Thursday, May 10, 2012

I want I want I want!

Well it's bright and early here, I've just finished my first cup of coffee and an hour of Zumba~ I am now ready to tackle this day.  I'm going to try and do a post before I go on what I pack for the weekend getaway. The weather says temperatures in the upper 80's so you can bet your sweet ass bare legs are in order.  For all of you in places where it's still wet and gray I am sending you tons of warm and sunny vibes.

These are some things I'm lusting after at the moment!  I rarely wear ear rings in my first hole, mainly because I am lazy.  I have been looking for something unique to keep in my ears at all times that I can also sleep with.  Oddly enough I am attracted to these fake gauge ear rings even though I have no desire to stretch my ears out.  All these are made by SwirlyGirlyGoddess
 What do you think?  Pretty cool huh!
  I actually went with something a bit more neutral since I want to wear them all the time.  I bought these.
They are made by Primal Origins and arrived yesterday I love the look and feel of them. I also love these.

I also am digging but not buying these beauties found on Green Market Vintage.

These are pretty fantastic too, found at Luv Stoned Vintage.

Don't you just love color!  These prints make me hungry!  What have you been lusting after these days?



I can just see you in that strapless maxi and the long one with cute white halter straps.
It's rained solidly all day here, I have the blinds closed and the lamps on - it's depressing when the kids are bored and want to play on outside their slide.
I am always looking for the perfect pair of earrings which I can leave in all the time. Those earrings look quite futuristic - remind meof the Hunger Games!
Have a fantastic time, look forward to hearing about your latest adventures!


lucy x

Thick Threads said...

the earings are great! i love the pink sparkley ones. I had gauges for a while but they where really small, barely 14' or something like that it was a while ago so i dont remember really. I love the green dress with pretty red detail, soooo gorgeous! andthe jacket with the stich in the back sooo awesome! :) love it :)


Thick Threads said...
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Vix said...

What a fabulous burst of colour! It's very weird here, quite humid but dark and wet, vileness!
I've only ever seen those earrings in wood before, they're gorgeous in colour, especially the ones you chose, they'll show up through your hair a treat!
I'll take that Aztec bag, the denim jacket and that ruffle top maxi, please! You'd look gorgeous in that halterneck one.
Are you all packed yet!
Love & kisses! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

A gorgeous burst of's a bit grey here so it's lovely to see.
The halterneck is stunning, can't wait to see you in it.xxxxx

VainGlorySinner said...

I purchased a pair of fake gauge earrings from eBay, they were purple and black and looked like a horn.. the only problem was the actual bar was too thick to go through my ear.. it was like 3 times the width of a normal earring and it was supposed to be fake for normal pierced ears! I did try forcing it through but it didn't work. Booo!

I love the ones that you chose - you'll have to show us a picture of them in action! xxx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Love the bright green dress with the hot pink embroidery, would look awesome with your hair! :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Thanks for the hot weather! Let's hope it turns up soon!!

I love those earrings!! You'd really suit them. Such a colourful load of clothes, hardly surprising considering how much of a human rainbow you are! XXXX

Anonymous said...

Holy Rainbow Brite again!!I love when you post all these stunning and colored things and your new earrings are amazing, I also like the other white carved pair, but every pair is very beautiful!I love all the floral dresses and the playsuit in the last photo is my favorite!!
In these days I have a new obsession:
I'd love to have an eyeballs printed skirt or dress,I know it sounds weird..And I want a Gunne Sax 70's maxi white dress!!! I'd like also to restyle a lot of vintage things that I own, I have so many projects! if only I could have time...

pastcaring said...

Oh those colourful floral dresses are just wonderful, i can see you in each and every one!
It's really hard to know what to wear here at the moment, it's so warm but overcast and wet too, very odd. Sunglasses and an umbrella, that's what I need!
Hope you have a brilliant weekend of sunshine! xxxxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Fabulous wonderful marvellous! You know how I LOVE colour - I love all of these - especially the maxi (and is that a little jumpsuit/playsuit at the bottom left? You would look AMAAAAZING in it! Can't wait to see you model those earrings for us - and happy travels! Love! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

I like the purple glittery version of the earrings and that last pic? Is it a playsuit with an overskirt? How wonderful.

Luna Tiger said...

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La Dama said...

I can totally see you rocking all the colorful frocks.
Love the green exi embroided dress and howdy fringed jacket.
love the intricate earrings.