESOOOOME! And YOU in that fab frock - AAAWESOOOME! And pink and red and glorious sunshiny days and your shiny shiny beautiful hair and exquisite smile!!! I eat the same three things over and over and over, no matter the weather. You look so gorgeous, mi amor - and your friends are so beautiful too - floral headpieces and heart shaped sunnies - YAY!

Love! Sarah xxx

Trees said...

6 frocks for $40 - yes PLEASE!! You look so happy spending time with your friend and her daughter. Also I have just eaten dinner but those food pics are making me hungry again!

two squirrels said...

Yay for $40 spent on 6 DRESSES!!!!! That is a perfect way to make the sun shine.
Look at you in that little dream of a dress, pretty!! Love the red tights.
Heart sunnies are a must for all beautiful ladies.
Love v


This outfit is one of the very best - you look incredible, really pretty.

I crave carb-heavy food when it's cold, salads and snacks when it's warm.

I love the look of that kale salad, it looks perfect - like you.

Loads a love,

Lucy x


This outfit is one of the very best - you look incredible, really pretty.

I crave carb-heavy food when it's cold, salads and snacks when it's warm.

I love the look of that kale salad, it looks perfect - like you.

Loads a love,

Lucy x

Miss Magpie said...

6 dresses for $40?? I bow to your buying skills and can't wait to see them.

Summer means salad and ICE CREAM!

Miss Magpie said...

not together obviously! that would be gross

The Canon Girl said...

What a beautiful dress and OMG that food looks absolutely amazing! I need it!!

pastcaring said...

Goodness gracious, you are like a great ball of fiery magnificence yourself, Krista!
Looking hot hot hot in that pretty dress, which fits you (by which I mean your girls!) to perfection!
Your friend and her daughter are adorable, and all that food looks so good... I'm hungry! But it certainly isn't BBQ and salad weather here yet...
I think we should all come round to yours for Fiery Magnificence and salad, hurray!! xxxxx

La Dama said...

I like to BBQ and eat lots of seafood and spicy fruit, if we ever get a chance in this grey weather.
6 frocks for $40 what a bargain!
Red and pink is my fave combination of colors. your floral lovelies.
adore your pink cowboy boots.

Heather said...

Oh YUM!! that food looks delish :) 6 dresses awesome!! The one your wearing looks fantastic!! super cute pictures of you with your friend...I can see your triceps in that one looking good your zumba is working great, I keep meaning to try it but some cardio is to much with my asthma I will have to check it out~ I finally have internet again so I can get caught up on blogging. I love all the color on your blog it always makes me smile ~Enjoy the rest of your week xx Heather