Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happiness is...

Something unexpected from someone who cares...
 This beautifully creative portrait of me above and Peetee (in love with a jellyfish) below came from the most adorably creative Anton of The Boy With Blue Hair. I have always wanted to be a cartoon version of myself and it has happened twice this month, nobody pinch me, I never want to wake from this dream:)
We both share a love of animals but Anton and his family take in stray cats ~love them, feed them and keep them safe from the cruelty of the streets.  Don't you love him already!  Thanks Anton for these amazing portraits.  Peetee sends you licks!

Another person who has shown me some love from across the pond is Holly of The Fashion Turd.  She makes these unique stand out colorful brooches and now I am the lucky owner of one.  Isn't it crazy beautiful!
If you think I have a bright spirit, go and have a look at Holly, she really is gorgeously different.  Thanks Holly!

I also have the sweetest little girl who lives on my street and yesterday she left this at my door.
Her Mom is super creative and they are always doing something crafty.  Unexpected sweetness you gotta love it!

I also found the time to clean up my closet, it was kinda like shopping as I found things I had forgot about.

 This is a print from a new Hawaiian dress I found.
Being silly also makes me happy :)

and so do they.

What is happiness for you right now?


La Dama said...

Amor you are so inspirationaly lovely that's why everyone wants to draw you.
love you and your monita in orange frock.
a need a good closet clear out too. would love to rummage in your rainbow closet.
I cant wait to see you modeling Hawaiian dress for us.
being silly is what is all about!

Miss Magpie said...

Happiness can always be found in a big cup of tea :-)

Those flowers are lovely, doesn't it just fill your heart when people do lovely spontaneous things like that?

I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of you in the tartan/plaid frock to the right of the picture!

Ivy Black said...

No are a natural muse!
Happiness is the smile on my dog.

Helga! said...

Happiness is seeing you getting such lovely love and treats!
How very wonderful,and so well deserved!
I want to play in your closet....XXX

Anonymous said...

I love Anton's illustrations!!!
You are such a muse (and Peetee as well!!) you deserve all those beautiful presents!! Even the doll looks like you, she's so cute!!
Thank you very much for the fabulous closet's sneak peek, I'd love to live in there!!
Lots of love!!!

Melanie said...

What a gorgeously colourful wardrobe!

Happiness is a binkying bunny!


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

This is the third post I've seen this evening with a peek into someone's wardrobe and I am SOOOO jealous!

You are a perfect cartoon muse - wouldn't it be cool to have a graffiti portrait of yourself somewhere? Do you have a spare white wall?

I have a cartoon of me somewhere which a friend made me on a birthday card, I think it got put away when we moved a few years back, I must dig it out (I was in my biker boots phase at the time)

Happiness is a clean house, quiet children and a hot laptop right now! And a glass of wine ;-)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love the way you look, you look like a cartoon character come to life - so does peetee! You're so colourful no wonder someone would want to draw you!

Happiness is cuddling my dog and boyfriend and listening to birds singing in the garden

Anonymous said...

Having a hard time finding my happiness right now. But I love to hear that you have such great things going on. I'm looking forward to our date on Saturday :) -Tammy

Misfits Vintage said...

I'm just happy right now - great new job - city and beach - friends and family - frocks and music!

And seeing you looking your b beautiful self makes me HAPPY too - and your lovely boys - and lush green garden - and your WAAARDROOOBE! Man alive, will Helga ever have fun in there!

You're so beautiful Krista - if I had an artistic bone in my body I would want to paint you too! Love! Sarah xxx

Strawberry Freckleface said...

That Hawaiian print is PERFECT!

Perdita said...

Nice cartoons- love the brooch and flowers, too. Unexpected surprises are lovely!

Nat said...

Fantastic cartoons and a lovely peek into your pretty wardrobe :-)
Happiness for me right now is the prospect of a 3-day weekend with friends...

pastcaring said...

You make a fabulous cartoon, Kriast, and so does Peetee! No wonder friends and neighbours want to give you pretty things, you're a colourful gal with a great big heart!
I'm drooling a little looking at your wardrobe... Why do other people's clothes always look more interesting than my own? LOVE the floral print on your Hawaiian frock.
YOU make me happy! xxx

Vix said...

I agree with Curtise, you make me happy (along with beaches, booze, sunshine and music)! I love both cartoon Kristas, they are just perfect and capture your gorgeousness and uniqueness perfectly!
Love The Turd's pin, those pretty flowers and that tantalising glimpse into your rainbow wardrobe.
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Your closet is like a candy shop!

VainGlorySinner said...

And the most colourful closet award goes toooo... DUH DUH DUUUUUH... KRISTA!

Love the pictures from The Boy With Blue Hair, especially the eyeballs and teeth in the hair flowers haha! He has captured you and your personality well!

Antibiotics are making me happy right now! After over three weeks of having the flu (just as it seems to be getting better it decides to kick me in the head and become far worse GRRR) I decided to give in and go to the doctors - now I can finally feel myself getting slowly better! xxx

anton belardo said...

hey lovely
so happy that you like my little something for you :)

will reply to your email asap

kisses A.

The Canon Girl said...

You've gotta give me your closet, what gorgeous colors!!