Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I kneed you!

The rain is back, that's Springtime for you in Oregon!  I really wanted to thank all of you for such insightful comments regarding my last few posts.  Being part of this blogging community has given me more strength to be myself and a meaningful way of connecting with all you fabulous creatures! Enough of all that deep crap for a bit, but I am working on something that I will eventually ask you all to take part in :) Remember I am forever changed!
 This is another $5 dress, the socks cost more than my dress, for reals!
 Beautiful necklace made by Edie's Mom. I want to smoother both Edie and her Mom with kisses!!!

Some double bow action because it's been a while.
 Candy skull bracelets made by me.
My blessed pink prayer bracelet sent to me by our sweet Vix.  Have you seen what she is wearing today?!
 Peetee, cutest pooch ever!

  Sometimes he feels like my better half:)
I have been a bit naughty these days.  I told myself one pink pair of boots was enough.  It wasn't.  I have found two pair of boots on ebay complete with hearts and rhinestones...I'm a friggin' rhinestone cowgirl.  Stayed tuned :)


Vix said...

Hearts and rhinestones? I can't wait to see those beauties, my head might explode!
Your frock-that-costs-less-than-your-socks is glorious and so's your bangles and bows and Peetee, naturally!
I loved the comments you got yesterday, what an amazing community of women we are.
Speak very soon!
Love you! xxxxxxxxx

Nat said...

A girl can never have too many pink boots :-) Especially ones with hearts and rhinestones!
Just caught up on your post from yesterday and found the conversation most interesting...

Ivy Black said...

Gorgeous! Life's too short not to have as many pairs of pink boots as possible!

Lucy Nation said...

I love your blue skull barettes. They look great against your pink hair. Thaat dress is so pretty too - what a bargain :)

Heather said...

Beautiful ...Love this dress so pretty and the bracelets that is one of my favorite looks all stacked like that!! Good Luck snagging those boots on Ebay!! :) You are an amazing bargain Huntress!! ~Love Heather


I hope you don''t mind me saying this (I know you won't) but Peetee has stolen all the glory here - what a GORGEOUS shot! Awww, what a face.

It goes without saying that you look super-fit, super cool, and kitschy cute with your double-bow, amazing bracelts, funky boots and winning smile.

Can't wait to hear more about your forthcoming plans.

Loadsalove Cariad,

Lucy x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

OH my god, I can't wait to see these amazing boots of POWER!! And I'm intrigued to find out what exciting projects you've got planned

Helga! said...

Rhinstone Cowgirl YEEHAH!! A gal can NEVER have too many pink boots,never too many ANYTHING,darling!Just not enough storage!!!
You look soooo gorgeous,I love this frock and the double bows are KILLING me!I can't WAIT to meet Peetee!!!

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

LOVE that dress. It looks so good with your hair and your boots and the awesome double bows.

Also, can't wait to hear about your upcoming project. I know I'm a new reader, but definitely count me in!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista!
Can't wait to see your new rhinestones boots!
Lovely dress love those cute bows!

Take care doll!

Ariane xxxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh man, you are AMAZING in that dress and boots.... you are amazing, PERIOD, but I especially love you in this gorgeous pattern/colour combo.

Thos boots are so fab - I can't wait to see rhinestones!!! Love all of your bracelets and hair bows - and of course, I especially adore Peetee boy. Big hugs and love, Sarah xxx

The Style Crone said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on SC and thanks to the generous and gorgeous Vix, I have found your blog. Which is wonderful, because I love your pink boots and everything that you had to say in your past few posts. Krista, so happy to meet you!

Anonymous said...

I love the boots with these socks! Is it possible to order a candy colored skull bracelet?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your new boots!!
I love the rhinestone cowgirl look!!!
And all your skull bracelets and hairclips are amazing (I wear mine everyday now!!).
The print of your new dress is lovely,kisses to Peetee, I love the half faces photo!!
Lots of love!!

Dina said...



pastcaring said...

The socks cost more than that fabulous frock? How mad is that?!
You look wonderful as ever, you delightful Rhinestone Cowgirl. I can quite see that you HAD to have those boots, they are made to be worn by you.
Double bows and double kisses to you, my dear! xxxxxx

mirrorandmoon said...

Those boots are too awesome! Your doggy is adorable!!

La Dama said...

More fabulous new boots amor!
I love your cowboys and rhinestones.
Your frock is divina like you.
double bows rocks against your pink ass hair.
eyeing up your skull bracelets.
cant wait to hear about your projects.
Pete is always the main man.