Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm curious about you!

Being part of this blogging community has opened my eyes to the importance of mutually supportive relationships with other women. It is an exchange that has given me more than I could ever hope to play forward, but I will keep trying.  The benefit of being around other women who inspire me is evident in not only my appearance but the very core of who I am.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about what being a woman means to me.  A simple question but the answer has been a long and winding road and the journey continues.  Our struggle with appearance and what role that plays in our daily life can be a crippling or liberating one.  We are so much more than our looks, but the reality is how we feel about the way we look affects every part of our lives.

In my attempt to make sense of who I am as a woman I'd like to get to know you a bit more.  I was hoping each of you could answer a few questions for me.  You can do so publicly in the comments or privately in an email directly to me.  I just ask that you be honest and open with your responses.  The more people participating the better so please share it with all of the women in your life, young and old.

1)How old are you?
2)What does your appearance say about you?
3)Do you judge other people based on their appearance? If so, how?
4)Do you worry about your appearance? If so, how?
5)Is there a difference in being cute or being pretty?
6)What do you love about yourself?
7)What do you dislike about yourself?
8)What career can you see yourself in?

I'm not sure where I am going with all this but I have a feeling the results will guide me.  Thanks so much for caring and sharing!  If you want to email me directly too.

Now for some pictures:)  Check out these babies!!!!
How have I lived so long without these boots?
Or this space age dress?
 I'm pretty sure this used to be a mu mu but now it's a mini!
Now I'm just playing, it was rainy and cold outside and I couldn't help it.
 The buttons are cute, no?

Please try and find the time to participate.  Thanks and I love you!


Ivy Black said...

I lurve those boots so much!
I'm on it! I'll email my answers when I'm've given some food for thought there. xxxxx

Vix said...

That ex mu-mu is fantstic, the print is truly insane! You know I love those boots too much, bring them over in September so's I can steal them! Check out your trim tum in that floral skirt and how gorgeous you look in all your rainbow brite wardrobe!
I'll email my answers to you later (cider intake permitting).
Fabulous to chat yesterday, hope the sun'[s shining for your today!
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I love the home catwalk, so funny!!
All you are wearing is awesome,OMG I love the print of the first dress and the skirts!! And the new boots are better than in my imagination!!
If I'll find the time I'm gonna answer your questions, it's an interesting project!!
Lots of love!!!


1)34, I'll be 35 on the 4th of July!
2)it says I'm interesting

3)Totally, I spend my day looking at people and imagining how they live their life based on their hair, clothes and make-up.If they are head-to -toe in the latest fashions, have dyed re3d hair and neat make-up - I assume they are confident unimaignative, organised and fastidious (for example)

4)Constantly. I worry that I'm not projecting an accurate representation of myself, and also that I'm projecting a very accurate one. Extra weight - poor discipline, weak. Unkempt hair - lazy, lacking in pride. Scruffy nails - neglectful,tired, stressed.

5) Tough one. I think you can be pretty without being cute, but not vice-versa

6)Nothing, there's always room for imporovement.

7)Mostly everything. Belly, arms, blemishes on face, stretch marks, saggy boobs, flat bottom. Personality wise, my indecision, inability to say 'no'my lack of organisational skills...the list goes on and on.

8) Social care.

Love the chopped dress! Indeed - where HAVE those boots been, they sure have Krista written all over them!


Lucy x

Louise said...

What an interesting project, how could I not answer.

1) 30

2) I would hope that it says I know my own mind, am not afraid to go against the grain of what is considered 'fashionable' and that I'm not just another face in the crowd.

3) I think it's difficult not to judge people on their appearance, we're happiest when we can pigeon-hole people aren't we? I admit, I'm quite bad at it, for example if I go to an interview and other peopl haventt made an effort, I'll assume they aren't serious about getting the job, and so on, I do it all the time.

4) I'm not afraid to go out without makeup, or looking a bit rough just because sometimes you have to, but I do invest a lot of time in my skincare and my skin is an important thing to me, even though I do have frequent breakouts. Elements of my appearance cause me concern, but they are elements that are down to nature like skin and weight rather than my fashion appearance.

5) Yes, you can most definitely be one independent of the other, I have met some very pretty people who were too vile in personality to ever be cute.

6) I love being tall and I love my very full lips.

7) I hate my ugly feet, I'm not that keen on the shape of my eyes because they always look sleepy and I hate that I get fat on my back. Personality wise, I'll do anything to avoid arguments with loved ones, which means sometimes I go along with things I wish I'd said no to. I'm indecisive too, I hate that.

8) In the medium term, I'd like to work in property. Long term, I'd love my own tea shop.


Nat said...

Those boots were made for walking! And partying... and dancing... and strutting your stuff!

Right, here goes....

1)How old are you? 38
2)What does your appearance say about you? Probably something along the lines of "Eeeks! What were you thinking?!". Seriously, though, I tend to dress quite conservatively and practically, as I'm not very girly but I aspire to be elegant ;-)
3)Do you judge other people based on their appearance? If so, how? I do try not to as I have learned that appearances can be deceptive. I am more sensitive to people's demeanour and body language than the way they dress.
4)Do you worry about your appearance? If so, how? I worry that I am not appropriately dressed for big occasions. I worry less than I did in my 20s and I've learnt to live with myself.
5)Is there a difference in being cute or being pretty? Everyone has their own idea of pretty or cute... I think they can be the same thing :-)
6)What do you love about yourself? My capacity to laugh at myself. My ability to see things through and find a solution to problems.
7)What do you dislike about yourself? My tendency to panic about stuff beyond my control.
8)What career can you see yourself in? I'd love to be more creative... I am a medical writer so I deal with quite serious stuff, but I wish I could be a travel writer/photographer!

Looking forward to the results of your poll!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Well dress me up in sunshine and rainbows baby, you are rockin' EVERYTHING you're wearing in all of the pics, special love for the first frock, pink boots and orange beanie!!!! But I just LOVE it all!!! You are so inspiring and thank you for doing this wonderful Q&A:)).

1)How old are you?
2)What does your appearance say about you?
Umm, mad-but-intruiging?
3)Do you judge other people based on their appearance? If so, how?
I'm getting so much better at not judging - in fact, I'm really attracted to tramps and down-and-outers whom I tend to engage in conversation on a daily basis. There's no crap to cut through with people who have lost everything and are living on the edge.
4)Do you worry about your appearance? If so, how?
I used to worry a lot more about my appearance about five years ago ... I was going to get a tummy tuck to make my spare "baby skin" and stretch marks just go away. Now I wonder WTF I was thinking. Show me a woman who doesn't have appearance issues and I will worship at her temple of awesomeness forever.
5)Is there a difference in being cute or being pretty?
Interesting ... I feel many woman associate a "cute" woman with being unconventional and doing her own thang with her appearance e.g. awesome tatts, colourful hair, funky or an odd assemblage of clothing, piercings. "Pretty" seems to be reserved for woman who toe the line i.e. BORING!
6)What do you love about yourself?
I'm patient and I give everyone a chance to express themselves, no matter what their age or way of life.
I like that I can be vocal or very clear about my distaste for intolerance. I am a full-time care giver to my husband and I get extremely protective when I get the faintest whiff of impatience or intolerance of his multiple illnesses.
7)What do you dislike about yourself?
I have a short attention span.
I get bored once I feel I've learned everything I can about something. I'm ashamed of that trait.
8)What career can you see yourself in?
Professionally, I'm a print journalist and I think it's perfect for me as I love to hear people's stories and give them the opportunity to tell them in print. When I do eventually return to paid work though, I feel I may want to concentrate on human interest stories.

Thank you for this quiz darling Krista!! xxxxxx

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Hi Krista! I'm happy to participate.

1)How old are you? 37

2)What does your appearance say about you? I hope it says that I enjoy dressing myself. And that I'm playful and creative.

3)Do you judge other people based on their appearance? I hate to admit this but, yes, sometimes I do.

If so, how? It mostly happens at work. We have a pretty casual dress code, and I don't expect or want people to wear suits, I just wished people took more care in what they wore. No hole-y sweats topped with flannels. Yes, I'm terrible.

4)Do you worry about your appearance? I do.

If so, how? I like getting dressed and like to get dressed for how I feel at a certain time.

5)Is there a difference in being cute or being pretty? I guess so. I think I'm considered cute instead of pretty but I'm fine with that.

6)What do you love about yourself? My height, my smile, my sense of humor.

7)What do you dislike about yourself? I don't connect well with other people and I wish I could do so more easily. I'm mostly just painfully shy (blogging is different).

8)What career can you see yourself in? I'd LOVE to be a writer. But, I enjoy my current job quite a lot too. Well, the work, not necessarily the job.

Anonymous said...

1. I'm 58.
2. That I'm trying to be unafraid of aging.
3. I try not to judge others on appearance...though I worry about the health of some folks I see.
4. I worry about my complexion and muscle tone.
5. Major difference between cute and pretty. Neither is a goal of mine.
6. I love that I was blessed with the talent for writing.
7. That I'm not a very social person. I wish I was more outgoing.
8. I've spent my working life as a college instructor of creative writing, literature, and required writing courses.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hi Krista - surely those boots could only ever have been yours?!

I will answer your questions once I've got the kids off to school x

Trees said...

boots are amazing, as is the pattern on the now mini maxi frock! I will answer your questions - but I do need to ponder them more...hummm

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Those boots were waiting for you your whole life! All those outfits are cute - you're actually Kawaii rather than plain old cute

1)30 - 31 in August
2)I wonder if being overweight people think I don't take care of myself. I also think I must be a bit fearsome sometimes, I shoot daggers at people without realising. I also like to think I stand out

3)I do sadly, though sometimes when can see people's expressions and I realise I was wrong about them. People who have happy open faces, no matter how they dress I tend to judge as more approachable. I tend to judge people as being interesting or boring too, whether we would get on or not.

4)I worry about looking ridiculous, I feel being bigger there's a precarious line between edgey and looking silly. I feel like thinner people can get away with more.

5)My boyfriend was the first person to tell I was cute - as in adorable. I like being cute, it makes me feel more adored, though it's not very grown up. I suppose being pretty is more sophisticated.

6)My brain mostly!

7)My fat bits, mainly my stomach

8)something creative and I would most definitely love to work for myself!

two squirrels said...

Oh Krista I have been reading all your wonderful posts for days now and have been a to afraid to comment.
I am going to answer these questions, after I get over being scared.
Yip I will do it!!!!
Love v

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hello again

1) I am 35
2) Depending on the day, either:
a)That I am confident enough to go out without being made up/overdone
b) That I would like to be more put together but lack the confidence
c) That I'm younger than I am
d) That I like to be comfortable but have some interest in what I'm wearing
3) Yeah, up to a point. I mean - not JUDGE as in 'God you must be a dreadful person' but everyone makes first impression judgements about people, adjusting where you think people 'fit' in the world. Although I don't actually care what other people wear - only what I wear. My best friend never wears jewellery, lots of black, doesn't like to stand out ever - that's fine. I quite often WONDER privately what the hell people were thinking, but wouldn't be rude enough to pass comment!
4) Yeah of course, sometimes. Other times I really don't care. I would like my pre-baby figure back, but whilst I'm not gorgeous, and have a flat nose etc I don't particularly want to change my face. I would LOVE to be photogenic though, the fact that I look so shit in photos compared to the mirror does upset me a but!
5)Yes, although I'd put cute/pretty together a bit more and have beautiful as a different category. Or striking - that's probably a good thing to be.
6) I'm funny, a good friend, good writer...looks wise I have good lips and hairdressers always admire my hair natural colour and texture (different matter when it's left to my devices!)
7) Flabby upper arms, cellulite, post baby boob droop! Am also overly critical and inclined to jealousy. At least I know this though!
8) Writer, private detective!

Miss Magpie said...

You know it's funny I hate pink with a passion but I don't mind it on other people who look fabulous in it like you!

Kari said...

Hey! Just found you off citizen rosebud. Your last couple posts really struck a chord. Lately I wonder the same thing. Basically what the f is wrong with women. Why can't we be more supportive of each other? It really bothers me now which I wonder if it's a age thing.....being finally bothered by it (41 BTW). I got no answers but I swear if you lived here. We would start a movement, I'm sick of it, it needs to end.

So your questions. I'll answer but I can't fix typos on my iPad in blogger comments so stick with me.

1) 41

2) I'm drawn to black, I love motor cycle jackets and I walk with my head held up high with a stride like a man. My appearance says bad ass.

3) I don't know. I mean I'm sure I do. If only because I'll think hmmmm they are not what I thought after all. But I can't say I go through life saying, OMG her blue jeans are so 2004.

4) short answer no. I wish I could take more chance with color like you do.

5)To me cute is word relegated to the young and you either grow into pretty or you don't. Pretty isn't just looks its a package.

6) big massive calves. I'd sit around and fondle them all day if I could. I have worked so hard for every muscle in this body. But it's the calves I want to flaunt.

7) I kinda miss my boobs. I had no idea how tied into my persona they were until they Shrunk to a 36b. But I don't miss them enough to do anything about....I dunno kind of a shrug over here.

8) the one I'm in. I've had so much variety in my life from creative to mundane. Each job is good iN some aspects and bad too. There is no perfect job. The people I work with are hard working, have my back and make me laugh. You can't ask for more than that.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh those boots are frickin SPLENDID! The mini is fabularse! And I love the buttons on that super cute skirt too!

1)How old are you?


2)What does your appearance say about you?

It says 'Hello! I march to my own beat and I don't much care what you think of me! Please get out of my way now!'

3)Do you judge other people based on their appearance? If so, how?

Of course, I make an initial impression. Mostly I see people trying to 'fit in' and afraid to be themselves... I see them colourless and drab, predictable and uninspired... And I kinda feel sorry for them.

4)Do you worry about your appearance? If so, how?

I don't 'worry'... but of course I have things about my body that I'd like to change but I have great perspective and value my health enormously, so mostly I am pretty happy with my lot.

5)Is there a difference in being cute or being pretty?

Don't know, or care to spend even a minute thinking about it!

6)What do you love about yourself?

My intelligence, compassion, humour, resilience, acceptance, thirst for knowledge, capacity for love and courage!

7)What do you dislike about yourself?

My weaknesses.

8)What career can you see yourself in?

Photographer extraordinaire!

Heather said...

Love your indoor photo shoot ~That mini mumu is so cute love the picture/pattern on it so cool...Love the boots are those the new ebay ones??

OK here goes with the answers 1)How old are you? 38 in sept.

2)What does your appearance say about you? It says I am a quiet girl with a rebel inside lol! Even though I am quiet I am a strong confident girl

3)Do you judge other people based on their appearance? If so, how? I am not perfect but I try very hard not to....I am often judged for being Christian and having Tattoos I have learned through experience how awful and selfish this act is ...If I have learned anything in life it is you can't judge a book by it's cover. When we judge others we are the ones that miss out on the gifts they have to share. So it becomes our loss.

4)Do you worry about your appearance? If so, how?
I worry most about being healthy I think how you feel reflects strongly on how you look. If you are taking care of yourself and you feel good it won't matter what you wear you will look fantastic.

5)Is there a difference in being cute or being pretty?
I just quoted Audrey Hepburn on my blog and I think she said it well that happy girls are the prettiest girls...if your happy and you feel good about yourself that makes you cute and pretty!

6)What do you love about yourself? A Pastor told me once that I am like an arrow that when I have a purpose I shoot straight for it until I reach it. I like how when I have a purpose I am not afraid to stretch myself towards what needs to be done.

7)What do you dislike about yourself?
That sometimes I can be quiet when I need to be loud. I hope that as I grow in wisdom, age and experience I will also strengthen that voice of mine as well.

8)What career can you see yourself in? I am a teacher although I have never been formally trained as one in a college or university I think that is just a formality. There is always an opportunity to share your light of knowledge with others...I have taught in many different avenues of my life and I think that it just comes naturally to me and I will continuer to do so.

Thanks Krista for posting these questions we have so much we can learn from each other xx Heather

pastcaring said...

Firstly - mini mu-mu, miaow! You're looking hot, love! Love all the gorgeousness on your cat walk, but especially you!
Now - I'm late to answer your questions, cos they're HARD! Well, they are for me, you have made me think and shown me that I'm rather ambivalent about all this appearance stuff. But here goes...
1) 47, 48 next month.
2) I think my appearance says I enjoy clothes, I don't mind taking a risk and being conspicuous, that I want to be a bit different from the herd. That I make an effort!
3) This question is tricky. You know, I guess I do make judgments, though I shouldn't. Not in a "you shouldn't wear that" kind of way, or deciding whether I will like someone or not, or making judgments about their physical appearance, but I am disappointed that so many people wear such dull clothes, and I must admit I consider an awful lot of people to be poorly or boringly dressed. That's bad, right?
4) I always worried, a lot. Always felt a bit hideous really. Now, not so much. Ageing doesn't worry me much - I've never been a cute/pretty girl so I've nothing to lose by getting older! Dressing well or with flair (in my opinion, that is!) covers a multitude of sins, and takes attention away from my face! I like to think I can look striking, even if I can't look beautiful.
5)I don't know the difference between cute and pretty. Someone commented that they are words associated with being young, and I think I agree. Would anyone describe a woman in her 60s as pretty or cute?
6) I've found some confidence at last from somewhere - hurrah! Physically, I like my height, my overall shape, my hands, my hair (on a good day). I'm pleased with my ability to be a good pal and make people laugh, and that I laugh a lot myself. I like to think I'm articulate.
7) Lots of stuff. Impatient, prone to pessimism and melancholy, shouty (at the kids), I hold grudges, I take against people, and then refuse to let them redeem themselves. And I've got crap skin and hate my teeth!
8) I had a career, but gave it up. I can't believe that having children is all I'm capable of doing, but I'm not sure how employable I am now. I used to work in mental health care and liked that, and was good at it, so maybe one day, I'll get back to it. If I can't run a blisteringly successful vintage emporium, that is!
Thanks for asking the questions, Krista, I've been interested to read the other responses, and can't wait to hear what you make of us all! xxxxxxx

Ashley Clarke said...

Hi. I'm not a woman but I just found your blog and I like it, so I will answer your questions even though I might not be what you were looking for.
1) I am twenty.
2) My appearance says a lot about me. I use it as a form of expression, and also a form of defense, and I'll be honest when I say that I get a kick out of someone hating what I wear.
3) Yes, I judge people on their appearance, initially. I know this might not be moral, but I do think you can tell a lot about people from their appearance. But of course, some people surprise you.
4)I worry about my appearance a lot. As I said above, it is both a defense and an expression.
5)There is definitely a difference between cute and pretty. Cute is an infantilised perception of attractiveness. Pretty is a broader term for attractiveness, but I still think that it has connotations with purity, and in that sense it can also be infantilising.
6)I love how open-minded I am; it disturbs me to see how ignorant and intolerant some people are. And I love my fashion sense.
7)I dislike certain parts of my face, and I dislike that I can be unreliable at times.
8)I see myself doing something creative and soul-fulfilling. I would rather be poor and happy, or at least I hope I would.

Thank you anyway. I followed you. :)
Ashley x

Thick Threads said...

how cool do you look in these! no seriously how cool is it? because my brain has gone off the radar and burst into flames because of the raddness of your outfit and accessories! the colors! love them!

1)How old are you?
a whopping 23 :)

2)What does your appearance say about you?
I'm not sure, i try to just be honest to myself and project what i think is important to project about myself which is confidence (when i have it, its hard to keep it up sometime) self acceptance and individuality.

3)Do you judge other people based on their appearance? If so, how?
I really try not to, and I find myself sticking up for the people who are being judged by my friends or family, i really despise the judgment of other base on their appearance and i really try to keep it to a minimum, of course sometimes i catch myself thinking that this person looks like something or another but whenever I do i take a few more glances and see the positive sides or the reality sides of it, i hope that makes sense.

4)Do you worry about your appearance? If so, how?
I do, i worry that I can'T pull off the fashion as well as a "normal sized" person and that I will get laughed at or that people just wont understand that I'm working on my's a difficult thing

5)Is there a difference in being cute or being pretty?
hmm good question... I have no idea how to answer it, i think cute is connected with someone looking sweet and innocent, while pretty is an ideal most people go for.

6)What do you love about yourself?
I like that I can stay open minded in almost any situation and still stand my ground and voice my opinion

7)What do you dislike about yourself?
i doubt myself way too often...

8)What career can you see yourself in?
i can see myself doing what I'm studying to be "transcultural Communication" its the deep understanding of communication between many cultures and languages, very interesting stuff and I love to work with languages and meeting people from different countries so keep your fingers crossed! :)

Hope these are helping you find whatever it is that you're looking for!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

1)How old are you? 21
2)What does your appearance say about you? It says I'm a vintage loving girl who doesn't feel the need to wear make up.
3)Do you judge other people based on their appearance? If so, how? I try not to because I don't like people judging me, but if you're wearing pj's in a shopping centre you're going to be looked at funny.
4)Do you worry about your appearance? If so, how? Not really I worry if my outfit matches but that only matters to me. As I said I never wear make up.
5)Is there a difference in being cute or being pretty? Nah!
6)What do you love about yourself? My sense of style.
7)What do you dislike about yourself? My anxiety.
8)What career can you see yourself in? I see myself in a shop selling vintage but in reality I'm studying to be an Education Assitant.