Monday, May 21, 2012

Look up and wonder

Two days hardly seems like enough time away from work!  I still feel fired up about last week.  It was a lot to digest and sort out.  I still wonder how their can be so many beautiful, talented, and smart women in the USA but yet we can't elect a governing body to reflect that.  Are women so distrustful of each other that we would rather just let men handle it?
I don't want women to be all screwed up! I want us to be strong, independent and proud to be women. I want us to quit hurting each other and start helping each other. I want us to stick together!
Can you feel me?  What has happened to our sisterhood?
 Even these two get along.
 The question really becomes, how do we do this?
I started writing this weekend about what is means to be a girl and I realized I started hating myself in the 5th grade, 5th grade!!! I don't want another 5th grade girl to have any reason to hate herself.  Why has it taken me all these years to finally be who I am and love myself for it? How do we stop the madness?


Vix said...

I don't know what it is with so many women but there is an element of bitchiness and distrust that you rarely find amongst men. Is it genetic or learnt? Maybe we should ban those hideous celebrity magazines which thrive on pointing out other women's shortcomings. The rot has to start somewhere.
We're not all like that though, there's the sisterhood of blogging where fabulous, generous and kind hearted women get together and mutually support each other with good advice and positivity.
Enough of the deep shit, you look utterly stunning, I love your floppy hippy hat, your hair in plaits, that awesome frock and the fabulous woman in it!
I can't wait to speak tomorrow.
Love you! xxxxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Agree with Vix, we have a major problem in the UK with magazines and newspapers which just adore pointing out women's flaws - cellulite, surgery scars, the temerity of getting older, having babies and not losing the weight, getting too skinny too quickly after babies - it's all ruthlessly photographed and mocked. There's also been a problem with anonymous gossip sites where secondary school age kids post malicious gossip about each other. Facebook can be horribly bitchy too.

Blogging has been such a revelation - I know there is some trolling but it seems far outweighed by the supportive generous and smart women who comment. And on that note - gorgeous frock, and yay for the plaits again!

pastcaring said...

I think it's learned myself, this competetiveness based on looks which breeds low self-esteem. I experienced it for sure, and am fighting hard to educate my girls that they have tons to offer the world based on who they are and what they think and do, not how they look.
Vix is right though, there are lots of women who genuinely do like and respect other women.
I still think that being mothers makes it really hard for women to hold public office or have really high powered and powerful positions. Men can do it all because they have wives. Women need an army of help (at what cost?) and I suspect they feel the guilt far more keenly. These are generalisations, I know, but I think that fact that the bulk of responsibility for parenting still largely falls to women plays a big part in their employment issues. (My hobby horse, I know!)
Yet women are the most active at grass roots level, I find. They may not run the world in a political sense, but in small, local, voluntary initiatives, women are active and vocal and effective. Interesting stuff, isn't it?
Look at you. Brains, socio-political awareness, beauty and style - you've got it ALL, Krista, including a fabulous frock and a bloody great hat! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Helga! said...

Good frigging question.I reckon it's learnt,and it only takes one unpleasant woman,and it spreads like hysteria.I have worked in groups of women,and I always get sickened by how horrible a gaggle of women can be,and it's always one ringleader.Why are we so easily led?!I've always copped it for not being a follower,but feck that,I can't help but be myself.It's not courage,it's just that I literally CAN'T help but be me.I so wish we could just be in harmony,we'd be so powerful.Men just seem to get on because they don't indulge in the bullshit that women so often do.But it's not really even about the sexes,I guess,it's about strong,capable individuals who can inspire and lead.Where are they?!EEEK!
YOU look delicious,my darling,and you are SO fekcing fabulous!It makes me squee!


I FEEL you Krista!
It's just nature, we're the competitive gender, and looks are important to ensure the survival of the human race - we have an inherent desire to look our best, and better than other females.
Women are at their bitchiest during ovulation.
I love a good bitching session, but try to draw a line and not get 'nasty'.

Blogging sure does bring out the best in us ladies, I needed this shit when I was a teen with crippling self-esteem issues. I felt alone, unworthy, an oddball ad scared.

YOU inspire me to be better, not to compete. You work hard, play hard, give lots of love and positive vibes, and I think you should start some sort of monthly sisterhood love blog event, we should all proudly display6 something on our homepage.

I worked in female-dominated environments for years, and saw the best and worst in women.

It's time to bring out the best - there's your title!

You're looking super-cute, so young and fresh. Love the hair and the colour combo,

love you loads!

Lucy x

Penny-Rose said...

Wow, this post really hit a nerve for me and for many others. I think there are lots of reasons that women are not involved in politics - and I can say that applies to unions (which I am heavily involved in) as well. The main reason in my opinion is a lack of support in terms of encouragement, ie from co-workers, friends and family, also the fact that so often you have to give up one thing to make time for another. As for the esteem issues, I do think that at a very young age we learn what is pretty and what is attractive and what you can get, or what you can lose if you aren't. Those messages are frequently perpetuated by big time manufacturers and brands, on tv on the internet etc. Thank goodness for bright intelligent conversation via our blogs!!!! Please never give on reaching out. You look fabulous and I love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

First, before I forget to tell you, when I'm thrifting now I stop at anything pink or orange and wonder if you'd like it!

What caused you to start "hating" yourself if 5th grade? I'm a lot older, but don't recall this...although I did see it in the three daughters I've raised.

I think plenty of WORTHY women DO run for office in the USA--Elizabeth Warren is one I'm currently rooting for. BUT, it is too easy for the 'powers that be' to divide and conquer women on any of a variety of issues whether it be the legality of abortion, gay marriage, health insurance, equal pay. We don't have the experience playing politics and there are few enough women in political office in the USA to suggest that the good ol' boys club actively protects their own interests. Do you know about Emily's List? It is a way to support women running for office.

Heather said...

The answer I think must include Love and lots of Grace!! I love Audrey Hepburn's Quote as you grow older you realize you have two hands one for helping yourself and one for helping others....we must find the balance of self love and then showering Agape on others...but the sharing of love comes from learning to love ourselves first. Your gorgeous ~love the dress and hat the sunglasses are super cute also!! Your like sunshine ~Have a blessed week~Love Heather

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista!!
I love this post, but I'm arrived too late and already a lot of interesting things have been written..yesterday our City Mayor has been elected and we celebrated him, I personally reccomended to him to think about women! Here in Italy I often meet women without any interests maybe because nobody gives them the right spur to be free and get rid of the Society and media schemes! I'm sure we can change!!
I love you more than girl power!

La Dama said...

I been asking myself the same question about women. Women are drama!
All the friends I had through High School always back stabbed me in someway, that's why I only hang out with my sisters. I changed my mind now that I discovered many beautiful inspiring souls on blogland. We women need to stick together and stop being bitches to one another.
You look empowering in your pretty floral frock and brimed hat.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I wish there were more women on TV who were just normal - men can be ugly and talented and still adored and their looks are rarely mentioned. I want more of that for women - and female comedians too, funny women who don't have to talk about periods to make a statement. I love ballsy women who swear and I love girly women who - I obviously hate bitchy women, who can't get along - I work with a few of them! xxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

ps: look at you! so pretty! How do you keep your converse so clean?!